Medication, Masturbation, or Mastication

We become so used to carrying stress that we no longer notice that it is there. Low level anxiety becomes the background noise to our life. Our body in a constant state of alertness, triaging resources to create cortisol at the expense of our other vital hormones. We only notice it when it becomes so unbearable we turn to the three M's: Medication, Masturbation, or Mastication.

Or we lift the stress. We breathe, we float, we go to nature, or ceremony.

Often times when I eat some marijuana I feel a sense of anxiety. The instinct is to blame the marijuana for creating the anxiety, but lately i'm more inclined to believe that the marijuana is just revealing the anxiety that already exists within me. Which then allows me to work on releasing it. Self myofascial work is my go-to for dropping into parasympathetic mode.

I'm fucked up like everyone. I'm stressed out. When facing the unknown I still find myself choosing fear over faith. I get sad. I get really confused!

This is the human condition. The goal is not to transcend, the goal is the transcending. It is resistance training for the spirit. The satisfaction comes in the chasing of the dream, not in the realization of it. So thank you, you bad motherfucker called existence. I am going to choose to enjoy all of it. And thank you to all of you for being a part of this grand experience.

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  • Thank you all for sharing

  • My man. Addiction to pornography is destroying my life.
    I’ve weaned off heavy addiction but still find my willpower weak at times and the compulsiveness takes over. How can I start to quit for good?

    My man my man
  • The 3M’s- a poetic way to describe the ways we numb ourselves. This post makes me really curious, as it mirrors my experiences with marijuana. A few questions off the top of my head:
    Are you all alone during these experiences? That might register as a stressor in our tribe wired mammalian brain.

    Are there other experiences that reveal the anxiety, or is it unique to marijuana? It seems like you might be able to isolate a variable here.
    Does the anxiety dissipate with foam rolling?

    Steven Luibrand
  • This is something that I have struggled with for years and it still creeps back from time to time when faced with stress, boredom, and feeling lost. Physical exercise, sleep, and a healthy diet are a great start. Learn to identify your triggers and patterns. Reflect through meditation and psychedelics if you have a safe environment to explore.

    I have discovered that the addiction is not so much a pure addiction to pornography, but more a symptom of something deeper. Identify the symptom, and loosen the grip your addiction holds on you. For me personally, I wasn’t doing the things for myself I know I needed to. Exercise, lifestyle, pursuit of passions. Try not to focus your energy on quitting, but on improving different aspects of your life that need improvement. Soon, you will see porn as a set back. It will become something you are not willing to sacrifice your momentum to indulge in.

    My best advice for you however, don’t give up on yourself. If you keep pushing forward and keep fighting, you will succeed. Stay strong brother, you have what it takes!

  • To anyone who got fucked by these behaviour patterns. I been through this, it created immense suffering in my life which I spreaded around. I wont go to the details thats not the point. Learn what the real meaning of unconditional love is. Connect and ground your energy by doing Yoga or Qi Gong exercises, maybe it will take some time to find right one but its definitely worth it. The most important thing : food, stop eatin all these bs substances, cutting out meat and dairy helped me the most. The very last thing is meditate, discuss it with your body and find some videos from some spirtual teachers ( swamis or what not) Who can expand your view on the sex as an act(what is happening on the energetical level) , about so called thing we call love and meaning of the true love. Thats pretty much it, good luck seeker, never stop seeking
    Excess protein powders like whey and soy can f*** up in these ways too
    I totally forgot to tell about medication, find cures not pills


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