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Meditation is hard. As a beginner it feels like you are a Freshman trying to find your way to the upper class keg party with really dubious instructions.

Even for those with a consistent practice, the meditative state can be elusive like an Island from pirate lore which only appears under the light of a full moon.

So why bother? In addition to accessing restorative stress and anxiety reducing brainwaves, meditation forms a basis of stillness to assist with self reflection and decision making.

Like everything in this world however, good things take work and practice makes the master. The first step is finding where you are going, and a guided meditation is one of the best ways to do that. All you have to do is lay back, listen, and follow directions.

This guided meditation borrows from a variety of methods that I have cultivated based on personal experience. From Dr. Joe Dispenza, I utilize the open focus technique, where I ask you to visualize the empty space between your eyes. From there Tom Brown’s sacred silence technique takes over, with a little of Maestro Hamilton’s flavor.

PREVIEW: I recommend using headphones and closing your eyes.  Sign up below for the full download!

The intended result is to drop you into a deeply meditative state, while keeping you engaged in affirmative visualizations. We close with a trigger breath designed to gradually build a bridge to allow quick return to these elevated states.

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  • Hello,
    I just subscribed but can’t access the guided meditation track (Soundcloud message says: Oops, we couldn’t find that track). Thanks for your help!

  • Hi Aubrey; came here from the GFYW course. Soundcloud link and email subscription don’t seem to be working but would love to get in on this. Seems like it’s really resonating with people. Thank you for making this available!

  • Hi Aubrey. The meditation link is not working. I subscribed but got nothing.

    Is this the meditation with the breathing exercise in the end you are talking about in DTFH podcast from 28th Jan 2016?

  • Hi Aubrey,

    I got this mail today about your Guided Meditation and tried to subscribe but didn´t recieve any confirmation mail. (I´ve checked my junk mail in case…)
    Warm regards Ulla

    Ulla Rudander
  • Thank you Aubrey for taking the time to share this with us. I love how you’ve blended your learnings into this really helpful guided meditation tool I’m so grateful that I came across you in this last year. I know you too have days that are hard, but please remember on those days just how much of a difference you make to so many lives. I for one are forever thankful.


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