Guided Meditation


Meditation is hard. As a beginner it feels like you are a Freshman trying to find your way to the upper class keg party with really dubious instructions.

Even for those with a consistent practice, the meditative state can be elusive like an Island from pirate lore which only appears under the light of a full moon.

So why bother? In addition to accessing restorative stress and anxiety reducing brainwaves, meditation forms a basis of stillness to assist with self reflection and decision making.

Like everything in this world however, good things take work and practice makes the master. The first step is finding where you are going, and a guided meditation is one of the best ways to do that. All you have to do is lay back, listen, and follow directions.

This guided meditation borrows from a variety of methods that I have cultivated based on personal experience. From Dr. Joe Dispenza, I utilize the open focus technique, where I ask you to visualize the empty space between your eyes. From there Tom Brown’s sacred silence technique takes over, with a little of Maestro Hamilton’s flavor.

PREVIEW: I recommend using headphones and closing your eyes.  Sign up below for the full download!

The intended result is to drop you into a deeply meditative state, while keeping you engaged in affirmative visualizations. We close with a trigger breath designed to gradually build a bridge to allow quick return to these elevated states.

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  • Hello,
    I just subscribed but can’t access the guided meditation track (Soundcloud message says: Oops, we couldn’t find that track). Thanks for your help!

  • Hi Aubrey; came here from the GFYW course. Soundcloud link and email subscription don’t seem to be working but would love to get in on this. Seems like it’s really resonating with people. Thank you for making this available!

  • Hi Aubrey. The meditation link is not working. I subscribed but got nothing.

    Is this the meditation with the breathing exercise in the end you are talking about in DTFH podcast from 28th Jan 2016?

  • Hi Aubrey,

    I got this mail today about your Guided Meditation and tried to subscribe but didn´t recieve any confirmation mail. (I´ve checked my junk mail in case…)
    Warm regards Ulla

    Ulla Rudander
  • Thank you Aubrey for taking the time to share this with us. I love how you’ve blended your learnings into this really helpful guided meditation tool I’m so grateful that I came across you in this last year. I know you too have days that are hard, but please remember on those days just how much of a difference you make to so many lives. I for one are forever thankful.

  • This has been wonderfully helpful for me.
    Thank you for sharing, Aubrey :-)

  • Really useful guided meditation, a real pleasure to go over it again and again. Thanks Aubrey.

  • It’s the best guided meditation I’ve ever listened to.

  • Thank you for making this available. I don’t thibk I would have found that white light without the guidance.

    Carlos H
  • Thnx Aubrey, it’s been a soothing and very peaceful experience, thnx

  • Aubrey – why haven’t you done more of these??

  • The first time I listened to it I cried towards the end when you said come back to your white light. The second time I listened to it, two days later, at that point I felt such a deep happy peace come over me at that same point in the track. You really sound like you care about humans and its made me really want to take your upcoming course. Looking forward to listening to it again tomorrow night :) and hope I can get my father to listen to it too!

  • Love this! I’ve done a few guided meditations before but none of them have ever incorporated different meditation methods. It really helped me get deeper and more relaxed much faster. Can we look forward to more of these?

  • Hi Aubrey,

    I’m a 23 year old Architecture student studying a masters in sustainable building and design in the UK. It’s 1:30am here and I should be concentrating on finishing a research paper due in tomorrow. For some reason I feel this is more important though. I am a huge fan of ONNIT and your podcast! The meditation was properly wicked! I seriously enjoyed how active it is, tensing and holding the breath as well as the idea of developing the trigger breath for entering a medicine space is fantastic! I have been meditating on and off for a couple of years now so I didn’t really have trouble falling asleep and this I feel is due to the couple of times I’ve spent in a float tank at Floatworks in London. After just 3 sessions I feel like I can get into much deeper meditative states! I would love to see you do another one of these guided meditations. First time I tried it was in the morning lying down flat in the floor and it felt like 10minutes and the breath and muscle tensing got me so relaxed yet super conscious, so thank you for guiding me there! I will use some of those techniques when I’m meditating in silence. About 3 years ago when I was on my second year of undergraduate architecture I went through a huge shift. I was exposed to yourself through Rogan and so many other great thinkers which flipped my way of thinking and approach to life on its head. Now all this time later and going from a smoker to recently a vegan for the last 4 months. Sleeping on the floor for over a year now. Meditating and practicing yoga etc… Just wanted to show my appreciation as you have been a huge influence on this. Sorry for the essay, some of it may not really make sense as I have been awake for a pretty long time now :p if you’re able to get back to me I’d like to finish with a question. When I started studying I waste on becoming a pure architect through and through. However, over these last couple of years my paradigm has shifted somewhat, I don’t want to end up working the 9-5 blindly last in social constructs. I’m so uninspired by some of the work I’m expected to produce for uni, which is why I’m writing this instead of working. There are all these ideas I have from finding an old van stripping it out and travelling the country in it to starting a YouTube channel and trying to make a difference in the world using my architectural background to design planet friendly consciousness expanding places as opposed to mind numbing cinemas. I have had many thoughts on quitting uni but I’ve gone so far now and would disappoint so many people by doing so. Anyway this is probably getting really long now sorry for taking up so much time but could you leave me with any of your wise words and inspiration.

    Peace and Light


    Mateusz Wlosek
  • very interesting as a first try for meditation, know i really want to learn more.

    Renaud louis chavanis
  • I’m new to mediation. I’ve done some reading on different techniques and practice various with mixed results. This, however, was a whole different experience. I connected deeper and more consciously then I though possible, even on the first attempt! Aubrey’s voice, combined with the music and the structure he gives is perfect. Other techniques left me fumbling around my thoughts. I felt like I was walking in the dark with my hands our trying to find stillness. This amazing guided meditation took me there, easily and solidly and then gave me a technique and structure to go there again. Thank you for this fantastic guide and I really hope you do some more!!

    Jack Hale
  • Love it! I do it first thing in the morning and it’s been nice! The background beat is great and I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of them. Thank u!

    Eric Lopez
  • Love it brother! Would be sweet if you did a 10 or 15 minute version for those days when it’s hard to make time. Thank you!

    Tom Catanach
  • Really outstanding guided meditation here by Aubrey! I really find that when I do this first thing in the morning, it’s the ultimate game changer, and it’s almost preordained that the rest of the day is going to go smashingly well.

    I especially enjoy and see the value in the meditation concerning the golden light encompassing the entire body.

    Much love and respect, Aubrey!

  • Aubrey,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the guided meditation and found it to be one of my favorites I have ever listened to. It is my favorite product of your journey thus far and I hope you continue to provide your gided meditations. Your voice and intention set a great tone and the binaural music takes the experience to a transcendant level.

    With great appreciation and hopes of crossing paths,

    -Adrian Russell

    Adrian Russell
  • Excellent guided meditation Aubrey! I really liked the relaxation exercises at the beginning. I definitely going to check out your binaural beats.

  • Thanks for the meditation, and the email requesting feedback. I have constructive criticism to offer, but prefer to give it privately. Is there an ideal way to send that to you?

    HeartOfSky (Jason)
  • Excellent meditation. I’ve done a few guided meditations, and use headspace regularly, but this has been my favorite and one I look forward to now.
    Aubrey’s voice and coaching is perfect. Didn’t have any trouble staying awake, and was able to stay focused and not drift as much as I normally do.
    Would love to see some issue specific visualization work – confidence, breaking bad habits, deepening relationships, etc. Keep more coming, please.
    Much love!

  • One of the best guided meditations I have come across. Thanks Aubrey

  • I’m not sure why but this was the first 30 minute guided meditation I’ve been able to stay awake for! I really enjoyed it thanks.

  • Your guided meditation was great. Thank you for that and all the invaluable information that you provide.

  • Great Meditation, I would second doing some meditation with specific visualizations during the reflective look back from the medicine space. Whether that be relationships, confidence, anxiety, etc.

    Kegan Oldenburg
  • I love it, and the background music really adds an atmospheric quality. However, I have yet to make it through the whole session without falling asleep. I need to try it earlier in the day. I would love to have one of those transcendent experiences that other meditation practitioners talk about. I usually just get super relaxed and drift off to sleep. Thank you very much for putting out so much quality content.

  • Really loved this Aubrey!
    Done a lot of hindu mantra based meditation but enjoy a good guide.
    Your roll through each different phase was great, ive often used the floating feeling to guide meditations but using a heavy to light was amazing, the use of them in that order gives that perfect reference to make the ‘light’ feeling even lighter!

    Tom Millwood
  • Really Great. Helped me find my home! Keep them coming.

    CJ Lamkin
  • Enjoyed the guided meditation. The 30 minutes goes so fast! I love visiting my medicine space :)

    John Kersbergen
  • I think I have been using it wrong. I’m sorry. I’ve been putting it on after work, before bed & haven’t made it to the end. It’s very relaxing, I will have to try it as a morning ritual to see what I can get out of it.

  • I’m not usually one for guided meditations but this was amazing. I know I’ve done some similar before but this was much better. Having heard Aubrey’s voice so often the familiarity made it easier to settle into. And the background was super relaxing.

    I haven’t gotten around to downloading all the other tracks yet but I definitely will.

    Andy Mokwa
  • It`s great,30minutes are going so fast. Thanks

  • Really well done. It is always appreciated when someone puts out content like this. Thanks again and I’m absolutely loving the binaural beats as well.

  • Wow. I love everything about this guided meditation. It gets me where I need to go. So well done. I wish there were more available.

    Jim Godwin
  • Thank you so much. I found out about you through Joe Rogan’s podcast. I’m 32 years old and at the age of 26, I lost my career in the Coast Guard due to a sudden life threatening illness caused by an inoculation, I lost my health, and eventually my wife and child. My wife cheated on me with a good friend of mine and left with him to Alaska. I won’t go into further detail because it’s truly complicated. I’m still recovering. One of my wishes is to go to South America for a guided ayahuasca healing session. I have gone through my own healing process, eventually worked up the courage to become an actor, and had my first day playing roll on Hawaii Five-0 this season. I’m still in the process of healing. With this amazing and free guided meditation, it makes it easier to continually walk down the healing path. Once again, thank you, and thank you to Joe Rogan for the greatest advice about becoming the hero of my own story. You guys are the change in the world that it so desperately needs, you helped save my life and for that I am grateful. Cheers and Aloha!!

    Jason Lee Hoy
  • The key factor for me was the familiarity of your voice. I think once you get to here someone’s experiences or get to know someone it’s easier to trust the experience and let go. It flowed very nicely and I was never distracted. I really felt fantastic after it, so keep them coming :D

    David Tsolakkis
  • Great visualization and breath work in this. I’ve used it 3 times now and each time I’m able to achieve the same level of clarity and peacefulness afterwards. Great if you do it shortly before bed, I had some wicked vivid dreams.

  • Hi Aubrey.

    long time fan of your work, thoughts, podcasts, etc… We all go through seasons of the heart when its harder to find our center. This meditation was incredible. There is too much to write, and my writing rambles. Just know there is another person out in the world experiencing your work as it was intended.

    thank you

  • Man, Aubrey, thank you so much for creating and sharing this gem. I am a professional circus artist, which basically makes me a pro-athlete. I love training hard and typically rely upon my training to ground me. 6 days ago I had ACL reconstructive surgery, which has left me with all types of physical and emotional pain and anxiety and not much of a way to release that. I’ve been doing this meditation every day since. It feels like a life buoy that was thrown to me as floundered around in troubled waters. The combination of active relaxation techniques helps to keep me engaged and alert throughout the entire meditation. The beats in the background and the friendly nature of your voice add a lot to it and the trigger shortcut to medicine space is a great tool. Many thanks and I look forward to the next one!
  • This is awesome man! Really helped a lot.

    Jake Dunn
  • Absolutely love the guided meditation. Didn’t know how much I needed a medicine space until I created one.
    Thank you for spreading the love.
    ps: earth space binaural is the shit too.

    Katy McGowan
  • The guided meditation was spot on for me- I would enjoy a longer session- at least an hour. It was a bit too fast during the leaving your body (needed more time to visualize what was going on) and would have loved more time in the personal spot to visualize more there. The beginning was amazing, the white light focus was perfect—-just would like more of them!!!! Great work Aubry- please make more!

  • It’s fucking awesome Aubrey, thank you for doing this. Much Love.

  • Powerful guided meditation Aubrey! Getting to my medicine space was an amazing tear jerking experience. Thank you sir! Would love a longer set of meditations, would happily give my support. Thanks again!

    Kevin Rosebrook
  • I just listened to the meditation for the first time and – thank you. Thank you thank you Aubrey. Thank you for spreading your light and sharing your gifts. I was a long time meditator who has fell off the practice and into anxiety and shallow breathing (metaphorically and truly)…you did bring me back Home ? Your voice was so comforting and not annoying like many guided meditations – I could tell you did this from your Home. I will be coming back to this again and again, as well as sharing it with others. Keep doing what you do, Aubrey. I’ve followed you from Warrior Poet podcasts (Rick Dobiln was my first episode) to where you are now and it’s beautiful. In deep gratitude

    Ali Mramor
  • This meditation was a great simple way for me to start a daily practice. It felt really natural the whole way through.

  • Thank you for putting this together. I’ve only done it once but found it quite helpful overall. One critique I have is with the timing of your commands for inhaling, holding and exhaling. I imagine everyones pace is different so it would be hard to match up for everyone, but I found it distracting when I was off pace with your commands (i.e. I was already exhaling when you were telling me to hold, etc) Hope this helps and thanks again for all you do!

  • Aubrey, this is a game changer for me. Simply the best meditiation I’ve ever had. You have really helped me connect with my body, something my personality needs more of…

    Thank you Aubrey!

    Andrew Childs
  • This meditation was exactly what I needed at the time. When I heard your voice on the track it felt like an added bonus. It was perfect in helping me clear my head from the challenges I had to deal with that day. Can’t wait to try it again to continue building a bridge to that anchor point. Thank you so much!! Your the man Aubrey! Thank You Thank You Thank you!!!

    Sean miran
  • This is a great guided meditation. I felt incredible after doing it. THANK YOU

  • The guided meditation is excellent! I’ve just finished it for the first time and I just feel really calm and clear and centred. Brilliant!

    Paul Matthew
  • Hey Aubrey!
    Thank you for the guided meditation. I really enjoy it and will continue to use it. In the interest of striving to be helpful I feel that all the tensing up during the meditation pulled me out of the trance a bit I do suppose it helps to keep the body engaged and the user awake but I wonder if lying perfectly still wouldn’t be more advantageous. You do great work and I am merely suggesting an idea to bring it to light. All the best! -Mike

    Mike Sweeney
  • After trying to meditate on my own and struggling with sitting for even 5 minutes, I was a little worried about the length of your guided meditation. Not sure if its the beats or your voice or the combo of the two, but the time flew by and I got up feeling refreshed and loose. Keep up the great work!

    Adam McMenomy
  • Thank you for creating the meditation used it for my morning meditation the lasted few days.
    Positive feedback:
    • Your voice and Tone along with the binaural beats were excellent.
    • 30 mins – good length, it worked well for my morning meditation.
    • Put me in energized and calm state when finished.
    • Golden light section was amazing. Very energizing, gave me a sense of warmth and relaxation, which carried me through a few cold wintering days.
    • Will I listen to the a guided meditation created by you again? The answer is a rock-solid YES!!!
    Constructive feedback and questions:
    • The stretching section seemed a bit rushed.
    • “flex, flex, flex” ,“tensing, tensing, tensing” and “holding, holding, holding” these phrases pulled me out of my relation state, made me feel a bit tense.
    • Best way to hear the meditation – headphones or stereo speakers?
    • 5:00 to 5:35 – Flexing of calves, shins, feet and toes. How should they be flexed? Pointing toes (feet) away or towards a person?
    • 7:20 to 7:40 – Finger and hands. – How should they be flexed?
    • 8:40 to 8:45 –Phrase “Wring it out like a shirt”, Not sure what that means.
    • 12:21 – Tummy reference seemed a bit out of place.
    Thank you for allowing feedback. Hope you continue to create more meditations and thought engaging products.
    Enjoy every day, Bryan

  • This is great, never been into meditation much and thought I’d give this a go. Really helps expunge any lingering anxiety and putting me into a calm and relaxed state.
    Cheers Aubrey

  • Hey Aubrey. Just tried out the guided meditation and it worked really well for me. I’m a musician and a pretty high strung one at that so I’m a bit of a guided meditation junkie to manage anxiety and promote creativity. This one in particular was great and I’ll definitely be using it routinely. Love all you’re doing with Onnit Aubrey. Keep up the great work!

    Aaron Cloutier
  • I really enjoyed this meditation! It was very well done and easy to follow. Perfect for newcomers like myself still feeling their way around.

    Scott Ingram
  • Aubry, I discovered you via the Duncan Trussell podcast, and I enjoyed the meditation very much. I learned quite a few new things from you! The concept of creating a “medicine space” to heal and explore is taking me into the next phase of my journey. It takes my meditation a step further to purposefully ask “what do I need to heal, to learn?” I especially enjoy the sensory and creative aspects of the medicine space. it gives me permission to take my full experience of being alive with me into the practice. Many Thanks!

  • Aubrey….my man…you never disappoint. Very good meditation. I do it every night before I go to bed and it has changed my life. I am a police officer about to get medically retired due to back I juries and surgeries. And without, the foursome (You, Joe, Ducan, and Chris Ryan), for the last two years, I don’t know how I’d get through the days.

    Jordin Tucker
  • Absolutely amazing! I’m a beginner and haven’t been able to successfully meditate until I used Aubrey’s guided meditation. Thank you for paving the way

  • Aubrey, wonderful guided meditation, I wouldn’t change a thing. Your voice is made for this, well done and keep them coming.

    Renee Dearden
  • First time, long time. Thanks for this Aubrey. I put this on as a went to bed the last couple nights and I have had the best sleep for a good while now. Thanks again mate.

  • I love you. Thank you so much. This meditation truly allows me to release, find peace and begin my day on the right foot.
    I’ve also downloaded the binaural beats that you and Cory created. Love them all.

  • First, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you and your team. Providing people with free content that enhances their life makes the world a far better place. Thank you.

    Regarding the meditation – I honestly enjoy the entire thing. Areas that I find most valuable are the engaging and releasing of the muscles, and the controlled breathing. If you continue to create more content, I would encourage some short, 10 minute meditations. I have found those to be excellent during the day or mornings. The 20 + mediations are excellent when I know I have time.

    Regardless, your work is greatly appreciated and I look forward to more!

    Warmest regards,

    Fernando Ramirez

    Fernando Ramirez
  • Yes I liked the video, thanks! You guys should try zen zone on the oculus gear vr. The breathing one trips you out.

    carlos castaneda
  • I must admit, I fell asleep around 20 minutes in but I LOVED the meditation and will try to do it each morning (not evening!) I especially loved the tensing and releasing of muscles and the guided breathing – physical and mental cleanse. Not to mention Aubrey has a voice made for guided meditations – so soothing! Favourite word: “Nice” :) Thank you. I hope we see some more of this. Really helpful.

  • This meditation is so amazing! I was having serious problems with sleep and before going to bed I started listening to it each night and was able to sleep normally again! Can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Aubrey ???

    Sinead corr
  • Thank you for this guided meditation – it’s a real gift. Makes me feel centred, calm and focussed. Which I think is exactly the point!

    I’ve listened to it about 5 times now, and do sometimes find myself getting drowsy/drifting into sleep at around 20-25 minutes in, though not every time.

    Thanks again!

    Dean Maberly
  • Aubrey my man, the guided meditation + binaural beats are fantastic.
    This is the first time I’ve done a guided meditation longer than 10 or so minutes, and I was able to stay conscious and focused for the entire half hour.
    I understand first hand the benefits meditation gives me, particularly keeping me at peace and focused throughout the day and I have been meditating for the past year or so, but fairly inconsistently, however after practicing with your guidance, I’m gonna try and incorporate this into my morning routine.

    Peace & Light

  • Thanks for taking the time to share and from the heart. I wish this could reach a larger audience maybe we could finally see the changes we need in the world.

  • Only been meditating for a few months now, getting my eyes opened to what you can achieve, love this guided meditation Aubrey. Peace & love, Tommy (Scotland)

  • Loved every minute of it!

  • I really appreciate the guided mediation, thank you. Only thing I will say is when you transition to “leaving our bodies” it felt a little too sudden, not having enough time or direction as the listener to really visualize that part of the experience. I am a beginner/intermediate meditation practitioner so that could be it, but I thought I’d share regardless. It didn’t ruin the entire experience just something to think about. Thanks again!

    James Castillo
  • I am new to meditation and this guide is an amazing tool!! Thank you Aubrey for this beautiful gift. I feel light, calm, and empowered.

    Diego Brillembourg
  • There are plenty of meditation tracks out there none work as well as this one. I am a now retired fighter who still trains has three dogs and is always moving this has helped me focus relax and be at peace during intense moments.

    Dennis Martinez
  • I’m on day 4 of doing this mediation everyday and its pretty damn good so far. I had done 10 minute Headspace intervals before and enjoyed them but fell off the bandwagon eventually. When I first saw this was a half hour I was thought to myself there was no fucking way I would complete this and be able to sit still.
    Not sure what combo of the music and soothing sexy drawls of aubrey get me to do it for the full time buts its awesome.

    The best part where I have a tingling sensation all over is when you say I am feeling heavier and gravity is tugging harder and harder on my body, followed by the weightless feeling.

    Just awesome!

  • This is the first successful guided meditation for me. I have never made it past the fifteen minute mark with any of the other guided meditations available. I will use this again and advise it to anyone who is starting. Love and Light to you all!

  • the feeling I got was unlike any other guided meditation. You brought a great sense of calm to my life and ease with the thoughts that passed by. It also gave me a lot more confidence to introduce guided meditation in my yoga classes. my meditation and yoga teachers are all women so it was very difficult to find a way to deliver a relaxing guided meditation with my deep masculine voice. But hearing you, Aubrey, really inspired me to give it a go. The students are loving it. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring

  • Many thanks! I already did guided meditation before, but just for short periods of time. It was not easy for me, but that was the first time that did a full 30 minutes session. Peace.

    Thiago Ribeiro
  • This guided meditation hit on everything I was hoping for. It was a great mix of Aubrey’s voice over and amazing music and beats. First I actually feel asleep midway through which to me was kind of funny since he talks about that initially. But, the next go around finished it and I felt so amazing afterwards. I look forward to the next one. Definitely sharing this!

    Tony McCarley
  • I love your voice, your words, your person. Thank you so much for having such a big heart and being part of the community of people who are creating this paradigm shift.

    Ana Yazdi
  • This guided meditation is the bomb, mixing in the the binaural beats was awesome!
    Thanks bro

    Arun Dass
  • Picturing being content with my life in the future is very powerful for me. I feel motivated to do the things that will eliminate my biggest stresses, such as cleaning my house and finishing my writing courses.

    My favorite meditation before I heard this one was guided by William Rand, a Reiki teacher, and it involved exiting thru the top of the head up into the heavens and writhing in a warm healing liquid and then returning and exiting thru the soles of the feet into a space in the earth where we absorbed healing energy from Mother earth. Once we returned to our bodies, we allowed the liquid from the heavens to pour out the soles of our feet to replenish Mother earth of any nutrients we had absorbed.

    I truly enjoyed the warmth of the golden column in your meditation, and I will continue to practice the trigger breath.

    I can see how tightening up and then loosening with the exhale can train my body to relax if I simply take and nice deep breath and then exhale out all tightness and stressful thoughts.


    Karen Warren
  • Aubrey Thank You! Love it. Do it a few nights every week :)

  • Truly blessed to see our younger generation embracing this paradigm shift in human consciousness

    Jason Lightfoot
  • Every time I listen to this it takes me to a whole new level of deep calm. By far the most powerful guided meditation I have heard to date. Hoping Aubrey and Cory continue to create more of these. The world needs it.

    Cody Allen Burden
  • Awesome stuff! Just did it and it was powerfull and I feel at peace… I love you man…

    yildirim denizan
  • First time meditating and I cannot believe I only got 14 minutes in when I lost signal but felt totally refreshed and closer to my true essence. Your voice has a protective calming nature that makes me want to trust your instruction. When can expect more guided meditations?

    Eric Hunter
  • Thanks Aubrey! This was also my first time meditating and it was real.

    Siddhartha Garrett
  • I’ve done this guided meditation about 4 or 5 times now, and I really like the way it makes me feel. I’ve done it when I’m stressed out about something and it helps me calm down and get centered. I’ve also recommended it to a friend. So I like it very much!

    If you wanted to do another, improved version (or multiple versions), the one thing I find myself having trouble with in this meditation is that it moves a little too quickly for me. You pack a LOT into 30 minutes, and I appreciate that, but I find that the pacing for the deep breaths is too quick for me— I can’t breathe as deeply or slowly as I would like and keep up with the instruction, especially for the anchor breaths at the end. The pacing for the breaths at the beginning are somewhat more manageable, but I don’t have time to take a “normal” breath between the deep ones. It also takes me some time to really settle into a visualization, so I have a little trouble keeping up the pace you’ve set, especially with the golden light part— I’d like to melt into that a bit. The more times I do the meditation, the visualization does get a bit easier, but I’d still like to spend more time in each part.

    I think you should keep this version, because it’s like a power nap, it packs a lot into 30 minutes and I get up feeling great. But I would love to see other versions, such as: an extended version of this same visualization or similar lasting 60 minutes, and maybe other 30 minute meditations that have less going on and are slower paced.

    Element Octothorpe
  • Firstly, thanks for this, it was really great and I look forward to going through it more times.
    My only criticism is that I find with many guided meditations including this one, there isn’t enough time for me to take full breaths. I don’t know if it’s because most people have shallow breaths, but I find I always have to purposefully rush and cut short of my full range of inhales and exhales. Trying to keep up I’m never allowed to really fill and empty my lungs to the extent I can. That’s it, thanks again for this and looking forward to whenever the next one is released. :)

    Dylan F
  • Aubrey..continue providing the world with genuine content and services such as this guided meditation and we will pay it forward in our own lives, this may be offered as free but it is ultimately priceless. You have inspired me to challenge myself and my beliefs and I have benefited from it more than I could ever describe with words. Keep spreading the love and positivity my friend.

    Derek Gauna
  • hey. i’ve been doing this meditation everyday for a week, its been great.
    i’ve noticed significant changes already.
    as for feedback, i think if your going to do more of these in the future, you need to work on the timing of your words a little bit, there are a few spots where you rush a tiny bit, and ive found that to a small degree, it takes me a little out of the deep state i was in.
    other than that, thanks its been great.

    tom barton
  • I’ve been doing this meditation every morning now for about a month and a half. For the first time i found my heart centre. i asked it if we were good and i heard yes we’re always good. I started crying because no matter what, there will never be a point where we are not. I don’t know whether it was because i had sex last night and felt more connected to my body ha, but doing your mediation has unraveled layers of my heart and soul and i now look to it as a source of finding that deeper voice within me. I would urge you to continue down this path and create more mediations based on your understanding of life. Its soothing and also challenging. So much love.

    Emmylou McCoy
  • I’ve never felt such deep relaxation!! Please keep it coming!!!

  • I have never meditated ever in my life. I discovered ONNIT from a friend while following her on Instagram and just realized this guy has some super inspirational stuff. No bullshhh…. Few days back I had a serious migraine, I suffer from anxiety so I get them a lot unfortunately and I have heard before that meditation helps….helps a lot actually and I know some have replaced medication for it. I must say I passed out in the first 15 minutes. I love that it was said that if I did fall asleep then it was rest I needed. There was something about the way I woke up though that just felt really good. I can’t put my finger on it but I do look forward to trying this again. Thank you Aubrey Marcus for making this available.

  • A friend gave it to me two days ago. I am in a difficult moment of my life, a fresh breakup. I did it 4 times and I feel the part with the white light in my heart, is helping me survive. It helps me relax and find my way back to myself. I have forgotten who, what I am. At the 4th meditation I was able to visualize the next day and a future life. I can’t tank you enough for putting this into the world!

    Edwina Craciun
  • good stuff aubrey, you’re a boss. really enjoyed your last podcast with joe. i keep thinking about what u said at the end there. which was roughly, there will be another earth, another life and everything will be ok.

    the part about visualizing your future really got to me here. i did this meditation yesterday morning, i kept noticing myself changing certain parts of my vision throughout the day. it really makes you think about your intentions and stuff.

    also, with the golden light, and the infinite light inside your heart was interesting. i am working some of these ideas/visualizations into my normal meditation now. thanks aubrey. will probably buy some stuff on onnit soon, since i just started working out again this month. peace.

  • I think your guided mediation was different because I felt a level of trust in your voice, which made me feel comfortable in “letting go.” I loved the beats, how soothing your voice was and the style in which you led.

    Please make more! I haven’t listened to all of your binearal beats so I’ll have to take a look. But I’ve tried 5hz isochronic wave tones and I really love how the waves make my heart rate increase in the beginning and then I feel it slow down toward the end. I think it would be FASCINATING if you could incorporate frequencies that can make the heart rate increase slightly and guide the listeners back down to a steady heart beat with different pranayamas. That style of meditation has helped me tremendously come back down to a “grounded state” after shock, anger and anxiety sets in. Much love!

    Tonja Bortle
  • put in my email and didn’t get the track, someone send me it at pretty please

    kyle west
  • Hey Aubrey, LOVE the meditation :) the 2nd time i tried it was the one of the best meditation experiences i’ve had. The golden light thing is awesome. Your voice is perfect for it and i think 30 minutes is just the right amount of time. I find with 10 and 20 minute meditations that by the time i actually get into the meditative state the meditation is nearly over. Great stuff bro, i’ve recently subscribed to your podcast and am in the process of saving to go to Peru :)). All the best brother, Peace!!

  • I liked it a lot! I would’ve liked to go a bit deeper into the medicine space as it felt a little rushed to summon up all those good feelings of success. Great idea putting it to the gamma track though.

    Kyle Ross
  • Loved it! Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I have always needed guided meditations. They are just more powerful for me personally. Thank you again, this was great and continues to get better and better every time I use it.

  • I am already subscribed to the mailing list, but haven’t been sent a link to this guided meditation. Is there any other way to access it?

    Jon Fetterolf

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