Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Meditation is hard. As a beginner it feels like you are a Freshman trying to find your way to the upper class keg party with really dubious instructions.

Even for those with a consistent practice, the meditative state can be elusive like an Island from pirate lore which only appears under the light of a full moon.

So why bother? In addition to accessing restorative stress and anxiety reducing brainwaves, meditation forms a basis of stillness to assist with self reflection and decision making.

Like everything in this world however, good things take work and practice makes the master. The first step is finding where you are going, and a guided meditation is one of the best ways to do that. All you have to do is lay back, listen, and follow directions.

This guided meditation borrows from a variety of methods that I have cultivated based on personal experience. From Dr. Joe Dispenza, I utilize the open focus technique, where I ask you to visualize the empty space between your eyes. From there Tom Brown’s sacred silence technique takes over, with a little of Maestro Hamilton’s flavor.

PREVIEW: I recommend using headphones and closing your eyes

The intended result is to drop you into a deeply meditative state, while keeping you engaged in affirmative visualizations. We close with a trigger breath designed to gradually build a bridge to allow quick return to these elevated states.

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  • Love this! I’ve done a few guided meditations before but none of them have ever incorporated different meditation methods. It really helped me get deeper and more relaxed much faster. Can we look forward to more of these?

  • Hi Aubrey,

    I’m a 23 year old Architecture student studying a masters in sustainable building and design in the UK. It’s 1:30am here and I should be concentrating on finishing a research paper due in tomorrow. For some reason I feel this is more important though. I am a huge fan of ONNIT and your podcast! The meditation was properly wicked! I seriously enjoyed how active it is, tensing and holding the breath as well as the idea of developing the trigger breath for entering a medicine space is fantastic! I have been meditating on and off for a couple of years now so I didn’t really have trouble falling asleep and this I feel is due to the couple of times I’ve spent in a float tank at Floatworks in London. After just 3 sessions I feel like I can get into much deeper meditative states! I would love to see you do another one of these guided meditations. First time I tried it was in the morning lying down flat in the floor and it felt like 10minutes and the breath and muscle tensing got me so relaxed yet super conscious, so thank you for guiding me there! I will use some of those techniques when I’m meditating in silence. About 3 years ago when I was on my second year of undergraduate architecture I went through a huge shift. I was exposed to yourself through Rogan and so many other great thinkers which flipped my way of thinking and approach to life on its head. Now all this time later and going from a smoker to recently a vegan for the last 4 months. Sleeping on the floor for over a year now. Meditating and practicing yoga etc… Just wanted to show my appreciation as you have been a huge influence on this. Sorry for the essay, some of it may not really make sense as I have been awake for a pretty long time now :p if you’re able to get back to me I’d like to finish with a question. When I started studying I waste on becoming a pure architect through and through. However, over these last couple of years my paradigm has shifted somewhat, I don’t want to end up working the 9-5 blindly last in social constructs. I’m so uninspired by some of the work I’m expected to produce for uni, which is why I’m writing this instead of working. There are all these ideas I have from finding an old van stripping it out and travelling the country in it to starting a YouTube channel and trying to make a difference in the world using my architectural background to design planet friendly consciousness expanding places as opposed to mind numbing cinemas. I have had many thoughts on quitting uni but I’ve gone so far now and would disappoint so many people by doing so. Anyway this is probably getting really long now sorry for taking up so much time but could you leave me with any of your wise words and inspiration.

    Peace and Light


    Mateusz Wlosek
  • very interesting as a first try for meditation, know i really want to learn more.

    Renaud louis chavanis
  • I’m new to mediation. I’ve done some reading on different techniques and practice various with mixed results. This, however, was a whole different experience. I connected deeper and more consciously then I though possible, even on the first attempt! Aubrey’s voice, combined with the music and the structure he gives is perfect. Other techniques left me fumbling around my thoughts. I felt like I was walking in the dark with my hands our trying to find stillness. This amazing guided meditation took me there, easily and solidly and then gave me a technique and structure to go there again. Thank you for this fantastic guide and I really hope you do some more!!

    Jack Hale
  • Love it! I do it first thing in the morning and it’s been nice! The background beat is great and I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of them. Thank u!

    Eric Lopez

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