Motivation: It Is Your Fault

By Aubrey Marcus December 27, 2017

People are shouting from every corner that it’s not your fault. That you were born this way. Parents, genetics, privilege. It’s not your fault. Stay right where you are, because you couldn’t change if you tried. And maybe you’ll be tempted to believe them. Because it’s hard. And no one else will ever know how hard it is but you. So you take a prescription to numb the pain of denying who you really are -- and you run out the clock.

Or... one day you just wake up and say it is my fault. It’s all my fault. I am responsible for who I am. I am powerful. I am the hero of my story. I can write my destiny with spartan red, and come home with my shield or on it.

To make that leap you only need one skill. Forgiveness. Because the thing that keeps us from stepping up, and stepping into our power is the idea that we are supposed to be perfect. No one is fucking perfect. And that’s perfect. You’ve screwed up before and you’ll screw up again. It’s why we’re here. You are going to fail, and fall short, and let others down. It will be your fault. So you take responsibility and forgive yourself.

Because it will also be all your fault when you get up. When you bounce back from rock bottom, when you prove the doubters wrong, when you do something that only you knew was possible. That glimmer of a dream, that ember of truth, the vision you didn’t dare look at for long out of fear that once you saw it you might want it so bad that if you failed to get it you couldn’t breathe.

That thing is possible. You can do it. You already know the way--you just have to do it. Go hero, go.

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