Best Selling Author Ted Dekker - AMP #49

Best Selling Author Ted Dekker - AMP #49

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Bestselling author Ted Dekker is one of my greatest spiritual teachers. His journey started in a tribe of active cannibals as the son of a missionary, and eventually brought him to a profound reinterpretation of the true teachings of Yeshua. It is an honor to have him join me on the podcast and share his unique perspective.


  • One of the best podcasts published by the Warrior Poet Podcast! I favorited this one so I could listen back and take notes on some of the sacred teachings and useful tips. I’ve heard many podcasts who recommend to live more spiritually and lighten the load off yourself from worldly attachments, but none of them convey the message in a way that satifies my dualistic brain and also touches my heart. Ted Dekker did. Never heard of this guy. But his story and the way he explains our slavery to our bodies makes sense to me. Thank you Aubrey for introducing me to him. I feel like I found a voice that speaks to my spirit. I’m actually going to start to look at my true self as the spiritual self, and not identify so much on the other roles. I’m not going to drop all my worldy roles and possessions and just solely identify on the spiritual self, but I’m going to try to incorporate the spiritual self a little more. My goal is to keep growing my spiritual self, in hopes that as the years pass, I will one day identify with the spiritual self and see the other roles like provider, lover, teacher, listener, and worker as merely temporary selves while I inhabit this body. I just want to say, “Thanks Aubrey! And thanks Ted.”

    Gregor Evangelista II
  • Not my favorite podcast.

    Riley Zamora
  • Growing up in a strongly Christian home, I read a lot of Ted’s novels growing up. Was really surprised to see his name on the list of podcasts. Cool stuff.

  • This one too gets my vote as favorite. I didn’t know what to expect when I read the description but I found it very powerful and very refreshing. Thanks for the (for me) paradigm-shift!

    Jeremy Parker
  • This was a great podcast. The idea of Clark Kent forgetting that he is not just a journalist reminded me of “basic goodness”, something we also forget, as we judge our lives and play out our personal mythologies.

    Sylvain Grandcerf

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