Ayahuasca Vs. Iboga

In comparing Iboga and Ayahuasca the most difficult part is finding any common ground at all. They are as different as two experiences could be, though each of them are master medicines in their own right. The Iboga experience is completely unique in the realm of psychedelics, almost to the point where it should be a part of a different category. The intense stimulant effect of the Ibogaine alkaloid is largely responsible for the separation. Whereas most psychedelics either heighten normal senses or make them seem to disappear altogether, during the Iboga experience you are acutely aware of the physical discomfort of the body. Rapid heart rate, persistent nausea, intense dizziness, buzzing in the ears, and the stern voice of the Truth--This lasts for 24 hours strong. There were some people who didn’t sleep for 3 days after taking Iboga. Contrastingly, Ayahuasca arrives with a warm buzz, brings the fireworks, a purge, and then 8-10 hours later a peaceful connectedness that allows you a full night’s sleep. Looked at this way, Ayahuasca may seem preferable. However, the sheer psychobytes of content downloaded from Iboga is unrivaled, and part of what makes that medicine so incredibly powerful.

Going Farther vs. Going Deeper

The Ayahuasquero shamans speak of going father--To explore dimensions beyond our own, and this may well be a function of the DMT. With the strong correlation between natural DMT release during physical death, DMT seems to be a gateway to the realms beyond the physical. I experienced several of these dimensions in an epic Ayahuasca journey and can attest to the ‘otherness’ of these realms. Those who smoke DMT also generally report the feeling of seeing something far beyond one’s self.

The Iboga Bwiti shamans speak of going deeper, not farther. They believe that their medicine accesses the infinite nature of the soul inside of us, and that soul’s infinite knowledge that extends all the way to the beginning of time. In my entire 24 hour encounter with Truth, there was never the feeling that I was accessing anything outside of myself. It is simply that the self I was accessing was virtually omniscient and had our best interest at heart!

Content Delivery

In the Ayahuasca experience content is delivered to you largely through images or encounters with other beings. The images then can lead to greater introspection, but it takes some insight at times to understand what the medicine was trying to tell you. Perhaps this is because there is a translation issue between the dimensions. How does the non-physical dimension communicate with the physical mind? As the brain scrambles to form its own Rosetta stone to translate the input it is receiving, strange imagery is often the result.

In the Iboga experience there is no translation issue because it is you talking to yourself. If you can’t understand yourself you are in big trouble. People have called Iboga your ‘stern father’ and this is due to the nature of what Iboga tells you. It will very bluntly explain to you how you have been fucking up, and tell you to shape up! And for many of us, that may sound like our father, but really it is just your true self trying to get your mind in line with what would be best for your destiny.

Lasting Effects (Stickiness, Retention, Aftermath)

One of the problems with the Ayahuasca experience is that it is entirely dream-like in its presentation, and almost every ceremony takes place after dusk. So after you finish your dream-like journey it is about 2-3 AM, at which time you fall asleep and have actual dreams. So by the time you wake up the next morning the lines between reality and the dream state becomes blurred. You start to wonder, was that really real or just some drug induced dream? This little window allows our old enemies doubt and fear, or what Steven Pressfield calls Resistance, to creep in your mind and start to undermine your experience. But what is working in your favor with Ayahuasca is that you feel fucking GREAT the next day. You feel connected, clean, happy and strong. These feelings on their own battle fear and doubt, as you can simply ask yourself “when have I ever felt this good?” Anything that makes you feel that good must be real. I felt like I was on a spritual high for several weeks after my Ayahuasca journeys.

The Iboga is the direct opposite experience. First of all, you are awake for AT LEAST 24 hours from the onset of your journey. Often times people are awake for 48 hours. So there are no pesky dreams to confuse you. But the experience is so lucid and non-dreamlike anyway that I doubt even if you did find a way to sleep that you would have the blending effect that takes place with Ayahuasca. The problem with Iboga however is that staying awake and being under the influence of such a heavy stimulant temporarily crushes your serotonin, GABA and adrenals so it is easy to feel agitated, sad, and weak on the comedown. Those feelings are breeding grounds for fear and doubt, so you have to be careful not to undermine your own experience out of weakness. Once you recover some sleep it is very easy to assimilate your new wisdom into your life, but that lasting high that I experienced from Ayahuasca wasn’t present. People wouldn’t be able to ‘sense’ a change in my aura, but those who know my behavior will certainly notice that I have changed my self destructive and self-limiting habits.

The Physical Cleanse

Both of these medicines have remarkable claims of physical healing. While I cannot speak first-hand to any miraculous cures, the mechanism of action seems to make a lot of sense. Both medicines are purgative, although seemingly quite different. The Iboga makes you want to vomit, but it really felt to me more like my body was just trying to vomit up the Iboga as much as the anything else. With the Ayahuasca you feel like there is a little clean up crew at work in your organs, squeezing out all of the bad stuff, the decay, the bacteria, and then pushing that back into your bowels and stomach to be disposed. Sometimes you vomit, but always you are going to have some foul diarrhea. With Iboga there was no diarrhea, and actually to the contrary, it may have led to some mild constipation. But what Iboga does is completely re-tune your physical body. They say that cancers, viruses and illnesses have a different frequency than healthy cells in the body. This makes sense, as these pathogens are rapidly dividing and devouring at a hyperactive rate. If your entire body is forced to adapt to a new frequency, the disruption may cause enough of a weakness in the invaders that the immune system can get the upper hand and fuck shit up like it is supposed to. If I had to pick one thing that made me feel healthier though? Ayahuasca wins.

Preparation & Pageantry

“Dieta, dieta.” I can still hear Maestro Orlando repeating this word to me over and over. For the Ayahuasquero diet is a crucial element of the medicine. What you eat prior to the ceremony, or as importantly, what you do NOT eat plays a huge role in what you receive from the medicine. No dairy, no sugar, no red meat, no alcohol. Those are the basic rules with some variations in between. For Iboga, other than skipping dinner the night of the ceremony and staying away from other stimulants like coffee the day of, you are pretty much free to do what you wish.

As far as setting intent, the medicines not surprisingly also have different approaches. For Ayahuasca one is encouraged to think about two or three topics that you would like to explore, or teachings you would like to receive from the ceremony. Generally, one way or another you will almost always find that you receive what you are looking for, though it rarely comes to you in a direct manner. For the Iboga ceremony you are asked to write a list of specific questions of unlimited length that will be read to you for answering at the start of the ceremony. The answers come from your own voice of Truth and are direct and literal.

As far as ritual and pageantry there is nothing that quite compares to the transfixing magic of an Ayahuasca ceremony. The music of Ayahuasca is the Icaros sung by the shaman himself. They are sometimes haunting, often beautiful melodies passed down from generation to generation, taught initially by the plants themselves they say. The shaman works with rattles made of leaves, tobacco, cinnamon, rose water, and pours his energy into the ceremony, carrying you to the realms beyond death, partly by the sweat of his labor. His physical manipulations throughout the ceremony have a direct and dramatic effect. You feel indelibly part of something mystical.

The iboga ceremony is simpler, quieter, longer. The Bwiti music played has an incredibly high BPM which is somehow soothing for the hyperactive mind. It is almost like having music at such a hectic pace helps the mind to think more slowly… Or at least it entertains the manic, fidgety side of our brain. The shaman’s interaction is more verbal, talking to you during the ceremony in a straight forward and non mystical manner. However, at the beginning of my ceremony, Moughenda, a 10th generation Bwiti shaman, tapped something in the center of my forehead (third eye) that made a tangible impact. It sounded like two nuts slamming together, but whatever it was helped send my mind on the journey of its life. Also prior to the ceremony we had what was called a spiritual shower at the river,that had more heartfelt intent than many of the ceremonies of the Laika shamans in the sacred valley of Peru.

Million Dollar Question: If I have to choose, which should I do?

First of all, I think the question should be, which should I do FIRST? Because if you are going to make the commitment to explore the depths of your mind, soul, and the infinite universe, both of these medicines are the best things you can do for yourself. But time and money are obstacles, and I realize that it may be several years before you can save up enough of both to complete even one of these journeys. So here are some practical guidelines.

1. Do you have an addiction problem, eating disorder, or self-limiting mental issue? If the answer is Yes, then Iboga for sure.

2. Would you prefer to know the answers to your questions, or feel & see the answers to your questions? To know, choose Iboga—To feel and see choose Ayahuasca.

3. Do you want an experience unlike anything you can find in the physical plane. Something wholly other? Choose Ayahuasca.

4. Do you want to make peace/communicate with deceased family members/friends? Choose Iboga.

5. Is your mind the root of your physical illness or your body? For mind, choose Iboga, for body choose Ayahuasca (except in the case of physical drug dependency, for which Iboga is an expert)

Where do I go to experience these medicines?

Unfortunately these powerful healing tools are banned in our country. I have had to seek them well south of our border. While I know there are many very good shamans in the world, I can only recommend my Ayahuasca shaman. Ayahuasca – Maestro Orlando Chujandama Please do your own research, and READ ALL AVAILABLE REVIEWS and if you find anywhere else that is great, let me know! In the meantime here are the references to where I have gone.

Feel free to ask any more questions, as the comments section of this blog can turn into something of an FAQ!

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  • I would really love to try both experiences.
    Based in Durban so not sure of availability

    William Van Rensburg
  • I love your products never mislead !

    Joshua Dylan Polcek
  • Is DMT an active ingredient in IBOGAINE?

    devon crocker
  • Does ibogaine contain DMT?

    devon crocker
  • Hey Aubrey,
    Where did you go for your Iboga treatment?
    Thank you :)

  • How do I get ahold of Alex for more information

  • Aubrey,

    Thank you so much for your writings! I found your opinion to be thoughtful, insightful and balanced. It is funny that your shaman is in Tarapoto Peru. I lived in Peru for a time. Always planned on going to the jungle to do a journey and never made it. Tarapoto is one of the places I most wanted to get to and never did. I am planning a trip back to Peru to finally complete this goal and plan on visiting your Shaman. After I do my own due diligence.

    Again thank you so much for your insights.

    Be well,

    Christopher :)

  • I have been struggling with addiction to meth for over a decade. I get periods of clean time but there is something deep (unresolved) that continues to bring me back to it. I’m not necessarily looking for a cure for my addiction but more interested digging deep to find that unresolved piece. I have a lot of PTSD and would like to find a way to uncover and face whatever it is.

  • Personally I would recommend a few rounds of Aya first to clear out the bigger chunks of trauma you probably have in your body – with only one exception, that is unless you are struggling with some really big addictions. And in that case you want an Ibogaine flood, and not Iboga itself (think of LSD vs shrooms, Ibogaine being the refined made in a lab version like LSD is). I’ve seen ‘regular people’ do Iboga first and it was very hard for them because they still had a lot of shit in them that Aya could have cleared out. They still got a lot but they had a rougher go of it. Those of us that had done a fair amount of Aya had a better time. I highly recommend both, but enough rounds with Aya to cleanse most of your trauma first is better imho. Aya will clean out your past and Iboga will set right your future…

    James Perly
  • Can this vine be got in usa.. Where do you get this without controlled substance. .

    Kimberly leatherman
  • Thank you, Aubrey, for the great article (as always).
    However, I just want to clear something up which I think is a very common misunderstanding, and which makes some of the information here (in my opinion) not entirely correct. Ayahuasca, strictly speaking, is that name of the VINE (Banisteriopsis Caapi), although the term is often used to refer to the brew which has other ingredients added to it as well (e.g. Chakruna or something else which contains DMT). In your post you are using the term to refer to the latter; however, this seems to me to not entirely proper when comparing two plant spirits. The vine alone (i.e. without anything containing DMT) can be a very powerful and transormative experience, and indeed this is the way that some shamans work with it (and, from what I have read, is the original way it was used). I have experience drinking the brew both with a DMT additive and without and I can very much confirm this. It sounds like much of what you are describing (e.g. “In the Ayahuasca experience content is delivered to you largely through images or encounters with other beings”) is actually the DMT experience, not the Ayahuasca vine. From my experience (and I have drunken the brew without DMT multiple times over that past couple of years with a Peruvian cuarendero) the vine alone is very INWARD journey – and often not easy at that.
    I also find it a bit mystifying that many people who even have experience with the medicine believe that it is the DMT which is the only psychoactive constituent of the experience and that the purpose of the vine is only as a MAO inhibitor; this is a misconception which should be cleared up, as it is far from the truth and I feel does not do justice to the incredible teaching power of the spirit of the vine. Some people even believe, for instance, that Syrian Rue (also a powerful teacher in its own right) can be substituted and the resultant brew is still Ayahuasca!
    Thus I would recommend to anyone who wants to get to know the spirit of the plant in a different, perhaps less “distracted” way, to do a ceremony under the guidance of an experienced cuarendero who works with a brew without DMT. I know of a top-notch Peruvian cuarendero who works in this way (together with Icaros and Mapacho) and can attest to the life-tranforming effect of this work (which, as an added bonus, is also completely legal in the U.S. and here in Germany where I live, as the vine does not not contain any scheduled substances). In case you (or anyone else) is interested, just drop me a line and I will give you more information.
    Anyway, if you’ve read this far, then thank you for your attention and of course for the amazing content that you have been generously giving us over these years. I am truly grateful for you, my Brother! Have a blessed day.

  • please, what are the references?

    margaret garduno
  • Hi Josie
    I am microdosing 1 gram a day of raw root back with amazing results.

  • At the end of the blog Aubrey states, “here are the references to where I have gone.” Then there is nothing listed? Where is the list of references?

    Jackson C
  • Hey Aubrey (: Thanks for such an informative and interesting blog.
    May I ask in your opinion, do you think it is suitable to microdose on Iboga? How many grams would you recommend?
    Peace and love xx

  • Love your work Aubrey.

    You’re a hero to a lot of people.

  • Hi, my name is Igors. i am opiate addict ( heroin) i would like to know, how much treatment cost. any recomended places. i am realy despered thank you
    igors skroders
  • Wow Aubrey, I sure want to echo the comments about how beautifully written and informative this article is. Deep gratitude & appreciation.

    I would like to ask for any thoughts you have on Microdosing Igoba. I am 70+ years old and have had great results with microdosing cannabis, mushrooms, and kratom. I have some health challenges and also constantly work on my spiritual practices and am drawn to Igoba as I think microdosing will add some real benefit in both areas. But again, I would sure love to hear your thoughts on it while I am considering the question.

    More big thanks, b

  • I did ibogaine for 7 years methadone clinic addiction. It not only got me clean it was the most amazing feeling of being reborn. It was strange though it didn’t really hit me until a week after I got home. The Ayahuasca sounds interesting though but the ibogaine is something I feel everyone should do addict or not

  • Very nicely written, organized and informative.

    Vance Russell
  • This is very well written and I agree with you 100% If you decide to experience Iboga, save up and travel to Gabon, the origin. Look up Ebando. Cheers.

  • Totally agree on this article

  • Aubrey, I recently got back from Mexico and having done iboga for heroin addiction and multiple mental health disorders, I can attest to how intense this experience was. I was a sceptic about being withdrawal, however I came out after with 0 withdrawal, cravings, want to use. My experience was amazing, I didn’t get sick at all I feel as if my body stayed in place and my soul went on a journey through time into another dimension. I saw and talked to dead family members got closure I needed to move on etc it was the most amazing day of my life.

    Chris Dougan
  • Hello Aubrey,

    Would you have any recommendation for safe places to take Iboga?
    Thanks a lot for this very clear and helpful article!

  • Hi Aubrey,

    Actually I feel bizarre with this post… I noticed on another post that you recommanded Don Howard as a good ayahuasca curandero, and now an other. What’s you very recommandation in the end please ? xD

    I’m going to do a ayahuasca retreat soon in my town with a shaman that I trust, but when I read this your post, I would feel like iboga would be better for me by your description. But in the other end, I’m a bit used already with ayahuasca and I’m a person that as to deal with so much stress at the begining of the aya rush (I “lost” a few ceremonies because I was to frightened to let go on when aya did hit me) so I guess ayahuasca is maybe quite easier to handle with in my case don’t you think ? Don’t you think iboga could be very hard and for a longer time for someone that is not confortable (maybe yet lol) at all with psychedelics ? What’s your opinion please if you could tell me would be so great Aubrey ? ;)

  • Thank you for this post and information. I would have chosen iboga first if I would have known.

    Yet, nothing is ever truly lost. I have been plagued with an eating disorder for years and it seems to have been exacerbated by the Auy ceremony..?

    Where should I first look to for the iboga treatment? Thanks for your wonderful insight and time!

    My question does not need to be posted..



  • Thank you for this article! I read it quite a while ago after doing few aya ceremonies and being interested in iboga. Since then I had a chance to finally sit with the wood and I must say that I agree with everything that you say. Your delivery is so down to earth and spot on- I often refer my friends here when they ask me about my experience and preference.
    My wood ceremony was done in silence and stillness so still curious how does he music lead you through the hecticness as when I heard it at the very end I thought to myself it would have been to intense with the mind already full of chaos ;)

  • Im very grateful that you post these experiences, thank you. I have never tried any hallucinogens before, everybody around here do them for the wrong reasons and its very looked down upon by everyone that surrounds me. ive been very interested in isolation tanks but i havent been able to find any here in the oklahoma city area. what would you suggest as a first experience?

  • Any thoughts on salvia?

  • Oklahoma city… I would try to link up with some native american shamans out there. Maybe try a traditional sweat lodge first? Then before anything else it would be helpful to get used to altered consciousness, maybe through some marijuana first, then graduating to mushrooms. But its not for everyone, and maybe a sweat lodge and an iso tank would be all you need? Best of luck brother— Just erase your fear and prejudice and follow what your true self is telling you, whatever that may be.

  • I have no personal experience, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of compelling evidence to call it medicine vs just being a weird carnival ride that usually creeps you out. I think there are better things out there, although i realize that salvia is legal which makes it compelling.

  • Hey Aubrey, been following you since hearing you on Joe’s podcast some years ago. Extremely interesting article.
    My question is this. I have suffered depression for around 5 years solid, there was no ‘event’ that took place to trigger this, I literally woke up one day and felt ‘different’ and spiralled from there. I am unsure if this is caused by a physical problem (ie;some kind of chemical imbalance I feel this is the case) or if it is something mentally deep routed I genuinely have no conscious memory of. I am on anti depressants and the seratonin crash you describe on iboga worries me. Would you recommend stopping the anti depressants before trying one of these natural substances? Also in this circumstance which of the two seems better? Obviously I know your no doctor but your input would be of value to me. Thanks!

  • Shamans take a lot of pride in the exact formula and delivery of their medicine, so when I asked them about that they basically just said ‘no, why would you smoke it?’ From a practical point of view however the problem with smoking DMT is that you move so quickly in and out that your body may not have the proper time to process the information. Basically you can get stuck right in the middle of something and yanked back out with a half-download. Its like the Iphone when you plug it into your computer and its synching information— You don’t want to unplug that shit half way through the synch cuz things may get f’d. This doesn’t always happen with smoking DMT of course but the likelihood is much higher. I would say that smoking DMT can be valuable but is a method for the VERY experienced traveler with means to go back in and do some Ayahuasca (a system reboot) if you feel stuck or things get slippery. Hope this helps!

  • What do the ayahuasca shamans think about smoking DMT as opposed to taking it orally?

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  • Well, this is tough to say, but I would definitely stop your meds before you do either, especially with Iboga. Meds and iboga don’t mix well as far as what I hear. Iboga does have that rough come down but it will also tell you exactly what is depressing you. Ayahuasca may help you immensely but you may not know why. If you relax your mind one of the two will call to you. Trust your intuition. Your soul/true-self knows what you need!

  • Iboga is something that you need to do infrequently. I would say that for some, once is enough. For others it may take 2 or 3 sessions. But I still think its valuable to reconnect via other methods every few months, even after you are finished with Iboga. Just because Iboga has shown you the truth, it doesn’t mean that we don’t get off track and need to find our way back to center.

  • Do you think iboga is something you only need to do once if you dont fight the experience? Alot of times with mushrooms I feel like I just needed to reconnect or something. I will have a great perspective for several months after a trip, but eventually fall back into negative ways of thinking. I guess my question is if these methods are a continuous healing process where you need to reconnect atleast once a year.

  • hey aubrey. a quick question.

    at any point while being in the iboga-state or aya-state, did you ask the Truth/Dimensional Entities anything to do with the status of the current state of the ‘sober’ physical world? (i guess when it comes to giving a fuck about world affairs and its batshit crazy inhabitants and whatnot) and what will need to happen for those of us, who haven’t awakened to the long infinite road ahead of our experiences? or what will NEED to happen, as far as Earth Mother’s ability to summon back balance into the realm.

    When you talked about how the Earth and how it will balance itself for us if we don’t is very curious to me… I was hoping you could expand on that and what you think about it all… as I very much respect your perspective on the subject. I ask, because this topic of balance/imbalance in the Earth has been a very common and evident recurring theme in my life, i’m sure for others as well…. I’ve had a few experiences of visions (I feel corny making this whole query, much more with talking about visions), some on the vivid lucidity that AlphaBrain—a plug for your wonderful pills—assisted with.

    i understand you may not have pondered on these mere Earthly limited subjects, due to dire-ness.. I’m aware the spiritual trips are about the SELF and very much respect that, so if you didn’t spend any time on this, it’s cool .. but if you did ask anything in the like, i’m very curious. i also realize, that the answers to these questions are simply; let go of the physical—akin to the eastern philosophies’ general approach.

    Maybe it’s just me wanting some kind of prophetic story of what’s to come for the physical level, that’s urging me to ask.

    I was thinking about this last night, you’ve given us so much access to your mind with the information you produce that are as valid if not more than any other education delivered to our network linked minds… It just blows my mind to think about how much more effort, blood, and general time, that it took to get stories and ideas out of such great thinkers of the past compared to today where I have all my favorite consciousness/mind/life counselors all in one internet browser bookmark page.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is; Big Big Thanks for putting all the time into this. We all appreciate this.

  • Thanks, that makes a ton of sense!

  • You talked about psilocybin and syrian rue briefly on the podcast. Is that an experience you would recommend?

  • The Daemon by Anthony Peake

    You may be interested. The book deals with the notion that there is two consciousness; The Eidolon, a more conscious, insecured, scared aspect of the self that is mostly lost and do perceive the time as linear and can’t see past that fact… and The Daemon, an aspect of our consciousness OUTSIDE the perception of time, and IS on tap with higherselfdom.


    He even relates schizophrenia to his theory, stating that the word means “split-brain”. He also related Migraines, Schizophrenia, and also Temporal epilepsy to the case of transcendence… and argues a case that sufferers from those things are actually in touch with their higher self.

    Very curious to me that even TERENCE Mc KENNA who died of some rare sort brain complication was also a long sufferer of severe migraine.

    I’m digesting the book very slowly, but I likened his Daemon vs. Eidolon theory to your MIND BOY/MUD BODY vs. Higher self controlling the physical body thing.

    There are certainly interesting sets of synchronicities, between you, Peake, Graham Hancock, and Bruce Lipton… that I’m really entertaining lately.

  • Hello, Aubrey. Thanks for responding.

    What you say resonates with this soul, very well. What I think you’re saying is that, if the more people were concentrating their purest intent in fixing the world and with their consciousness was raised to the highest level (the proper way, meditation, entheogens, and other variety of deep deep introspection and stuff..), it’s almost as if like, we wouldn’t even NEED to try to end wars, or hunger, and some of the world’s biggest problems…

    We’d all just want to manifest a better…. WHATEVER, and with belief and level of thinking we could be achieving would be enough to treat all symptoms of world problems that originated from having the LACK of awareness and lost/misguided intent in the first place.

    the MIND BOY in each of us seem to be the ones limiting us through manipulation using their mechanics of FEAR and the deceitful emotion named; HOPE…. are directly responsible for the mess propagating in the thousands of years. And for many of us, we never get past the FEAR/HOPE barrier!

    Having removed the spiritual aspects of humans… through years and years of conditioning promoting things that are of FEAR and of false HOPE to the highest (A Catholic example is the extreme use of GUILT and blind obedience to organization)… instead of promoting personal freedom and Castaneda’s Impeccability of a Warrior!!!

    The notion of focusing inwardly to change outwardly and beyond has been evidently discourage! This is very very evident in the past actions of “churches”, at least the ones that come from the angle of control rather than personal spiritual emancipation. We today instead see a world with the general popular belief being promoted is that we are POWERLESS and we all NEED forgiveness and we’re all BAD BAD PEOPLE! Bullshit I say!! Why do we need any forgiveness at all if we’re CONNECTED to the source in the first place!?

    I think this year, MIND BOY will ultimately need to shut up and take the backseat with its limiting ways and force ALL of us to FEEL for each other more…. giving us much better perspective of what NEEDS to be done for EVERYONE’S SAKE. And I think you are a force that is fighting to take back our higher selves back into the pilot seat.

    The narrowminded-ness and arrogance you talked about relating tests and proving something’s existence is also very interesting. And I agree, after all “experts” and scientist don’t really have any concrete evidence to show where it originate from.. I find more enlightening and sincere sources and honest exploration from someone like you who has actively sought after banishment of fear and over-attachment to this realm.

    Changing people’s mind are I think what’s literally happening right now. And I can’t place a one event or anyTHING to put credit to this general change that is happening… but I can say, It’s very observable, how people are desperate for this change…. Even in my immediate observable surrounding, people are correcting their ways even if they don’t realize it!! I notice this in people’s simplest desire to eat healthy and try to get off the GMO food grid, people are effin’ realizin’, homeslice! Anyhow. Enough from yadda-yaddaz.

    Listened to your appearance on the JR podcast. Been a big fan of it, and listened to each one and have always enjoyed you on them. Like always, honesty and sincerity pairs up well with the knowledge you come strapped with. But what’s up with the Rogan lately? I’m trying not to let it affect me, but he seems to be vibing too much on the I’m-the-greatest, and-everything-I-say-is-gold-juice lately. Thus not letting guests like you, with brand-new mind blowing information flesh out their points more…

    I don’t dare to present a knock on him or anything, I respect the man, I’m just thinking he doesn’t give enough to his guests. I’m just thinking he needs a massive MIND BOY flush. Please accompany and guide the man. hEhe.

    Sorry for a nausea of long-winded babble of nonsense, I just have nothing better to do as of current in my cubicle.


  • In my recent uses of Salvia I’ve felt the trip to be somewhat like a reset as for the first few minutes my mind couldn’t figure out who I was or what I was doing. It’s funny you were describing it as a carnival ride as one time after bong ripping a 40x extract I experienced something along those lines. I did it outside by myself in a lotus position and felt like I was a kid once again but as a previous embodiment. I could almost see the environment around me shifting to that time and thoughts of siblings telling me to get ready to go because mom was taking us to the carnival lol. I’ve learned though that it can be more useful with the eyes closed…

    Anyways, my question to you Aubrey what do you think of experimenting with these medicine plants without a shaman. By acquiring the right ingredients and relentlessly studying up on the principles of shamanism could one themselves be the shaman and still have beneficial & inner-transformational experiences with Aya & Iboga. Yes they’re illegal here in the states what gets me is having to spend thousands of dollars on travel expenses, lodging, and rituals to use a plant that is grown freely on God’s green Earth! I understand the shamans are essential during the trips as they can take you higher or deeper in (like when the Bwiti shaman slapped his nuts on your forehead). I’ve been greatly intrigued by your experiences so far as I’ve yet to use psychedelics and I’m interested in what your opinions are on this. A lot that you’ve said especially regarding spiritualization of humanity and enlightened leadership resonate with me and I feel like we’re on the same wavelength of most of these topics.

    Many blessings to you and all your endeavors. May we continue to discover our deepest truths and advance further in the evolution of Spirit… Peace, Love & Harmony!

  • Thanks brother, I really appreciate the support and thoughtfulness of your comment. I did ponder this topic quite a bit, and its not one that I’m extremely comfortable talking about. But the bottom line is that people need to re-connect to truth, or the earth is going to eliminate a good portion of those who are too stubborn to change. People need to re-establish a real connection with spirit, the All, or God if you will. One that is truthful and not out of fear and ignorance like many of the world religions. One must also avoid the religion of science, which dogmatically says that anything that has not yet been ‘proven’ does not exist. That is bullshit; just because it hasn’t been proven it simply means that we don’t know yet. It is a leap of great arrogance to say that we have all the proper tests built to test everything possible so we know everything already. Those factors (avoiding all the ‘religions’) will change morality, which will go a long way. Electing intelligent leaders will furthermore help us to prevent a mild cataclysm from turning into an apocalyptic event. A good example of this was the japanese Tsunami. The tsunami was bad, but the radiation leak was WAY worse. We need to stop being greedy, and make the sacrifices we need to make now so we can survive and adapt to whatever cosmic challenge comes. There is free will built into the system, and we need to start making better choices. Its not just about throwing the garbage in the recycling bin rather than the trash, we have to change people’s minds above all else.

  • Aubrey your the best, i love how your sharing your journeys and experiences with the public, the awareness of plants and there medicines needs to be known and not feared. Anyways keep us updated with your experience of different plant medicines. Thanks for the report of iboga, you were the first one to teach me about that plant. thankyou much love and light to you sir.

  • Wise words— But to clarify I never said to fall asleep during the session, even if that is possible. But eventually, sometime after the session, before the next dawn you do fall asleep. Particularly because often you will be drinking again the following night and need to get some rest. However i could see the argument to not falling asleep afterward, but that would be a real struggle, likely requiring some caffeine which is no good for the quality of the experience. I did Iboga with a currandero apprentice who had drunk over 72 times and she agreed with much of what I had to say on the Iboga Vs. Ayahuasca experience. e

  • Ayahuasca session is never the same. Some times the experience take you outside, others inside. Some times you feel, some times you ear, or see. Some times mother ayahuasca brings to you a gateway to the love, some times to your deepest emotions, You will discover when you take at least 10 Ayahuasca sessions.
    The Shaman encourage you to do NOT fall sleep, so in this manner you will able to not confused when the ayahuasca session end.

  • Thanks Aubrey, very accurate and intelligent description. We just finished our first Ayahuasca 24 hours ago thanks to your inspiration on Joe Rogan about nine months ago. Peace to you!



    Brian Rose
  • LSD in my mind is much riskier than a natural medicine taken with a shaman with a 1000 year body of knowledge passed from grandfather to grandson. You’re gonna be great. Just set your intent, witness and allow, and enjoy the ride. Best of luck!

  • Right on brother, I think your decision to seek Iboga as the next step is very insightful. I look forward to hearing what the truth has in store for you. Appreciate the support and your efforts to the cause! Strength and honor — Look forward to having you on the path.

  • Hey Aubrey,

    First off, this website is great! Thank you for all the time and energy put into it:)
    I found out about you and this site when I heard your Ayahuasca experience podcast with Joe Rogan. This article in particular has helped me realize which medicine I’ll be doing first… Iboga.
    I have been using psychedelics since my first LSD trip when I was 13. I’m now 35.
    As of the last 6 years I’ve been doing them (LSD, mushrooms, DMT, Ketamine) with the intent to “get to the source” of my personal issues around drug and sex addiction.
    They have definitely helped but, with the exception of one amazing DMT experience, I have never felt I broke through the barrier.
    Even the epic DMT experience was more like a reminder that I was on the right path vs. figuring out the root of my issues.
    I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding Ayahuasca and have been preparing for my first experience with it but after reading about your Iboga experiences and checking out the Iboga House website it is clear that Iboga is the medicine I need right now.
    I know, and have known, my calling is to help others connect to spirit but I’ve also known that I can’t truly do that until I’ve sorted out my own shit.
    Although I know its not going to be easy, I am extremely excited to face my demons and get past the blockages to then be able to help others.

    I’m grateful that there are people like you in the West that are educating the misinformed about the use of these plant teachers.
    I will be joining you soon:)
    Keep up the great work!

  • Hey Aubrey,
    I really love your stories! After hearing your ayahuasca experience, I felt the call of the jungle. I took a lot of LSD during the 80’s, but got married and had kids, so all of my partying came to an end. My kids are grown now, and I feel a strange desire to trip. I’m going to try ayahuasca first; to identify with the other side. I’ve been studying alot about it, just to have an idea of what I’m in for. My wife is scared to death. She thinks I’m going to do something crazy, go crazy, or both. I’ve assured her I would only do it with a shaman. Do you have any advice for a first timer. Although I’ve taken LSD many times, and had some pretty wild trips, I was never out of my body, or in another dimension. It’s all pretty exciting, learning and searching for a path.
    Keep up the flow of information. I really appreciate it!

  • Majority of Ayahuasca experience I have had seem much like others yours as well. On the other hand I have had some which mirror you Iboga story to a T.
    It was others answering the questions, no communication gap this time. Somewhere between McKenna tykes and grey type guys.
    The communica did however take a less serious tone of “pranksters” and the curser you had-I had a credit card and they asked What is it you want? Setting was like a shopping mall-first thing I said is some anti consumer type phrase and said this was not really my thing….then a big ’WE LIKE YOU"
    It was understood only as example was this scenario used, like the curser.

    Arthur Stordahl
  • Aubrey, where can you take part in these healing experiences. 

  • Thats a lot. How did it go for you? Did you remember anything with that quantity?

  • Taking 25g worth of iboga rootbark extract tonight. See you on the other side.

    the olio
  • Hey Aubrey,
    I heard Dr. Drew talking about halucinogens, and he said there is usually a period of significant depression following the use. I suppose this is due to seritonin depletion, or non production. Then I read a study by Dennis McKenna, that said the found in addition to seritonin production, there was a marked increase in platlet seritonin receptors in the cells. This typically lasts for a few weeks, to a few months. As someone who has struggled with depression for most of my life, I finally have hope that this may be, if not a cure, a better course of treatment than SSRIs. Do you think I’m overly optimistic? Do you think ayahuasca will ever be clinically available for such use?
    Stay cool!

  • hey there. i have talked to a couple of people in the ayahuasca/inoga field and have gotten opposing recommendations. i have been having panik attacks and some phobias that impinge upon my life relatively often for 12 years now. would that be a contra indicator to taking these plant medicines. or is it safe? i’ve read of cases where ppl with unstable minds have gone completely cookoo after taking iboga for example…

  • This is the type of comment I really appreciate. It makes perfect sense really. After reading this comment, I am going to try the experience myself. I hope to hear from you more often!

  • Actually salvia has a lot of medicinal benefits. I won’t name them all here but they are both spiritual and physical benefits to salvia. Most of the time you hear about freaking out is because people smoked it. It really should not be smoked. It is best to do it the traditional way as the Mazatecs have done it for centuries..? in Mexico. What they do is take fresh leaves and make like quid/ball and the mouth enzymes break it down and ingest it that way.
    It comes on much slower this way and allows you to process the information rather than “what fook happened blast off.” I would compare it to maybe DMT vs. Aya as both have DMT but one seems to offer more lessons and healing due to being able to process it.

    I have also done Iboga/Aya. Many also think it has healing properties for different addictions although I haven’t read them all.

    For sure salvia is a plant medicine…different yes, but also medicine.

  • right on… did you feel that those others were actually wholly other, or some fractal intelligence manifested from yourself?

  •  Surely implying the extract from 25 grams of bark….I hope.

    Arthur Stordahl
  • you should meditate and do pranayama, a lot of alternate nostril breathing, not just a little. your meditation should be a hard work effort, if you can do it 2 hours a day, good. that’s only 10% of your day give or take. the mantra OM expands consciousness to infinity and soothes anything wrong, you could chant OM for 2 hours each day and make profound results in time.

    Christopher Good
  • Iboga can be dosed at the “4-5 beer potenecy level” to have a profound resetting meditation that is NOT stimulating, hyperactive, or etc, that flushes out the addictions of the body if one is suffering from them, it does not have to be a psychedelic At a tiny piece or two chewed it is a good HEALTHY replacement for coffee which is a poison, despite what the west thinks.

    Christopher Good
  • you can reach me at jefe1724at hot mail if you would like to make contact with a great shaman in bahia brasil, in a magical place, chapada diamantina…the waska brew is an amazing medicinal experience…

  • Great article, my only criticism is that you stated things as though they were universally applicable facts as opposed to saying “in my experience” etc. There are many things you mentioned which I did not find to be true in my experience, or in the experiences of many others I have talked to, or were highly variable. But you said things like “you are”, “always”, etc the entire time. In addition, some ayahuasca journeys are exactly as how you described iboga and vice versa. I really can’t agree that “they are as different as two experiences can be”. They are often very similar in the spectrum of things, and for many people share a lot of characteristics that you deemed solely applicable to one or the other.

  • @greg_hammel – As a fairly experienced ‘traveler of the mind,’ I can say that the natural psychedelics, Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, and LSD do not trigger depression by their nature. However, if someone is having a particularly rough go of life, and happen to really find themselves during a trip, one might experience some kind of depression/longing to get back there, not in an addictive way, but in a ‘my life is shit again’ kind of way.

    However, I believe the repeated use of Ecstasy specifically will almost certainly be followed by some kind of depression-like state. Again, not necessarily due to addiction, but due to some trips being particularly badass, while some people’s lives may be particularly dreadful.

  • hallucinagens causing depression is BS propaganda, look at the psilocybin study, long term relief from depression after a magic mushroom session, and benefits to the brains health. people that use the word hallucinagens are morons, its like calling black people negroes, they are stuck in a mental frame set , not reality, entheogens is a much more accurate word. psychedelics is OKAY.

    the real answer is to meditate a lot each day,

    Christopher Good
  • If you really want to mess with Iboga I would give you advice to seek professional help, from someone whom know this stuff and how to treat them. They would know best from the first hand experience.

  • Exactly my thoughs. Also the “artficial” difference between so called “natural” and “synthetics” is as much bullshit . Substances like LSD (theres plants containing LSA) or 2CB , even Ketamine are as “natural” as any DMT or Mescaline, and nearly as usefull and healing. Datura or Cocaine might be “natural” but are more dangerouse than any synthetic.
    It’s just that some substances have a much longer history of relationship with humans and humans maybe learned to use it properly. Humans are part of nature too.

    Andy Weisner
  • If you look at the 5 Spirits mentioned in classical Chinese medicine it appears that the Ayahuasca is connecting with the Hun and the Iboga is connecting with the Po. Very interesting thanks for posting.

  • that sounds well and good but how can that help you at all if you aren’t also meditating each day and pursuing spirit without medication ? that’s the solid foundation you probably need to fix this messed up stuff you have going on, psychedelics are temporary insight from various angels and planes of perception, dimensions or what have you.

    perhaps you might study autobiography of a yogi, its an excellent read, the kriya yoga master through the grace of guru attains the highest supreme universal consciousness, the psychedelic user does not.

    Christopher Good
  • “Those feelings are breeding grounds for fear and doubt, so you have to
    be careful not to undermine your own experience out of weakness. Once
    you recover some sleep it is very easy to assimilate your new wisdom
    into your life, but that lasting high that I experienced from Ayahuasca
    wasn’t present.”

    It’s funny – after iboga I had the experience you describe with Ayuhuasca – an amazing high after 1 full night’s sleep following the 24 hr. journey, which lasted for weeks. I have come to believe that while there are strong commonalities with individual iboga experiences, there are also differences.

    Extremely Vicioussss
  • Thanks for the heads up on that book, and putting it on my radar! I have known someone very close to me with schizophrenia and I can say without a doubt that his second brain or second voice is pure Mind Boy. It is simply an expression of ego and fear. But of course that is just one example… The theory of mental illness being transcendence is sexy, but I’m just not sure I buy it. But either way i’d like to follow the rabbit hole a bit and check out the book

  • A fair critique. I will say that my sample size is larger than my own experience, being that I’ve taken Ayahuasca with 100’s of people and heard their experiences and several dozen of Iboga as well as having lengthy conversations with the shamans who have treated thousands, but of course you are right. You could have an Ayahuasca experience that is absolutely nothing like what I describe, and same with Iboga. It is of course a personal journey entirely. Thanks for reading and for your comment.

  • what do you recommend first? Iboga or Ayahuasca?

  • This thread is 11 months old, so perhaps this question may just sit in the void – but if Aubrey (or anyone else) is able to answer, could you please explain why the DMT experience seems to be so powerful, alien and beautiful and the Ayahuasca experience, whilst also being powerful, insightful and enlightening also contains so much horror and nightmares – what is it that makes Ayahuasca so much darker?

  • Hi Johnny – having lived in Brasil for many years, I’ve had the opportunity to experience Ayahuasca in different settings, with varying styles of rituals. The setting and people are an important aspect of how the trip will go. My experiences were always life-giving, and only one time did i have some ‘dark’ element — lots of black cats, black snakes and other black critters scampering all around, up and down the walls, etc. BUt i was laughing all the while. The earth energy is so strong for me with Ayahuasca; nature becoming more ‘alive’, and plants and trees talking with me.

    I wonder if perhaps when you go on your next Aysauasca trip, find a place that’s really enchanting, with a group of people who have been doing A together for a long time, so they have a family feel to the group. Also, remember that you’re purging lots of old cruddy stuff out from your various bodies, auric fields, and fragmented aspects of your being. The process can be dark, but the outcome is likely to be a cleansing of impurities, entities, etc. Try again, and again until it’s no longer ‘dark’, and it will be worth the effort, as Ayahuasca will definitely bring you to a better place, just might require several sessions.

    Blessings to you on your journey, if you’d like to check in with me, I’m at markfj atg mail.
    Peace and love,

    Mark Johnson
  • Hey,

    I was thinking of heading down to the iboga house this summer before I
    begin my “real life” after graduation. I have been scared however, to
    blow ~ $7k (I am assuming you spent around that much too) to head down
    to the iboga-house after reading so many abysmal reviews. Why was your
    experience so different from others’ where they mentioned not being
    “helped” at all by Moughenda and his staff – saying he watched videos on
    his laptop while you tripped balls on Iboga and even raped women who
    came alone?

    Do ANY of these complaints have a grain of truth to them? And would you have any personal recommendations as to where I could take part in an iboga ritual (in addition to iboga-house)? Thanks!

    Sean Devin
  • For you DMT was “darker”, but that does not mean others find that to be true…

    David Currie
  • fantastic article…I want to try both but I will try Ayahuasca first before going deeper. I have heard about Iboga, but I heard it is scarier than Ayahuasca.

  • Hi,

    My boyfriend took Iboga 1 month ago and even he felt great at the begining, then he became very depresed and confused and unhappy.

    Has anybody experienced that too. All I read here is about how good it is but nobody tells about the aftermath.


    Maria Gonzalez
  • Wonderful insight, it speaks so clearly to me. Although I don’t think you answered the question of which to take first? I’m embarking on a trip in 2 weeks but I’m torn which one I should take. I’m 23 and have forever felt a burning emptiness but don’t battle with any addictions (though I do dabble with recreational drugs at times to try and fill the emptiness). I’m scared of what I’ll find in Iboga. It seems better suited to me in the sense that all my problems are in my mind and I don’t know who my mind is (if that makes sense?). I want to know myself better, but I’m scared of what I’ll find. That’s why I feel perhaps Ayahuasca is a warmer introduction? So if I’m going to take both eventually, which do you think I should take first?

    Thanks for taking the time to write this article – such a great help

  • Your post is very vague, Maria. Why was he happy, and then why was he depressed? If he doesn’t know, then he needs to do introspection. In fact, the truth is it does not matter if you are happy or sad. Neither one is important in the least. The only thing that matters is whether or not you are investigating the nature of reality. Who is it that is happy or sad? “Myself” and “me” are just words that point nowhere. Discover this for yourself.

    Joel R
  • I think some monkey consumed Iboga. one group of monkeys did for long time and then we become humans. the lose part of the chain. we com from a yonky-monkey. and that explains everything…

  • what is your opinion of Iboga House (I see Moughenda) Do you recommend the shamans there, especially if Moughenda is not present? or is there somewhere else you prefer?

  • ]i tried both and iboga is more overfill and produces ataxia so you can’t move during the ceremony both plants have their own ancient use, they are not recreational, their medicine, the medicine man is as or more important than the medicine . Be aware of charlatans and false shamans that will take your money out of your own desperation to quit heroin or whatever, now days this treatments are over exposed and commercial so be aware,in whose hands you’re putting your life in, play safety do your research, don’t belived all you hear, good luck. Melvin

  • Great article brother. i think you could be one of the many new prophets of the coming age (pardon the phrase). I’m planning to do BOTH ayahuasca and iboga, within one month of each other. Iboga first. I’d sure appreciate your personal opinion on:

    1- how much time is ideal between the two sessions
    2- did you do any preparations before taking them, other than the ayahuasca diet (any specific studies, practices etc beforehand)
    3- how did you integrate the lessons afterwards

    Oh, and also if Hendricks has what it takes to take out GSP :P

    Thanks man, God bless always and keep up the great stuff. I’m following you big-time now.

    Sandokan Asean
  • You cannot think of iboga as the solution, it it merely a vehicle. As human beings, we have the privilege to choose how we feel. There is never a silver bullet, so to speak. I took ibogaine, and I’m clean a year and 7 months now. It was a long hard road, with many hills, rivers, and even swamps that I had to navigate. BUT,cause I kept truckin, I’ve only gotten stronger and gained more appreciation for myself and my inner strength. As the old, slightly irritating at times, saying goes “HAPPINESS IS AN INSIDE JOB!” Bahaha XD

  • I haven’t tried ayahuasca yet, but I disagree with some of what you said about Ibogaine. You say that you only talk to your “higher self” on ibogaine, and while this might be true both for ayahuasca and ibogaine, it certainly didn’t feel like that during my last ibogaine trip where I thought I was communicating with a machine-intelligence on a different planet. Indeed I felt like I was accessing something outside of myself. Psycedelic experiences can be quite different from time to time with the same drug, and of course different from person to person with the same drug. Much of what you have written seem to be kinda subjective according to your psychedelic experiences.

    As I have never tried ayahuasca I realize that my understanding about this drug might be somewhat poor. But from what I have read about ayahuasca the main difference seems to be that ibogaine is more “sane and comprehensible”, while ayahuasca might be more “alien and difficult to comprehend”. Ibogaine is of course also much harder on the body, and lasts much longer.

  • Interesting, Maria. It sounds like he may be going thru a Dark Night of the Soul. I suggest you read Bernadette Roberts’ book, “What is the Self?” She was a nun who (without drugs, I presume) became god-realized. Once you go down the rabbit hole of reality, it does seem that you can’t really relate to normal life anymore, at least initially, while you are seeking the truth. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche is famous for saying something like, “If you haven’t begun the spiritual path, don’t. It’s too difficult. But if you have begun, you must follow it until the end.” I know that you may be totally unable to relate to this, but please understand that your friend is trying his best to do what he feels is right, even though he may be making a miserable job of it at the moment and thus making everyone else miserable around him.

    Joel R
  • Thanks Joel,

    it is too late now, I have cut contact with him. I met him a couple of times after his aya trips and he is just not the same person. He has lost the concept of our “reality”. He is not happier als before, right the oposite. He is just in his room alone all the time writing or visiting the group of “healers” in holland ever so often as they are in his same “reality”. This is for me not freedom. He doesnt has the choice now to come back to the normal world anymore. He thinks he is superior to us, the normal people and wants nothing to do with us. He is not more loving or acceptan of himself or the world, he is just gone from this world. He has no money, no job and no idea what to do with his life, he is more confused than before.

    This is brain washing at a huge scale!!!!!

    Honestly I would beg those of you to not manipulate other people onto thinking that this will solve their problems, the magic pill. One taken there is no return!!!!

  • Oh my god, It really pisses anybody wish to haven an experience knowing and hearing again and again that those shamans rape women. I can imagine being a woman and suffering something like this: I would never again take any drug or trust anybody. That’s a fucking shit, and, seriously, I really think that every woman should avoid traveling to any of those southamerican countries and/or having any experience alone with those UN-spiritual shamans. We must not forget that… the reality there is not what many occidental ‘drug-dreamers’ or ‘blog-dreamers’ want all the others to believe, but, a hard and alarming reality of people without studies, and who, historically, has been taking these drugs to curse other tribes, find and kill animals to eat, etc (meaning they’re/they were barbarians) And therefore they still keep doing barbaric things, like raping women.

  • How about buying a plane ticket to Cameroon or Gabon and find the real deal yourself. Its a lot cheaper, more authentic, it supports the local medicine makers who could use the money.

    There are towns in southern Cameroon that offer ceremonies to Westerners. Transfer your money where you know you can get a good deal before you head out. Ask the the local chiefs for directions. I’d bring a translating tool and articles of Bwiti in French. I recommend a town called Ambam along the border.

  • Interesting article with some good insights, thanks for sharing. Interesting how we are individuals and react to things differently. I liked the way you described the narrative of the two medicines, resonates strongly with my experience. One little thing on a DMT tangent…you state “With the strong correlation between natural DMT release during physical death…” As someone with a keen interest in DMT, as far as I know this is pure speculation at present…it may be true, but there is no evidence for this at this point in time.

    My first time with iboga was one of the most magical and profound experiences of my life. I have had five iboga floods and have drank ayahuasca a few times more than this, both in Peru with shamans and here in the UK, I have BIG respect for both medicines. I feel great after both ayahuasca and iboga, I’m surprised to hear you didn’t feel much in the way of an afterglow with the latter… The afterglow after my first time with iboga lasted MONTHS! I felt more at ease with myself, more self confident, more motivated and more positive…subtle but definitely there, like this warm glow of earthy grounded positivity. Part of the weird feeling following iboga is that you have had an exhausting experience but have been in deep REM mode while awake, so you brain doesn’t have much need to sleep, so you are in this weird limbo state, it’s a strange one. Also people really noticed there was something different in both my appearance and behaviour post iboga, people said I looked really glowing and healthy. A builder friend who isn’t a spiritual guy but who is very sharp said he could see immediately there was something different about my energy, reminded him of perceiving others during his LSD days. I think I look healthy after ayahuasca but this is a much shorter term thing in my experience. Another parallel with your iboga experience is that my third eye opened in a very powerful way! Before this experience I had always considered the very idea of a third eye to be new age hogwash basically… I also felt like I got a detox and defrag from iboga that went deeper than anything experienced with ayahausca, so personally for me iboga wins on the physical cleanse front hands down. You also mainly describe the lasting effects of iboga in a negative way, but I see them as a much more positive thing, following that first sleep. No doubt thought that iboga is much more of an ordeal. I think for some ayahuasca requires more regular use to gain lasting benefit, iboga is more of a one hit wonder in this regard.

  • Hey, i am waiting my Iboga order to deliver to me.. can we talk to take some advices from your own experience please?
    you can contact me at afdarktrip at gmail
    have a beautiful day…

  • In what way does it trivialize it? Many people are greatly aided knowing that what they are going thru is common in the spiritual path…

    Joel R
  • “Dark night of the soul”….. oh please. What a cliche How many dark nights are there in merely ONE lifetime.? That trivializes her/his situation.

  • i am going to take Iboga in a week and the website who sold it to me recommended me a dosage of 1gram HCL and 3grams AT.
    any advices??

  • i am going to take Iboga in a week and the website who sold it to me recommended me a dosage of 1gram HCL and 3grams AT.
    any advices??

  • marijuana.

  • iboga is not focused on “space”, it focuses on solids and mortal density. look at the images… they are polar opposites. as to “wich one to do first”. on a spiritual journey (life) there is no right or wrong, or better, simply adapting to change. i believe ayuhuasca cerimony is a safer bet, though honest i would recomend getting familiar with marijuana as the first step in a spiritual journey. then as a progression try taking a low dose of psilocybin mushrooms. i dont belie diving head first into an unknown world is ever a safe way to go. take it easy, relax, follow intuition. be like water. haha

  • i thinj the core problem with many addicts or even those on a “spiritual journey” is the never ending quest for knowledge. also known as being a narcissist haha. grow up guys. stop searching for selfless help. be the helper not the helped.vit is much more satisfying to give hekp than recieve it. you must be careful who you ask for guidance from. some shamans may just bevshitty people, theres a thought. healthy nutrition, exercise, helping others, friends who support you goals and values, as well as a symbiotic relationship with nature is all that is needed. meditation anf yogs is the safer path, not that entheogens are bad, just playing with fire. ultimately iboga can over depress and scare you in an inward way and tryptamines can over stimula your mind. both have benefits as well as side effects as with any medicine. learning how to selflessly love is the real spiritual awakening. AA takesva perspective on god granting you the serenity, a outside “higher power”. if you add some self affirmation as well as self love, wich is the “courage” aspect to the serenity prayer, you haveva full plate. courage from within (self affirmation) as well as serenity (from god/nature/spirit/higher power… whatever). the point is balance. balance of being of selfkess service to others from a place of love, as well as self interested self enlightening growth.

  • I did lsd recently and I’m pretty sure the dude on the right danced for me when I closed my eyes. I was looking at Africa on Google Earth and thinking about how in America we bottle up our water and stick labels on it. Yet in Africa they still have to create things to collect the rain and drink that. Any ways, after I closed my eyes, I saw (maybe) three men sort of dancing in front of me.. Not really mocking me, but almost. Lol They had no shirts on and something red to cover their lower zones. Very similar to the man in the Iboga picture.

    Jessie stokes
  • thx for your words….I will be doing an Iboga session early feb. I’m so looking forward to it ;-) At one point in my life, i was finding myself too rational, not ‘connected’ anymore. I want to do the session to find myself again without sky high expectations.

  • Hi Jack. How was your experience in Thailand? I am trying to decide where to go… Thailand or Bali have become an option.

  • Where can you do a real iboga ceremony with a safe and loving shaman? I am very interested and need to treat a mental health issue that is limiting my life tremendously. I have done ayahuasca in peru, 3 dietas, and i went to heal that issue but it wasn’t enough, good beginning but great difficulties arose and i have the same problem but maybe even more stronger now. So i am seriously considering of doing iboga when i have the chance. But i have very limited information. Would you want to share email or Skype info so we could talk about iboga? many thanks and all the best wishes!

    Konchok Dorje
  • Hi Aubrey, Im on the way to Thailand for my first Ibogaine experience. I was first opened to the world of plant medicines after taking mushrooms in bali which was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. And after some detailed research on erowid, JRE and your podcast just booked the Ibogaine clinic spontaneously. I just like to thank you for all your knowledge and sharing your experiences for people around the world, you convinced me and I’m sure many many others. your doing a good thing brother. keep it up.

  • puh i am happy i am not addicted to marijuana anymore :)
    but it is sure an soft way to enter other states of consciousness, my personal recomendation would be low dose of mushrooms :)
    but i guess that wasnt chunkmans question :)

  • When we talk about these experiences, it is a good idea to consider a “Gestalt Language Protocol” (Experience ­Based Sharing). Speak from experience rather than give advice. By sharing experiences, we end up with data that promotes better decision making. Sharing experiences allows for bonding and cohesion building in a group. I loved the 2 Iboga journeys (+24hrs each) that I experienced tremendously however had 10 very scary Ayahuasca journeys. For me they are both teacher plants that connected me to the divine and helped me see the light.

    Sonette Hill
  • thats the most over simplification of aya ive ever read, its also described way incorrectly and its aftermath is straight up wrong, i wish i felt great after every aya ceremony. who ever wrote this clearly has no idea what h or she is talking about.

  • I provide ibogaine as a rapid-detox for substance abuse here in Eastern Canada. I have yet to properly experience ayahuasca but hopefully soon :)

    Shane Mugford
  • Hi Ben, sorry for the late reply. To put it simply, the medicine dove into the darkest depths of my being. It is not a drug to be taken without some serious thought and consideration. It brought up things that i didn’t even know was effecting me. It pushed me to my limits and a part of me wishes that i never did it because i went too deep into myself. It has taken me about 3 months to integrate was i have learnt from the experience in to my daily life. I appreciate how amazing the world is now, my whole thought process has changed, it is actually a software re-program for your brain. But it will take me a while before I’m ready for another ibogaine experience just because of the battle you have with yourself while your on it. If you are new to plant medicines i would recommend mushrooms before taking the step to ibogaine just because it is a much more pleasant experience.

  • I cant say I agree with many of the supposed differences. My thinking is that both are from different traditions so the only way is to give an iboga healer aya and an ayahauscero iboga then ask them. Ive had less dreamy and more deep knowings from self with aya (what pushed me to self) and felt very clear after the experience so not very otherworldly though it had its moments. My 1st experince was very transcendental though subsequently its been a lot more inner revelations so to me theres no clear difference.

  • Maybe he got off drugs, now he is sober, and is not in love with you anymore, he can now see things more clear. Sorry but this is a harsh reality of dealing with sober addicts. He could also be low on ambition, you didn’t say his age either. Ibogaine worked for me, I have some depression, but other than that I’m good, I exercise and eat organic, its a very important part of the healing. I’m sure he’s doing fine with his new life.

    Family Man
  • I want to know how safe it is to do Iboga if I take heart medicine like blood thinner and blod presure tablets every days. I have had heart attack before and have inplant stents around my heart.???

  • It looks like the writer is only recommending a place for aya (in the last paragraph). However, the shaman at Iboga House is referenced within the article. I would like to know if the writer would recommend Iboga House after the experience. I have seen a couple of negative reviews of Iboga House but several positive reviews as well. I am trying to decide if that is where I would like to go or not.

  • Contact me if you still have questions about iboga. The clinic I am involved with offers both iboga root bark and ibogaine HCL as well as ayahuaqca. Iboga always includes a traditional Bwiti ceremony.

    Derek Barker
  • Bla bla bla, new age and classical religious bullshit I heard so many times…

  • Does anyone know anything about Iboga Wellness in Costa Rica? I just started a convo with someone there today and he seems cool.
    For the amount of money I have been able to raise it is a choice between Iboga Wellness and a friend of a friend who will do it at a hotel in LA. I like him too. But the beach in Costa Rica sounds a little better than a hotel in LA.
    Anyone have any advice?

    Neight R.
  • From my experience, the single most important issue to consider is the hands that serve the medicine. I’ve had 4 great experiences with Ibogaine/Iboga. The facilitators are well connected to the plant, and come from a place of love, kindness and unconditional support. (ref: Iboga Solar Fire FB page)

    Sonette Hill
  • Yeah, I remember i made a desicion on a saturday to fly out to peru. That night was the only night I had any dreams for about a week and a half. I dream all the time, but it seemed like something was blocking it for some reason

    Natnael Kenaw
  • Totally not true for me as far as dreaming on Ayahuasca. I had no dreams the entire week to “confuse” my experience. I also had no diarrhea at all, I just vomited , cried and sweated a lot.

  • Where in Thailand can I do this please?

  • i hope you’re a shaman cus i wouldnt recommend taking either of them without a shaman. they can guide you and get you back out when you’re terrifyingly deep.

  • In alignment with many of the other comments, I think every human reacts somewhat differently to the different plants & that the same human reacts differently at different points in time. There is not one across-the-board response. This article provides excellent guidance but should not be taken as an absolute. I think there are probably basic human “types” though—informed by personality, physiology, etc. and that there IS probably some continuity between responses for each type of person. I would be interested in more research along these lines.

    Kelli Lynn
  • im interested in the clinic info you have mentioned above

    Aisha Barbara Ali
  • I went to crossroads – you can find my vids on youtube just search oxycodone- its #1. My name is pat baker if u would like to talk

    Patrick Baker
  • Hi I am interested in iboga and potentially Aya as well. Where is your clinic located?

    Jay Bhat
  • but we all have our disconnects to source also. For me forgiveness is reconnecting and in new ways. It is a process of letting love heal us. Not because we are bad but because we are more good than we can possibly imagine but have things that block us.

  • Great article. Didn’t know about iboga. Iboga looks dangerous to take. Ayahuasca is likely to be a better choice. I had my ayahuasca experience and have written my story here https://www.soul-herbs.com/ayahuasca-experience/

  • Right here is the right site for everyone who would
    like to understand this topic. You understand so much its almost hard to
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  • Wonderful website you have here but I was wanting
    to know if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics talked
    about here? I’d really love to be a part of group where
    I can get feedback from other experienced individuals that
    share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.
    Thank you!

  • It’s very dangerous to tell people that before an iboga treatment it’s ok to eat or ingest absolutely anything. My understanding is that your system needs to be completely clean before an iboga treatment.

    Sue Burt Stetson
  • I didn’t look at it for too long so I could be wrong but my first impression of that website is that it seems to throw the words Iboga and Ibogaine around as if they are synonymous, which is not true. I also used to toss these words around in a similar fashion until I had the opportunity to try Iboga and the shaman told us that Iboga has 12 alkaloids that help a person through the experience whereas Ibogaine is just one of the alkaloids that has been extracted from the Iboga. Essentially Ibogaine is the alkaloid that has most of the addiction curing properties, but when the whole root bark is used there is a much deeper and helpful experience to be had. I have never tried Ibogaine (and I most likely never will) but my one Iboga experience was absolute magic, and I have drank ayahuasca 20+ times in all kinds of different settings. Bottom line is to be careful about that website as most likely you will be receiving Ibogaine instead of Iboga from them based on the fact that they don’t even seem to know the difference.

    Bob Backlund
  • Smoking anything to me creates a darker effect than eating it.

  • I hope you are right man… I know for sure that neither of those should be smoked (salvia, or dmt). The oral version i can’t speak for myself but I have heard many horror stories. Don’t think you are in for a fun time guys… expect to have the shit kicked out of you in the worst possible way. I can’t believe whoever wrote this is speaking of these things like EVERYONE should do them. Not everyone can handle stuff like this, it is NOT for everyone. AT ALL.

  • A friend of mine just returned from Http://IbogaineMexico.com. It was a beautiful experience for him. The owner and his wife are really beautiful people and love to help people out.

  • Thank you so much for this clear and straightforward information. VERY HELPFUL. Some folks were commenting on the lack of “subjective” language but I found that non offensive. As for great legitimate places for Ayahuasca: many friends of mine have had beautiful deep life-changing journeys at the Temple of the Way of Light in Peru. This is where I’ll be heading. But perhaps I need iboga first. Many blessings to you for taking the time to write this. <3

  • Hi I have been to the Amazon and went with a very reliable group of facilitators and shamans. We go into the Amazon for an immersion program. It is/was a very powerful transformational experience for me. The person I chose to go with is still currently a teacher of mine. He takes a group dowm twice a year and combines it with a program called Limitless. His next trip is April 28 and he will go again in the fall. If you would like more information you can contact me. Randi

    Randi Shepard
  • Hi I have a very reliable shaman who was trained in Africa and has adapted the healing retreats for Western purposes. It is/was very powerful. If you would like to know more information you can contact me. Randi

    Randi Shepard
  • Good Day, I am looking to travel and take the ceremony of ayahuasca. I have traveled with DMT numerous times. After my time in the military and serving in Afghanistan my soul was lost for time. DMT, and the use of mushrooms have given me a chance to wash away my slate. I think I truly need to have a ceremony with a shaman. I contacted the guy you listed in your article via email. Will I hear back from him? If there is a better way of communication please let know. Once again, I can not explain enough how these things saved my life. I have had countless brothers commit suicide, or drink their life away to the end of a bottle. Crawling out of darkness has been the greatest journey of my life. Please let know how I can continue my journey.

  • Hey Aubrey, you recommended a specific shaman for Ayahuasca but not a specific place/person to contact for Iboga. I’ve been trying to find a place for Iboga but it seems a bit daunting with so many clinics around the world and prices ranging up to $10,000.
    From your article it sounds like you did it in Africa in a ritual. Is there any contact info you could share about where you went? Also could one get by there with out speaking french?

  • Hey Mark! I’m going to Brazil soon. Can you recommend anyone there? Thanks!

  • I agree. I had the same experience after all 3 of my Iboga journeys. 24 hours awake, then a good 6 hours or so of sleep, and I felt amazing.

  • Well said…we all have a voice that will resonate with us…Aubrey’s is perfect for me. Thanks for taking the time to share with others…that’s what it’s all about.

    Raymond Santos
  • Ibogaine has been tested and proven to be the most effective
    cure to drug addictions. Are you tired of your addiction to drugs,
    alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
    Email; ibogasolutions@live.fr,
    for immediate supply. Ibogaine is a new therapy for chemical dependence
    that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving
    behavior. It is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker.
    It helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions. Treatment info and all help needed will be provided.

  • Just curious. What was machine about the intelligence you encountered?

  • May I ask where you did Iboga?

  • I’ve seen a few of these resorts that advertise a guided trip to Machu Picchu included in the camp. Can anyone validate and/or recommend one of these? I really want to do both.

  • I’ve seen a few of these resorts that advertise a guided trip to Machu Picchu included in the camp. Can anyone validate and/or recommend one of these?

    Jimi Threet
  • A wonderful iboga experience I received at Oka Center in the Yucatán of Mexico near Merida. It is one of the only non-hospital setting ibogaine centers that deal with the real deal Bwiti rather than having focuses and nurses administer it. The owners/initiated in Gabon shamans David and Bobby (forget their Bwiti given names), are into the whole experience with the cleansing etc. who wants to be in a hospital setting I went for addiction reasons but I wanted to experience the whole Bwiti realm of it bc I felt the need to pay homage to the homeland of where it comes from. We did have a nurse and doctor there for emergency reasons but they weren’t needed besides the nurse coming around every half hour to take your blood pressure. Besides that it was an amazing experience and then after you experience a grey day which you most likely will sleep in your beautiful room located in an old but beautiful hacienda an hour outside of Merida and then once you come out of your grey day the maids/cooks nourish you with all healthy light foods and you can just chill and do some more introspective thinking laying by the pool or couch. And they don’t force any activities on you but if you want once you’re totally out of the grey day and enter the pink cloud stage of finally feeling like your old self before any addictions. Mental issues. PTSD. Etc. you’re able to go see one of the seventh wonders of the world the Mayan ruins of chichen itza and the sacred underground cenotes which are underground water caves. All amazing experiences. OKA CENTER WAS AMAZING. They have a yoga instructor and give massages. Besides that don’t push anything on you!! And unlike the hospital setting ones which then push these unnecessary things like horse back riding lol all these pretentious things that have nothing to do with finding all your self love and self healing which is what they use to attract ppl which is not needed when what all you really need are real shamans who care bout you your well being and helping you in a beautiful non hospital setting bc they’ve both been initiated by the best of the best of the most experienced shamans from Gabon Africa.

    Rhiannon Antoinette Girardo
  • Hi! I’d love to receive information on where to do iboga/ibogaine?

  • Hi! I’m interested in your clinic. Can you please let me know more info?

  • Fractlu.com

    Rj Hetherman
  • Live (enzyme) food diet, breath/yoga/disciplined movement(dance, qigong), live in harmony with nature (bioactivefield.com)

    Rj Hetherman
  • Your aya shaman works also with iboga?

    Rj Hetherman
  • Where was this?

  • Ibogaine TA is a total alkaloid extractions of the root bark.

    William Pakkala
  • I was diagnosed of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) a rapidly progressive, invariably fatal neurological disease that attacks the nerve cells, I was given medications to slow down the progress of the disease, after some months my conditioned worsened and i lost ability to go about my daily activities and i had to quit my job, my legs and arms were terribly weakened, i resorted to a wheelchair (Perbombil C300). This was till my husband’s friend introduced my husband to a herbal clinic in South Africa who sell herbal medicines to cure all kind of diseases including ALS, we contacted the herbal clinic via their email and purchased the ALS herbal remedy, we received the herbal medicine via courier within 7 days and commenced usage as prescribed, its totally unexplainable how all the symptoms gradually dissapeared, my speech has greatly improved and am able to walk a distance now with no help, contact this herbal clinic via their email drlusandaherbal(at)drlusandaherbal(dot)com

    Matricia Simmons
  • A wonderful iboga experience I received at Oka Center in the Yucatán of Mexico near Merida. It is one of the only non-hospital setting ibogaine centers that deal with the real deal Bwiti rather than having focuses and nurses administer it. The owners/initiated in Gabon shamans David and Bobby (forget their Bwiti given names), are into the whole experience with the cleansing etc. who wants to be in a hospital setting I went for addiction reasons but I wanted to experience the whole Bwiti realm of it bc I felt the need to pay homage to the homeland of where it comes from. We did have a nurse and doctor there for emergency reasons but they weren’t needed besides the nurse coming around every half hour to take your blood pressure. Besides that it was an amazing experience and then after you experience a grey day which you most likely will sleep in your beautiful room located in an old but beautiful hacienda an hour outside of Merida and then once you come out of your grey day the maids/cooks nourish you with all healthy light foods and you can just chill and do some more introspective thinking laying by the pool or couch. And they don’t force any activities on you but if you want once you’re totally out of the grey day and enter the pink cloud stage of finally feeling like your old self before any addictions. Mental issues. PTSD. Etc. you’re able to go see one of the seventh wonders of the world the Mayan ruins of chichen itza and the sacred underground cenotes which are underground water caves. All amazing experiences. OKA CENTER WAS AMAZING. They have a yoga instructor and give massages. Besides that don’t push anything on you!! And unlike the hospital setting ones which then push these unnecessary things like horse back riding lol all these pretentious things that have nothing to do with finding all your self love and self healing which is what they use to attract ppl which is not needed when what all you really need are real shamans who care bout you your well being and helping you in a beautiful non hospital setting bc they’ve both been initiated by the best of the best of the most experienced shamans from Gabon Africa. If you’re looking for a real deal iboga experience as close as possible to the homeland in Africa I would recommend this place in a heart beat! Tomorrow November 4th will be exactly 2 months since I’ve returned and everyday I feel better. Past of me wants to experience the ibogaine AGAIN now with a CLEAR MIND not on drugs bc I want to explore even deeper into myself but as of now everyday I feel more like the person I ONCE WAS A LONG LONG TIME AGO and it’s bc of these gentle souls who helped both me and my long time partner of 10 years.

    Rhiannon Antoinette Girardo
  • A wonderful iboga experience I received at Oka Center in the Yucatán of Mexico near Merida. It is one of the only non-hospital setting ibogaine centers that deal with the real deal Bwiti rather than having focuses and nurses administer it. The owners/initiated in Gabon shamans David and Bobby (forget their Bwiti given names), are into the whole experience with the cleansing etc. who wants to be in a hospital setting I went for addiction reasons but I wanted to experience the whole Bwiti realm of it bc I felt the need to pay homage to the homeland of where it comes from. We did have a nurse and doctor there for emergency reasons but they weren’t needed besides the nurse coming around every half hour to take your blood pressure. Besides that it was an amazing experience and then after you experience a grey day which you most likely will sleep in your beautiful room located in an old but beautiful hacienda an hour outside of Merida and then once you come out of your grey day the maids/cooks nourish you with all healthy light foods and you can just chill and do some more introspective thinking laying by the pool or couch. And they don’t force any activities on you but if you want once you’re totally out of the grey day and enter the pink cloud stage of finally feeling like your old self before any addictions. Mental issues. PTSD. Etc. you’re able to go see one of the seventh wonders of the world the Mayan ruins of chichen itza and the sacred underground cenotes which are underground water caves. All amazing experiences. OKA CENTER WAS AMAZING. They have a yoga instructor and give massages. Besides that don’t push anything on you!! And unlike the hospital setting ones which then push these unnecessary things like horse back riding lol all these pretentious things that have nothing to do with finding all your self love and self healing which is what they use to attract ppl which is not needed when what all you really need are real shamans who care bout you your well being and helping you in a beautiful non hospital setting bc they’ve both been initiated by the best of the best of the most experienced shamans from Gabon Africa. I fully recommend trying this place. I had a grey experience.

    Rhiannon Antoinette Girardo
  • Hi Charlene… The shaman I work with travels around the world and has weekend retreats. I AM part of the TEAM in California and Hold Space for these amazing TRANSFORMATIONAL weekend Retreats! If you are interested in knowing more please contact me direct and I can give you more information. Where do you live? Looking forward to speaking with you. Have a glorious day! Namaste, Ahom randishepard@hotmail.com

    Randi Shepard
  • Hi Charlene… If this comes to you please let me know. I have had a hard time responding to you and would like to share my information with you. Thanks and have a Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays

    Get Outlook for Android

    Randi Shepard

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