Average Zen and the Art of Amateur Archery

I took out my Go Pro camera and feeling a bit inspired I decided to loose a few shafts from my wooden recurve bow. In a very unrehearsed and meandering narration I uncover some valuable lessons about zen when after making a few poor shots, I am forced to correct my mind in order to correct my results.

Amateur Zen & The Art Of Average Archery from Warrior Poet on Vimeo.


  • haha, were my bad shots that bad? I missed the bullseye by like 6 inches! Cut me some slack :)

  • I’m not sure that archery is such a good idea in a residential area.

    Dan Quinn
  • That’s impressive! Damn good grouping. Consistent. Recurve bows are pretty difficult. It’s all about the fluidity of the motions. Cool video man! 

  • coolest backyard ever

  • Mate, it’s not about how bad your shots are, it’s about staying safe. Plenty of toy bows will shoot arrows for 200m+, think about what would happen if you had a heart attack while drawing the bow and keep your shooting to places where the arrow isn’t going to end up stuck in someone just because you missed the target. (It happens. To everyone. Even the people for whom 6 inches from the middle is a wildly off target shot still miss the straw entirely from time to time.) 


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