Wield The Wizardry of Ordinary Words w/Laurel Airica | AMP # 443

By Aubrey Marcus December 21, 2023

Wield The Wizardry of Ordinary Words w/Laurel Airica | AMP # 443

Do you want to become a SOURCEror of SPELLing?

Laurel Airica is back on the show with a live episode from Arkadia, further sharing the magic of the English language. Known for revealing the spells contained within our spelling, this conversation with Laurel illuminates the secret codes within language that we are constantly speaking and receiving, and the infinite possibilities that come from deepening our conscious understanding of this patterning.

You can learn more about Laurel Airica’s work at http://www.laurelairica.com/.

 AUBREY: How're you guys feeling today? Good, wow, what a ride, what a journey we've been on so far. Today's going to be a really, really sweet, sweet, sweet day. Today's a day for sweet medicine, to leave the aftertaste feeling so sweet and nourishing from what we've experienced in all frequencies and all dimensions during this time here. So, thank you guys, for showing up, and being the bright lights and spreading your love around this festival. That's what really makes it work. All of you showing up with your hearts blasted open and allowing yourself to experience the full spectrum of what it means to be alive. So, thank you guys. All right, so here we are again. I want to start this with a quote. This is a quote from your beautiful little book here, "Gifts of Presence". It's brand new, hot off the press.

LAUREL: Just picked it up from the printer two, three days ago.

 AUBREY: So, Ilya Prigogine was a Nobel Prize winner for chemistry in 1977. And that was for his contributions to non-equilibrium thermodynamics. I don't know what the fuck that is. Sounds impressive. But he says, when a complex system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the entire system to a higher order.

That's kind of what we're doing here, all of us, is to try and create small islands of coherence. Small islands of coherence. Little places where people can look and say, ah, sanity, coherence, beauty, love, truth, Eros, it lives here, it's alive. And that's what we've been doing, and that's what we'll continue to do. One of the beautiful things about you and the work that you offer, the art, the gift that you offer, is to help us understand actually the coding language for our minds, the coding language for our thoughts. Because we don't think abstractly, we often think in words. So, literally, all of our coding is our language, are the words that we use. And there's subtly imprinted elements of these words that through our non-conscious mind, through our processing, we're actually casting different spells and using different code trying to create a desired outcome, but unaware of what we're actually creating. And, you've really helped illuminate, oh, wow, there's latent aspects of the code. And if we use the code in the right way, it will flower and blossom our life. If we're careless with our code, we'll use words that are actually doing something that we don't intend or be an unintended consequence of our coding language.

 LAUREL: Yes, this is true, and there's research being conducted in Russia, where linguists are being paired with geneticists to be able to change DNA through words alone. And, Gregg Braden has a wonderful piece on Gaia, about language and the matrix, and how our words wire up our brain and our access to the matrix, to the source field from which we derive. So, I'm just looking at where to begin. 

How many people are familiar with the YouTube I posted in 2010, called The Secret Spells of the English Language? That familiar to most? Okay, it's not. So, I want to share that. But first, yesterday, in the Q&A with Aubrey, somebody asked you how you start your day. So, I want to share one of the things that I do, one of the prayers that I play with, and that you might all enjoy. So, I'll say it in the first person, but really, it's for all of us together, which is that we open, perhaps third person, we open to the highest frequencies of infinite divine love, intelligence, flowing to us and through us, embodying in us, and as us, harmonizing every wave and particle, atom and molecule, cell and tissue, organ and system on all dimensions of existence. So, only that which is on the freest frequencies of infinite divine creativity and love may come to us and through us, co-create with us, radiate through us, emanate from us, and communicate as us in ways that are catalytic to the elevation and acceleration of consciousness globally. So, that's the intention that... Thank you.

I have a reactive body. When she's shocked or touched, she demonstrates it and I have to let the waves ride through. So, here is the premier life sentence that I posted on 2010 calling it The Secret Spells of the English Language. It's very simple and recognizable. We awake each morning and go off during the weekdays to earn our living at various jobs and undertakings until we come to the weekend. Everyone agrees that this is the way of things. Only more people die of heart failure between 6:00 and 10:00am, Monday morning than any other time of the week. I explained that what I do is a translation of the English language. I spell that T-R-A-N-C-E with the idea that words cast spells. And when you translate that life sentence, you realize that awake is a funeral party for the dead. That morning is the state we're in when we attend awake. 

So, when we exchanged the friendly greeting with each other good morning, on a subliminal level, we're also saying good grief. By the way, I forgot to mention that more people die between 6:00 and 10:00 am Monday morning of heart failure than any other time of the week. I heard that first from Deepak Chopra, and corroborated it with other medical people I personally know. So, we go off during the weekdays, and in a weekdays, that's sort of the state of a zombie. So, no wonder we are fascinated by zombies because they are us when we're leaping through this waking dream. So, we earn our living, yet the urns are for the ashes of the dead. We earn our living at various jobs and undertakings. Undertaking is also what entrepreneur means. And job is a Hebrew word for persecuted. As Job... 

And as a friend of mine once said, we don't make this stuff up. What we get at the end of this perverse bargain with life is progressively weekend. So, we say to someone have a good weekend. And how could we not win the day after Friday, fried day is sadder day. Now whether it's... We don't catch a break here at all. Sunday may be to worship the sun or to, what is it? To lay out in the sun, be a sun worshipper in one form or another. And then it all repeats again. Speaking of sun, I believe those two words are misspelled. That S-O-N which currently represents your male child, that should be the sun in the sky because you have that nice round orb in the center. And then S-U-N which has represented the sun in the sky should be your male child because the U is part of you. And that U is also a chalice for the divine energy, the life force that invests itself in each one of us. So, just to finish off that life sentence, which I am sure you will agree sounds a lot more like a death sentence, this is very much a death cult. And the difference between a cult and a culture is the same difference as between those two words. Size.

So, we're in a death culture, and it practices death at every waking opportunity. So, now, you know I can just keep going. 

AUBREY: Yeah. Well, thank you for that. It seems like what you're saying, I can see how it's built in to the structural coding of our belief systems. We come as Protestant settlers here in America, and this is the culture that it comes from. Religion has spread, especially the Abrahamic religions. And there's other religions and other ways of thinking and other ways of being. But there is the famous line, on the seventh day God rested. So, this idea of, work, toil, suffer, work, toil, suffer, work. And then finally, one day out of the seven, you get to rest. Now, that is a very convenient way to get a bunch of laborers to struggle, and work for you. And, create and build something, whether it's a pyramid or a corporation, or whatever you want, or the size of a giant cathedral, is work, labor, work, pay your taxes, pay your taxes, pay your taxes. We'll give you one day of rest, just like God, because they say we are made in God's image. So, this is the model, if that's God, that God rests one day out of the week, then so too why would it need to be any different for us. 

And so, this is built in to the core structure. Then language, then naturally finds its way through the ease of gravity like water finds its way through the soft points, eventually leading to the ocean. It finds its own way. Language has found its way to actually match this original idea that was implanted, and carefully constructed in the council of Nicaea. Carefully constructed. Let's take these parts of the book out, let's leave these parts of the book in, and let's make this a universal culture of Empire, which is, as the say, a culture of death and dying rather than a culture of life and living. Which is not to say that there is no pain, no suffering, no grief, no struggle, no strife, no need for work in this world. But I think what we're all imagining in a more beautiful world is a way that life can be a part of every aspect, even aliveness in the pain, aliveness in the work, aliveness in the suffering. But first, we have to understand and get perspective on the structural coding of our own minds, culture and language that follows that structural coding. 

LAUREL: Yes. That brought up. Years ago, I read that offering the peasants more money didn't get more work out of them, because they'd rather own their own time. So, they created the Protestant Ethic, and made all of this labor for the Lord worthy of your entrance to heaven. So, it was what I heard called the Pay Now Fly Later plan. So, let me see. You brought up so many things, and I meant to bring up a pad so I could make note of what I wanted to respond to. All of it. But let me go within and see where...

So, a lot of people when they hear that life sentence, the first question is, who did this to us? And certainly, there are elements that were done to us, and we are witnessing the constant manipulation of language, to try and make things... To reverse reality. And, so that happens, but I think, as I have a little addendum to that life sentence when you look for it on YouTube, and it goes, that words are electromagnetic vibrations, whose fine alphabetic tintinnabulations can take on the tint of our true expectations, which they then imprint on our metal of mind, causing sounds to adhere when they're of the same kind. So, I think some is just an electro-poetic gravitational slide into the same vibration. And, we have been so trained to look at what does a word mean without looking at what does the word mean mean. And, it means stingy, fabby, cruel, and average, among other things. 

So, the other way we can say, well, I don't want to say what does it mean? Well, what's its definition? Well, we have been deafened to definitions, because we use the word sound to mean integrity, strength, validity, and solidity. But, act as if word sounds had no such validity. So, we are clearly not of sound mind because we are deaf to the multiple vibrations in a single sound. We've looked at synonyms, which are words that are very different in sound and possibly origin, but mean essentially the same thing. But, rarely do we look at homonyms. Homonym, homo-nym, same name. So these are words that seem completely unrelated, yet share the same sound. Now, why would that be? Well, it's dismissed as a coincidence. And as we discussed last time, that means a coincidence. Well, what magnetic force caused these two disparate elements to coincide? 

We have used coincidence to mean insignificance. But hardly is that true. I'd like to point out that we are oblivious to the obvious. Sherlock Holmes pointed it out. He said the world is filled with obvious things which nobody happens to notice. And so, it's very good to begin to notice what sounds are riding on a single... What meanings are riding on a sound. And, why it is... I mean, we were... Can I say censored for suggesting that the Wuhan Lab of Virology could have been the origin of COVID-19? I mean, ignore the obvious. Don't look there. So, words emerge at the convergence of consciousness and culture. So you have some words that reflect the culture that was dominant when English was in formation. Multiple streams of consciousness coming in to one body of communication called English, but evidently sounding very different depending on what Shire you came from, because of all the conquerors of this little island, and all those people that were conquered by the seafaring people from England. So, many, many languages. 

And, I learned once that the first English printer, I think, in the 16th century, or 15th, William Caxton said that speakers of English are as if living under the domination of the moon. And, what he evidently meant was because it was so malleable and so different from one place to the next, but all of us in a certain sense, are living under the domination of the moon.. Its electromagnetic pull on the tides and on the tides of our own body affect us all. 

So I believe, because this language is the global language, and it is filled with the symbols and sounds that are conveying all sorts of messages that mostly escape unnoticed, and that we can look upon it as software and the leading software of the Western mind, and collectively, creatively, upgraded to a freer frequency, and thereby, turn the tide on the global sea of consciousness, S-E-E. If you look at the word, and you simply add the letter L, the sound of which is an abbreviated form of God in Hebrew, you see that the word creates the world. And we have the power of the word on the tip of our tongue, and fingers. We can get very creative, we can open to those freer frequencies with the intention of being gifted with semantic revelations, in which we find once we recognize the messages in words, and we contribute new words that can inspire higher consciousness.

AUBREY: So for those of you who heard my opening speech at the stage here at Arkadia, I talked about the word compersion. That word was actually brought down from the field, didn't come from any etymology. They used the [inaudible 24:00] community, group of women used the Ouija board to actually find a word for feeling pleasure for somebody else's pleasure. And it was in the context of a polyamorous community where they were feeling pleasure for their lovers having pleasure. They were in the desire field. They desired the desire of another, and they were able to ride that wave. And then, listening to you talk, I think about that word that was downloaded, let's just assume that it was downloaded in a pure frequency from the world, from the source field itself. This is the word that we want to birth into the spelling of language. But what is that word? Cum-per-zen. 

So, cum, we know what that is, per, you know... These are words for pleasure. It's the ecstatic, it's the ecstatic moment of opening. And then it's the purring, gentle pleasure of like a snuggle. Then one thing that I've found about this particular sound, and this came to me in a very, kind of deep, deep journey moment, is the word... That sound like wizard, when you make that sound, it's a magical tone. And, that's altering the alchemical nature of some... It's like altering the frequency. So, to me, I could analyze this word with a little poetic license based upon this and say... And it's an act of magic. The act of magic is to allow yourself to experience that ecstatic moment with the purring pleasure of a cat, but recognizing the alchemy, that it requires a wizard to do it.

 LAUREL: I completely agree. And, then I want to put myself in Gina's position and say, would you feel compersion if you were sharing your wife?

 AUBREY: Well, you ask that, and I happened to be an individual who's been in a polyamorous relationship with a partner for eight years prior to my wife. And, I was occasionally the caliber of wizard, that could feel the compersion. Occasionally, occasionally, but it was hard It required a higher level of wizardry, of higher level of magic than I was fully capable of. But I was able at my best to be the wizard that could step inside and feel that compersion. So it is possible, but I'm not saying it's easy. 

LAUREL: Well, I asked that because I listened several days ago to part of a conference that included Jordan Peterson, and a couple of women. I don't remember their names or their books. But one was talking about the sexual revolution, which was in my era, in the 60s in Berkeley. She described it as the first step in the transgender transhumanist movement, and that the pill supposedly liberated women from pregnancy to be as free as men to enjoy sex. And yet it kind of goes against a woman's nature, or many women's nature to be so cavalier about sex, to have it be simply about friction and momentary pleasure. And, she described a man who was experimenting with his beloved, and he entering a polyamory and while she was with a man, he was vomiting in the bathroom. That it really is contrary to our nature in asking us to be other than how we are built. So anyway, I haven't explored it further, but...

AUBREY: Well, I think there's other ways that you could look at it. That's, I respect that principle of thought. And I think that is certainly part of culture. But it's actually false to say that that's the part of everyone's nature. Because there are many tribes. If you read Dr. Chris Ryan's book, "Sex at Dawn" there's many tribes that had different cultures and customs. One of the tribes was the Himba tribe. These were people who grew up on the land unconquered, they didn't have ideas implanted. They self-generated this idea. And the idea was that the men would go out on long ranges of grazing their animals, and the women would stay behind in the village. The men would take turns, and there would be one man with a village full of women. That man would sleep with all the women in the village while the other men were gone. And then they raised whatever child came from that not by a genetic determination, but because everything was about the tribe, and they were going to share everything anyways. It didn't matter so much. 

But this idea of heredity is very important. If you're passing land and title and wealth, you need to know whose genes it is, you need to know what name is going to make you a lord. And whether you're a bastard, or someone who can't carry the name, can't carry the title, can't carry the inheritance. So there are elements of culture that I think are both natural, because certain monogamous patterns have arisen naturally, but certain other patterns have also arisen naturally. Like the Eskimo people, which is where we get the term Eskimo brother. Why do we have the term Eskimo brother? That's somebody who you've also shared sexual relations with. We get that because the Eskimo chiefs when there was another neighboring chief or a noble honored guest, they would offer their wife to sleep with the chief or the guest of honor that they wanted to honor, and that was part of the culture. 

In certain Tahitian cultures, they would have different lovemaking rituals that would happen as part of a healing process. So, that thing which could be reduced to just friction can also be up leveled to an access to magic. And so, somebody who was sick would have the young people come and make love around them, creating a field of Eros, a field of magic that would actually enliven and awaken the life force of the person who is sick. So, there are many different examples of how some of it can be said as natural, and some of it could be said as ingrained by cultural structures. So, just want to offer that I respect all of those different opinions, but there's a diverse application of understanding.

LAUREL: Clearly, I'm out of my native territory here. Anyway, on to other things. Okay, let's see where to go from here. Hers was... Anyway, never mind. Let me just go within and see where we, I want to take this. 

AUBREY: I think a good just kind of starting, if you'll permit me to kind of navigate us into some other territory. I think what we've illuminated is that there are certain individual stories or perspectives that seem when somebody's presenting them as like, oh, yeah, that makes sense. That makes total sense. But if you can actually adopt different frames, then you can see different possibilities and different stories that could develop. And, there's many levels of basically meta programming that exists. Some of it is in the language, some of it is in also, the stories and the structure and the origin of why these structures exist. So, really, from the largest point of view, what we're saying here is to understand the coding, we're all subjects to the coding of our language, the coding of our stories, coding of all this. What is native, what is inborn, what is coded, is also a question of worthy inquiry. Is this true, in my body true all the way, or is this part of my coding and conditioning? And, I think we're at a time now where we need to build a new story that involves and includes a lot of different perspectives, allows us to bring awareness to our coding, both in language and in story and see these processes, and say, okay, I see these processes. Do I want to live a different story? Do I want to practice new coding? Or, do I like the coding and the stories that exist? And can I, am I capable of transcending my coding? 

I said, I was in it for eight years, barely at my best. I mean, I could think about the Himba all the time, didn't mean that I could do it. No, it was very difficult for me to actually change the coding, as of what has been imprinted in me. But the process of changing the coding is something that I think globally, we need to change our coding and our structure. That doesn't just apply to relationships, it applies to everything. We have to become aware of the coding and the structure, and then decide, all right, what do we want to change? And how could we possibly change it? 

LAUREL: Absolutely, thank you. So, what I discovered from a lifetime of playing with words is that there is a meta story in the English language that reflects the cultural consciousness from which it emerged. And, English has become the global language. So I'd like to share my word magic global anthem, which is called taking command of the English language. All of us are instruments of powerful forces and of divine resources, of which we have only the barest, if any, awareness. And language as the conveyor of consciousness and culture is one such force, yet its course responds to our own dictation. And many lives have been transformed through optimistic affirmations. So, though the mystery of the word is beyond our can, its power rests upon the tongue of nearly every human citizen of planet Earth. This means that we collectively can give the English language new life through rebirth. With high intention, and heightened sensitivity to the electrifying activity of creative intelligence, we can amplify a receptivity to the eloquence of an air born language, of elevating metaphor, never as yet heard before that will enable us to write a new our Genesis. 

As these uplifting words and metaphors emerge, each succulent syllable may well coalesce to express new combinations of sounds and sense. That per in a life once rife with strife into the fulfillment of God's highest intention. Or, as we flow this sanguine language into this dimension, our every word and phrase will begin to take flesh and to manifest into a grand new world of our own awakened hearts sublime invention. I think back about how random acts of kindness helped deliver us from our blindness, and remind us of this sweetness that binds, refines and complete sense through our acts of spontaneous miscellaneous giving. And, how these acts simultaneously elevate our sense of what we call really living. Since generosity generates prosperity, when we give with an open heart, and true sincerity, the perfection of strangers expressing affection in every direction began with the collection of a few choice words that suddenly occurred to a single individual, and then stirred all others who heard it. 

To be the one to release the dove of peace on a wave of love that lifts us all above our usual sense of separation, must surely be the cause for an ongoing celebration. For it is certainly an experience that lifts us well beyond words, and beyond anything money could possibly buy. And yet it is free for all who wish to glorify God's living presence as our human essence, and thus to bless the best and the rest of us. 

But speaking of money, have you heard the exhilarating word, tourbillion? It means something resembling a whirlwind, or a firework that rises spirally. Ideally, we all could be tourbillionaires with worlds of words that swirl the world's next revolution. And, with a zillion, vermilion, tourbillions of word fire, we could inspire higher consciousness and grant our own absolution both through updated adages and divine locution that blows the mind free of its slavery to the inherent blasphemy that still thunders through this language, and now threatens to drag us under toward an ever more miserable, yet totally unnecessary destiny. For those so few of us will ever win the lottery. Every one of us could be the conduit for a lot of exotic vocabulary, and for catalytic mottos that turn on the world.

Can you even begin to imagine the cosmic voltage that will be released through our collective pyrotechnic linguistic revoltage? We could just about instantly blow out the circuitry on lies and hypocrisy. So, we might not yet need to hold the keys to the halls of power. Because the word is believed in many cultures, sparked the Big Bang. And since English is the language that has rebuilt Babel's Tower, we can begin to set the stage and to reduce the world's afflictions by speaking out in healing words that can fulfill divine predictions. For since the word is known to have more lasting impact than the sword, and we're created in the image and the likeness of the Lord, it must be our divine assignment to help create world realignment through a retuning of our language to bring hearts in to accord.

AUBREY: So good. So, so good. I saw a little post of a pastor somewhere. The pastor was explaining the word Yahweh, which is one of the first many words for God, and Yahweh did some strange fucked up things in the story. But nonetheless, let's just take the name of God as it is. He was expressing that it's actually the sound that we make when we breathe. Ya-wheh. And it was really interesting because as Matias de Stefano will say, spirituality is [inaudible 44:14] is breath. And, in the Hebrew Neshama is also breath and also soul. So, there's many different words and many different languages that are equating simply the act of breathing with divinity. And that breath itself, which is a symbol for life itself, that which is alive is that which breathes, that respiration, that breathing is actually the divine. And we have little clues that are pointing our way to say like, what is spirituality? What is the divine? What is God? And could it be as simple as God is in every single breath, every inhale, and every exhale. And every time we breathe, we're worshiping God. And the more consciously we breathe, the more conscious that prayer is to recognize the divine in as, and through all things. 

And so I thought it was a very powerful understanding of that, that coincides with many different things to recalibrate our notion of this judgmental father in the sky and saying, no, it's breath itself, it's life itself. You can't escape the worship of the Divine, lest you stop breathing. But as long as you're here, you're in the active worship of life, of God. And all the same God, everyone is worshipping the same God every time they breathe. And all of these battles, and all of these wars, because I have a different God than you and my God is the awesome God and your God isn't. And so, I'm going to fucking kill you. So crazy. But if we could get to that universal understanding, like it's okay, if you have your ideas, these ideas that you want to project on a figure, which is usually a projection of our own judgmental nature of our own mind. But whatever, if you want to make that your God, that's fine, but just remember, we're all worshiping the same God and that God is called life and we say the God's name every time we breathe in and breathe out.

LAUREL: Here's a little poem that sort of addresses that. Thank you so much. I mean, we're like fish waking up to the fact that we're swimming in water. Said something?

AUBREY: I was just laughing because he had the same demeanor as he did at about 12:30pm last night when he was watching Dr. Fresch. He's still got a little bit of the buzz going right now. That's our boy, Brett Pella. So I was just in amusement to watching my friend deliver you that coconut water. And I wanted to acknowledge my amusement by pointing to him.

LAUREL: Well, I'm grateful. Thank you. Thank you. So, when I was 20, I read in a book called "Phenomenon of Man" by Teilhard de Chardin that if there wasn't the impulse for union between cells, that love couldn't appear between us in harmonized form. So, love is the energy of synthesis throughout the universe. We are composed of it, we are woven of it, and I have... This is "Gifts of Presence" that is hot off the press. And, someone had asked me to write a piece, someone in the early 90s to write a piece about everything wrong with the world and to make it funny. So, I did and he printed it up in a little card that we sent to our clients, and the world has gotten progressively funnier. So, I thought it was high time to publish it and to make it accessible with AI illustrations. I did try two human artists first, but no one could do what this did. So, it brings it to life and I have that quote from Teilhard de Chardin in it. 

But what I wanted to share in response to all these different names of God, here's something I entertained myself with, that goes, in order for humanity to finally be at liberty, we must decide definitively to be or not to be. But within our answer to that question resides the fate to which we're destined. For free will states that by God's grace, we'll pronounce our own sentence on the human race. And since the options left are exaltation, or global excommunication, I thought it worthwhile to explore religious words and metaphor to understand and underscore what freezes our hearts and makes our spirits soar. I found that since stupendous suspensions of logic befog a more rational discourse on doctrine and dogma. It's apt that we call our religions persuasions, for that's what it takes on so many occasions, to adopt ideologies that make no apologies for taking verbatim metaphoric mythologies, whose practical parables and concrete symbologies virtually beg us to view heaven like Las Vegas.

Thus the pearly gates and many mansions represent our hearts and souls expansion. The glitter of the literal interpretation, so bewitching, that many people seek the Prophet, hoping it will be enriching. And I think perhaps I know the reason for such ungodly acts of treason. For when spirit crosses into the material dimension, it traverses through a mirror at the point of intersection, which reverses all appearances with absolute perfection, such that often we revere, not the divine, but its reflection. Most often, when we do not hear illusive echoes of intention, then our words with double meanings reinforce the false connection, thereby leaving us to wonder why our riches never satisfy.

AUBREY: What really struck me in that other beautiful run of gorgeous poetry that just flows out of you like an inexorable wellspring, you said the word profit and then you equated what heaven is to, like Las Vegas. There's this idea that there's going to be this moment whether it's a jackpot, or whether it's the profit, it's like we're always looking for that moment where we get paid in full, and we're looking for the profit. Well, the profit is going to come, profit is going to come and we're actually often just worshiping and waiting for that profit to come. I'm going to do this thing with this company, I'm going to win the lottery or the profit is going to come, and then make all of us profitable in our existence. And, I think we're all looking for the profit in the wrong places, because we're all absolutely abundantly wealthy in that which matters the most. We're just calculating the wrong thing. We're calculating what we think a profit is, knowing that we're already as rich as we could possibly be as long as we're drawing breath, as long as we can kiss our lover and hug our brother and taste the food, and make love and dance and sing and use our voices. We're so already full of wealth. But instead we've been trained to look for a profit somewhere else outside of us, when we're already as profitable as we'll ever be.

LAUREL: So, I turned success into an acronym, since everyone searches for success and could write it with, what is it? Three or four S's, dollar signs. So, my understanding of success is serving universally by contributing creatively to the evolution of the sacred in society. So, we are all successes, whether or not we have found the exchange rate between spiritual gold and monetary gold. We're on our way. And, speaking of S, my work is primarily known for the secret spells, but there are also sacred passwords. And there are the 26 letters of the alphabet, and subscribers to my website receive my free book of e, a book of alphabet alchemy. I think perhaps my... What can I say? 

One of my favorite poems is called "Esoterica" by Laurel, Erica, a definitive exegesis on the letter S inverse. And the joke is that an exegesis is usually an in depth analysis of a biblical passage. And this is an exegesis on a single letter of the alphabet. This single letter was excluded from alphabet, some alphabets in the past because it looks like the serpent and Satan. So, with your permission, I will have to do hand signals to be able to illustrate where some of the words change. I do have an animation on my Patreon page to see the whole poem but it goes this way. So much turns on the letter S, the serpent power we disavow that has the force to curse or bless, both to divest and to endow. S turns a he into a she, decides to be or not to be. For if the S did not exist, then I'll exit and be mist. S can make a sword of words, which is why we quake near William Shakespeare. And, something even more absurd, S makes the comic truly cosmic and even worse, makes cures a curse. 

The ancients thought the S was cursed since with one swipe, reversed. The [inaudible 57:21] go quite insane, well, potentates resigned their reign, yet still, they could not wipe S off the page. For S holds out the promise that with age, one may, one day turn sage. Our laughter turns to slaughter when we think we have something to defend. So clearly with more self-belief, we abrogate most forms of grief. We fear the S, that slippery snake whose cunning caused us to forsake the Word of God, and thus to take the chance that we might fall away. In essence, S has sourced our being, because God is, I am, you are. And S facilitates our seeing the smallest speck, the furthest star. The C, being mother of creation, thus seeds our sense of separation. So, S is at the start of sin. Some think it beckoned Satan in, since through the S, we all possess and by that standard gauge success. But those shadows do emerge from S, so does the sun and happiness, which seems to mean this serpentine insignias so sibylline that sour and sweet. Both sugar and salt are tossed upon it somersault till differences can't be distinguished yet. Nor can they become extinguished. 

S being special and essential is both profane and reverential. Its range of change is so prodigious. From sacrosanct to sacrilegious, S brings us saints and saboteurs. Our saviors and slaughterers. Espionage, [inaudible 01:00:14]. S makes our spirits soar, soar. So, serpents cannot cause damnation, for S assures us sweet salvation. For as a snake can shed its skin, so S can be, both yang and yin. Both Satan and Spirit, from hell to divinity, for S twist exactly halfway to infinity. Since S so clearly turns both ways, it means the choice is fully ours. We must decide for suicide our reach within to touch the stars. The letter S as sorcereress once we've decided no or yes, makes our decisions manifest. Though here too far we've been hell bent, the world is ours, for just a cent. For S is cosmic catalyst of instant metamorphosis, and with a sudden turn or twist can bring a thing's antithesis. 

S multiplies the loaves and fishes, feminizes with its switches and makes our lives far more delicious with sex and soul, our two great wishes. So let's reassess our estimation of this symbol for our transformation. And, let our prayers grow deep and fervent to turn the serpent into servant. Sit very still, breathe deep, unwind. Though serpents can't be left behind. As we awake, they climb our spine till we at last reach human kindness. 

AUBREY: Do you have one of those for every letter? Do you have one of those for every letter?

LAUREL: I have one for I, and I've written the book of E. But no, I leave the other 23 for all of you.

AUBREY: When I meet, you meet certain people who come from a certain language. And I think we touched on this in the prior podcast as well. But, I just can't help... I just met some, like [inaudible 01:04:12] people, and they were so full of life and vibrancy and the language carries that. It seems that as you meet a culture, the language fits the culture in such a profound way. And, those people who have access to different cultures and different language often carry such deep wisdom because they're able to have the blend, that kind of DaVinci effect of two sets of coding that they can actually utilize as well. 

Would you suggest that people become in many ways bilingual, not just to communicate to people who speak that language, but also as like a coding, the coding mechanism for your own mind? Like if you wanted to encode your own mind with more romance, perhaps you want to learn French, not just so you can go to Paris and talk to the waiters but just so that actually you can see the world through different sounds? Do you think that would be a worthwhile practice for people to undertake? 

LAUREL: Absolutely. The French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan said, to have two languages is to have two souls, because the word gives us our worldview. And, the more languages you speak, the more diverse your worldview, the more you can see through the programming, the veil of illusion created by a particular culture. So, absolutely. If you have time to invest yourself, or were blessed to be born into a family where several languages were spoken, and you learn them early on, that is a really wondrous thing. 

Years ago, I read a book by Diane Slattery called "Xenolinguistics: Language, Psychedelics and The Evolution of Consciousness" That's an approximation. I looked at the front of the book, were drawings by the wife of Alex Gray, Alison Gray. There are these glyphs that evidently one encounters when on mind altering substances. And they were the very sorts of glyphs that I started spontaneously writing when I was 17. And I would note take as more of a feeling nature. So, I myself speak only one language. I took French and I took French and Italian. I was never much of a student. I had too much else going on to really apply myself which I'm sorry to say, but I compensated by going into depth in English, because there's so much more than meets the eye and ear. Or actually, they do meet the eye and ear. We just primarily don't look at them. So, my primary education because I was not so interested in learning out of books, so I did some of that as well. But I just was educated by the English language. 

And, there are a category of words that I call sacred passwords. These are words that reflect our innate wisdom back to us. And for instance, a couple of those words have been seen and are frequently shared, which is disease, as dis-ease, and history as his-story. The victors telling of the tale rather than an actual accounting of events. And, there are actually, this quality of language, this feature, it's constantly echoing and reflecting us back to ourselves. So are there are many of these sacred passwords. One of them... Well, if there was lighting and we were equipped, everyone had pad and paper, if you wrote down eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, heart, and love, and started playing with those words, you would see how wordplay can turn a punster into a pundit. You become a wise philosopher just by seeing, for instance, that we have yes, in our eyes, which must mean we are meant to see for ourselves. And, see is another way of saying yes, in another language. So, it also puts our identity in the affirmative. 

And, it says to me that we are meant to say yes to life. But then we have no in our nose. It's like our self-contradictory nature is written on our faces. So we have yes in our eyes. Another word for eye, not only is C, which is what we do with our eyes. Another word for yes. But is aye. The ayes have it. So nose... So this is... Maybe I'm getting too far off course where you were going with your question.

AUBREY: You can't get off course, Laurel.

LAUREL: Okay. So, we have no in our nose, which to me says that you can't say yes to everything. We need discernment. Knowledge requires a nose for the news and to know when to say no. Another word for nose is nay, which is the French sound, nez, or nose. So, it's constantly echoing and reflecting us back to ourselves. I wrote a manuscript in 2005 called, "We Do Come With Instructions". And it's the ABCs of self-realization and the sub subtitle is an inveterate [inaudible 01:11:04] pneumology, which means an incurable punster anthology of adages. So, we have yes in our eyes, and no in our nose. I was so surprised to see that we had out in our mouths, but that settled the question immediately. Life is not about consumption. It's about expression. And in fact, consumption was the name of the wasting disease of the early 20th century or tuberculosis. And yet it is the by word of our economic prosperity, and we lowered in status from citizens to consumers. So, out in our mouth, in in our chin, and I can only conclude that so that we don't have our nose stuck in the air. 

And, we talk about a third eye, but there is obviously a third ear. And, if you just turn to your heart and you see that at its core is ear, then you say that our third ear is in our heart. And when we put our ear to the earth and listen to our heart, then we become an oracle or a soothsayer. And very conveniently, I must say, the chambers of the heart are oracles and ventricles, and the outer rim of the ear is also called an oracle. So, we are meant to be soothsayers.

And the fires of transformation fear sear, they turn us into seers. They consume the dross so that the true nature, the gold within us can come to the fore. And, I like the fact that the word crucifixion has fiction in it. Which to me says that every soul transcends its crucifixion. We are meant to go through the dying and rebirth process, which we are watching occur to the Empire that has gobbled up the globe, and is so intent on destruction. And as we choose, as the letter S suggests, whom we shall serve, the divine nature or the senses, then we come into our noble mettle. Mettle being a quality of mind and resilience in the face of the challenges. We are confronting that through our own nobility, no bull, we're true to ourselves, we live in integrity, because that's our shield. Then we can become those islands of coherence that spread around the globe

 AUBREY: If you're just out at like a café with somebody, having coffee with them, and you're just in conversation, do you just naturally slip into these...

LAUREL: That is my wondrous webmaster a man of many talents and trades named Shane Dieter of  Dieter designs. Beautiful, gorgeous man, married to a beautiful, gorgeous woman. And thank you for that chain.

 AUBREY: So, maybe you do, actually. You invited me to read something. And as I was reading through it, it was incredibly powerful as we move to a close and get ready for some beautiful sound healing vibrations from my wife Vylana, who when she's singing, she doesn't use typically English words. She uses sounds. And the sounds convey a message that's even more powerful, and affecting the brain in a way that is unbiased by the meanings that are associated with the words. I think that's one of the gifts that she offers is she's allowing herself to be a transmission of sound. So, we're all going to get to experience that here shortly. But I wanted to read this little piece that you wrote on [inaudible 01:16:23]. 

Here it is at your invitation and suggestion. Shot full of light, a vision of ascension. What if you couldn't do it right but you couldn't get it wrong? What if at this point everything works together for good no matter how messed up it appears in the moment? What if the magnetism for wholeness and holiness is now so strong that all the broken pieces are compelled to come together in a new configuration that inspires higher consciousness? What if hearts leapt into mouths and only truths and kindness could be spoken? What if a healing calm arose and flowed around the globe like gold and flower pollen through fear and separation were intended, though fear and separation were intended to be engendered? What if trust comes over us like a gentle yet persistent rain in the face of apparent disaster because of our supernatural awareness of a greater order of being now unfolding into expression, and each person becomes a pillar for an inner temple arising from the earth, and Eden preparedness spreads from soul to soul like blankets at a grand picnic. And, hallelujahs are heard from the throats of birds. And, outer structures of oppression fall like the thin plaster of a struck stage set. 

And, no one needs validation ever again for their existence since Mary is the mother of us all. And what if the desire to be of service in the world overtakes us with the urgency of sexual desire such that we are drawn to join together in the mutual pleasuring of loving kindness, extended and exchanged? And no one feels higher or lower, because everyone feels better and safer, having awakened to the presence of angels all around us. Then wisdom hits the ground running and walking, skipping and jumping. And we all take up arms to embrace each other, and hearts melt and fill the streets and alleyways with the fragrance akin to red cinnamon chocolate. And, so much love coheres together, that no one knows who's is whose, and we can't help but stir and spur all of those around us even though it's totally unnecessary, because each of us is blessed to be our own best, almost involuntarily, since we're all impressed with this same potent sacred energy that is giving birth through us to a wholly new creation. 

And because we all know we are a gift from source, we take exquisite pleasure in giving ourselves to others. Or, we recognize the faces that we see on perfect strangers as the ones we once beheld in the mirrors of our waking dream. Thus, everyone is pardoned for forgetting who they were to begin with, and for thinking they had to get for themselves, instead of giving of themselves to get to the deep well of wellness awaiting within us. And in beholding the precious, priceless treasures that we find in one another, we are instantly touched and transformed. Thus we speak in one voice with the inner sense that comes out of the mouth of babes. And sweetness is on the tip of every tongue. And then in a flash. We are shot full love light and wing.

What a beautiful, beautiful blessing that is, for all of us and for all of you who are gathered here to just also remember why we're here, what we're doing, what this new story looks like. It's a new story that includes everyone in the whole circle, and we're going to have to get there. Because the moment you draw that line, put somebody outside of the circle and you make them and other, then that other is going to go at war with this other, and we're constantly going to be in greater division with each other. So, thank you for this living invitation to understand our coding, understand our source, understand the truth, and understand how to navigate through this matrix and lead ourselves to that more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible. Our hearts know it's possible because we're listening, and we can hear the first four letters of the word heart. We can hear the more beautiful world, we know it to be true. 

That's why our hearts know it's possible because we hear the whisper, the [inaudible 01:21:52] as the Hebrew word is, the whisper saying there's something more, there's something possible. And you builders here are helping to build that. So, a deep bow to all of you, a deep bow to you, Laurel. It's always such an absolute delight to be in your presence. And I'm sure everybody here also experienced that deep delight.

All right, is there any passing thing, any final thing you would like to say? Or should we invite the healing sounds of Vylana after a nice luxurious restroom break that we all may need in our rehydration campaign.

LAUREL: Thank you for that invitation. Then I will just do a quick little anthem for our era called Speaking Beauty. We are godlings on this planet. Here because we all pre-planned it. Ghastly ghostly shadows damnit, now's our chance to Superman it. Lift your voices, re-enchant it. Freedom's codes are all semantic. Though we're small and sometimes frantic, souls are whole and all gigantic. These may be our darkest hours, yet each of us has superpowers. The infinite is in finite, which means we can turn on the light. All life's a dream, and we're the dreamers, though hate's streaming through this schemers. We're all here as world redeemers beaming peace. Where love supremers, so mages, sorcereresses, sages, artists of all sorts and ages share your gifts now. Be courageous. Daring actions are contagious. A diamond mind and heart of gold are gifts. The prophecies foretold for those uniting souls on earth by honoring each being's full worth. When we let go of againstness, we step into our immenseness. For the genesis of genius is the light we strike between us when we share the gifts with which we're blessed, to inspire higher consciousness. Then we'll gain what we've been dreaming of, the gift of everlasting love, the bliss of everlasting love. That kiss of everlasting love. Thank you. 

AUBREY: Thank you so much.

LAUREL: Thank you.

AUBREY: Thanks for tuning into this video. Make sure you hit Subscribe. Follow me at @AubreyMarcus. Check out the Aubrey Marcus Podcast available everywhere. And, leave a comment. Let me know if this video resonated or what else you would like to hear from me in the future. Thank you so much.