Whitney Miller (Miss Texas), Nick "The Ghost" Gonzalez, Aubrey Marcus | AMP #3

Whitney Miller (Miss Texas), Nick "The Ghost" Gonzalez, Aubrey Marcus | AMP #3

In our virgin video podcast we bring in professional fighter Nick "The Ghost" Gonzalez and Whitney Miller (Miss Texas) to discuss fighting, pageanting, and ultimately find the parallels between being 'in the zone' whatever your endeavor. The podcast closes with the game called 'The Cube', a great way to break the ice or learn about someone's subconscious psychology. Please follow our gracious guests @nicktheghost and @whitneymiller10 and look for them on TV! We are still improving our technical prowess, and I mean 'we' in the King Louis royal sense of the word, so bear with me!


  • My strawberriefield was the one at my late grandparents farm. I ate so many i peed  last time i was there.. And i was waaay to old for that to be ok. Before You told us what it ment i tought my self: I would do the exact same thing again cus strawberries are AWESOME!!!  Now how do interpret THAT? Do i even wanna know?? HAHAHA!!

  • Thanks brother!

  • Hey brother Good Stuff man.   I found your podcast through the quote at the top of your  page “We choose only once, to be warriors or ordinary…”  Castaneda.  I’ve read some of his books recently and your spirit feels similar in that adventurous ‘truth seeking’ kind of way.  Great podcast and I like the Cube game at the end, it really brings everyone together on that same deeper level but in a fun kind of way.  
    Keep it up brother nice work.


  • haha i don’t know, you’re gonna have to figure that one out. Thanks for the listen


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