What is the ‘Devil’? with Paul Chek | AMP #212

What is the ‘Devil’? with Paul Chek | AMP #212

Real-life Yoda and world-renowned kinesiologist Paul Chek returned to the podcast for a discussion that can only be labeled as “intense.” Not a moment was wasted before I asked him to help me understand the force of Resistance colloquially referred to as the “Devil”. This podcast might trigger a few of you, but I urge you to listen to the context of our discussion and mine the precious metals that lie beneath the Judeo-Christian construct.


  • So…… what a beautiful mind. Still listening.

    Eric Wolgamott
  • Mind blown.

  • Hi
    This was great show! I really enjoyed it. Are show notes available? There were several books that were mentioned that I would like to check out. Thanks

  • just wanted to send a vibe of gratitude for sharing your truths, its inspiring.

    chris ace
  • Amazing and insightful podcast. I am now following Paul to his blog and website. As a Podcaster myself, I want to compliment Aubrey for doing fantastically well with the interview. Allowing your guest to completely express his thoughts and also inspiring him to go deeper in his expression. It is evident that you are close friends. All The Best to you.

    Big Al

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