Walking the Unconventional Path with Whitney Miller | AMP #54

Walking the Unconventional Path with Whitney Miller | AMP #54

In a 'tell almost all' podcast with my partner, Whitney Miller, we discuss the trials and tribulations of the path to greater consciousness, before turning the discussion to the nature of our unconventional relationship.

Show Notes

Whitney Miller @Miss2Jits Sedona Goddess Empowerment Retreat AMP with Nicolas Gregoriades Book Review u2022 The Mastery of Love Truthgasms - Coming Very Very Soon

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  • Whitney, what are your thoughts and have u ever had sex with black men? Some women are against interracial hookups/relationships in the part of the country you’ll and myself are from, just getting your thoughts.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. I love you both, but this podcast was such a tease! Please give us a part 2! What are the guidelines of your altruistic relationship? How do you know if its the other person’s higher self that wants to be with other people or their insecurity and desire for affirmation or desire for novelty? Aubrey, how do you know that being intimate with other women serves your highest purpose? How does being physically intimate with many partners benefit you over directing your energy to one woman? Could you tell us more about how fidelity and monogamy are not opposed? What would be specific situations in which fidelity would alter your behavior considering you maintain other relationships? This was very confusing. It sounded like you’re going to “Hang out” with other girls- this seems to imply non-monogamy, but then you mentioned trusting your girl not to suck dick- are you allowed to play around while she isn’t? What is that “rock” on which your relationship is built? Just honesty, or something more? Could you both discuss more of the traps the ego sets for you when you have an unconventional relationship? Whitney mentioned one, but what about you, Aubrey? Sorry to be nosey, but this is so interesting and relevant to my life. I’ve read David Deida’s Way of the Superior Man and love his approach to deciphering if being with one partner or multiple partners serves your life’s purpose, but I’d love to hear your take on it. Nothing but love for you both.

  • This was awesome! Did I miss the link to truthgasms?

    LeeAnn Costa
  • Thanks for the heart and the honesty Aubrey! great podcast!!

    Christian Laney-Clark
  • this was epic AF what can I say , powerful AF !


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