Turning Resistance to Assistance with Ryan Holiday | AMP #53

Turning Resistance to Assistance with Ryan Holiday | AMP #53

For the very first Aubrey Marcus Podcast I get to hang out with bestselling author and fellow philosopher @RyanHoliday. We talk about his book The Obstacle Is the Way (review here) and the modern applications of both stoicism and epicureanism.

Show Notes

Ryan Holiday - Meditations on Strategy and Life The Obstacle is the Way Product Hunt Book Club: The Obstacle is the Way Reagan Notes Meditations The Inner Citadel Medication, Masturbation, or Mastication Create Your Own Religion Hacking Self Worth

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  • That was great to listen to. I wish I could hate. There was one thing that I disagreed with, that’s probably Duncan Trussell got me in a mood haha. Live ya keep rolling out new products

    Corbin James Simonsen
  • Congrats on the first podcast Aubrey! Good dialog. Ryan Holiday is the man. Definitely a message I needed to hear today.

    That Jason Ellis podcast weirded me out so much I had to take a break from your stuff. Fucking pink elephants! But jerking clits was cool.

    I bought some soap from Onnit. Can’t wait to try the edible deodorant.

    Ben Peterson
  • Good stuff. Keep it up!

    Ruggit Lugnt
  • Just curious, why did you change the name of the podcast?

    Nicole Marie
  • look great today.

    FFXIV PS Powerleveling

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