Truth and Responsibility with Dr. Jordan Peterson | AMP #155

Truth and Responsibility with Dr. Jordan Peterson | AMP #155

The people asked and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson answered! This long-anticipated conversation with one of the brightest minds in the field of psychology did not disappoint. With razor sharp logic, the oddly notorious Dr. Peterson wastes no time cutting right to the truth of the stories told by society, and more importantly, the stories we tell ourselves. In this wide ranging discussion we discuss the themes of responsibility and redemption and how it is never too late to save the world--Starting with yourself first.


  • Been listening rather intently for several weeks now to Dr. Peterson. Believe I’m on a mental drug, cannot seem to get enough. It’s been close to 15 years since I decided to take responsibility for life and not blame everyone else. Not fun at all but my mind is much calmer now. Hope his patience and concern for people lasts.

    Chris Loveless
  • Why would a question be created if there were no possible answer? I believe that if it is asked ,it can also be answered. No matter how abstract

    Loredana marenzi
  • WTF….let me off this ride…someone better cut a check.

  • Jordan I been saying almost everything your saying since 1972. Yea. I never asked anybody anything. You realy should talk to me. I know what you need. Did your dad fart a lot or was farting taboo My dad was fucken brilliant. And he knew a father has to fart like it’s ok. Just jet it go. Ok. Your a shrink

    Norman Buick
  • I found this to be truly evocative and helpful beyond measure… It also offers great wisdom on how to make peace with our own personal mission. Thank you so much for your work in the world and being courageous enough to deliver it selflessly!

    Debo Viapiana Ricci

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