Today Is a Good Day to Die with Nahko | AMP #203

Today Is a Good Day to Die with Nahko | AMP #203

This podcast has been a long time coming… It was originally supposed to happen on August 11th, but the Universe had other plans for me that day. I was in a near-fatal car accident on the way to the podcast, and Nahko showed up at my house to help heal me with his music. Amazingly, that was not the first time where life was riding a thin line, and Nahko appeared to provide balance. This podcast is a unique experience of painful reflection, personal hope, and the alchemy of music. His art is inspiring, and I feel blessed to weave it with my words on this special live podcast. Enjoy.

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  • During this podcast, near 1:15:45 on the Youtube version, you both said something similar to “Hoka hey”. It sounded like “heyo” and I was just wondering what that means. This podcast reminded me how important love truly is and I cried near the end. The tears were not of sadness, nor regret but of pure bliss. Almost like I’ve had so much pressure built up inside of my core and saying the words out loud “I have come as Love. I am Love” let it all out as if it was a dam being overfilled until the thick concrete gave out and the water was free. Thank you.

    Ashton Ankney

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