Today Is A Good Day To Die with Dr. Dan Engle | AMP #52

Today Is A Good Day To Die with Dr. Dan Engle | AMP #52

In this podcast with Dr. Dan Engle we talk about the challenges with the pharmaceutical-driven medical system, and the potential for psychedelic medicine to play a keystone role in the paradigm shift. Lastly we ask the question, what does it mean to live the way of the Lakota warrior? With Hoka Hey "Today Is A Good Day to Die" on your breath?


  • Dear Dr. Dan, Hoka Hey actually means…Lets Go! Me anpetu kin Mat’e kin waste ktelo, means, this day I die – it is good. Getting out of your comfort zone and meeting life for life and light and love and liberty.

    Boyd Lochbow
  • Will be adding today. Sorry amigo :)

    Rabah Rahil
  • So where’s the show notes???

  • I’ve been struggling with some fairly serious health problems lately and for the past month or so have lost the inspiration to live a healthy live. After listening to this episode I feel I can no longer avoid my love of studying consciousness and living a healthy life. This episode really spoke to me. I must be the best me I can be, no matter what medical (or other) problems arise. Thank you Aubrey and thank you Dr. Dan. I’ve got so much love for both of you. I think it’s high time I do the Aubrey Marcus Total Human Cleanse. Great way to get back on the path to healthy, positive living. Much love, today is a good day to die!

    Étienne Gauthier

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