Crisis, Empathy, and Growth with Tim Ferriss | AMP #171

Crisis, Empathy, and Growth with Tim Ferriss | AMP #171

Fresh out of Burning Man, both Tim Ferriss and I compare our experiences. His: volunteering at Zendo, organization for Psychedelic Harm Reduction. Mine navigating new layers of self and truth on a mission to heal myself after a series of recent challenges. It was a pleasure to sit down with Tim and have this incredibly memorable chat.


  • Listen was awesome to listen to having just got back from working with the zendo project at envison in Costa Rica

    Patrick hogan
  • Love, Love, Loved the interview. I wouldn’t say interview, it was a well rounded and focused conversation with ease and valuable information. Thanks Aubrey and Tim.

    Suganthi Manickam
  • Hi Aubrey and Tim
    I have been listening to the fantastically inspiring Tim Ferriss Show podcasts for some months now and had listened to Aubrey’s interview which was really interesting, refreshing and inspiring. The discussion in this ‘Crisis, Empathy, and Growth with Tim Ferriss’ video is further exploration of some interesting and very important issues within a context I know very little about (I have no knowledge of Burning Man and very little about psychedelics) but there are some very insightful comments made by yourself and Tim which are appreciated. I love the openness and vulnerability expressed by you both. It is a wonderful thing to have such content freely available on the internet. So many people are on this type of journey and struggling with their own issues of self-acceptance and challenges relating to conditions of self-worth. The frankness with which you both speak is hugely valuable and I am sure many people will find something in this discussion to inspire development, as can be said for all the Tim Ferris interviews and podcasts. My personal favourite moments occur after the question asked at 1:00:15. Thank you for sharing. With love from Monica (Andover, UK) xx


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