The Wild Woman and The Wild Man with Christine Hassler | AMP #176

The Wild Woman and The Wild Man with Christine Hassler | AMP #176

What does it mean to be a wild woman and a wild man? What is the archetype that can help us understand our own wild nature? This is one of my favorite podcasts of all time, with Best-Selling Author, and Transformation Coach, Christine Hassler. We explore the dichotomy of masculine and feminine, relationships, and the wild that dwells in each of us.


  • These poems spoke to me.. they also confirmed that my lover and I have an amazing relationship and how lucky we are to have found each other. Thank you, Aubrey, for making me realize and embrace the vigor and blood curdling passion for the life we are building together! Grrrrr….

  • I cried listening to both those poems. The feminine because it spoke to my heart and stirred a primal longing to be loved when I dare to show my harder side. The masculine because my heart broke for the men that feel they cannot express themselves honestly either. It seems we are in a similar situation and we are rarely aware of it or not willing to admit it. I need to read those over and over again!

  • I absolutely loved this podcast! I would really love to read those poems and keep them in my thinking journal so I can enjoy them over and over again! Hook a sister up!

    Krystal Kave

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