The Wild Man & Wild Woman with Christine Hassler | AMP #57


  • Amazing….is there a place to get a printed version of both Wild Woman And Wildman pieces?

    Michelle Tommasi - art
  • Beautiful. It was awesome hearing two open souls share their insights. Consciously planning and going into a union with someone is new territory for many and open’s a host of exciting possibilities. Thanks for sharing Aubrey, you are a leader and an inspiration brother.

    Hayden Gladstone
  • She wanted the D

  • Secondly I like what you both touched on as far as purpose, and the significance of that in relationships and specifically between man and woman. For sure each couple will have their own special purpose related to the forces that brought them together, but I also agree we all share a similar purpose, and it’s perhaps more obvious than it seems at first, but it would procreation. The unifying of 2 life forces, 2 dualities, merging the best qualities of both through the beautiful force of love and commitment, into one and passing all that you’ve gained and experienced to create a better tomorrow through a new life form. Maybe not all people will have offspring or were meant to have offspring, but we all do at least share a purpose of offering our unique and special gifts, whatever it is we were given to share and offer to the world, through our own unique being and experience to contribute to a greater whole, a greater vision and existence that we are all apart of. Everything that we are surrounded by, all the human-made inventions and advancements are all due to each individuals contribution to society, to humanity, to the world at large, and it passes on, something much greater than any one individual. Inventors come to mind, such as Tesla, for their work, their purpose, changed the course of humanity, and we all do, in whatever small or great way that is. But it all comes down to purpose and finding that purpose and what you can contribute to this great work. I believe the best way to tap into those frequencies, vibrations and energies which will be conducive to finding, identifying and manifesting purpose is through the merging of the 2 great forces of duality in our universe that are masculinity and femininity. This is the great purpose of all of us. We are born out of it and it is the part of us that will live on in this world after we die, through our offspring or through the ripples of our water drop(s) which is our unique purpose (or purposes). That is the nature of our world and our existence in it, in my humble opinion. Thank you again for the podcast and for your work and efforts. God bless.

    Paul Stuart Jr.
  • Awesome topic and discussion Christine and Aubrey, excellent work here, thank you. I’m on my second listen and I’d like to offer some thoughts. Firstly I think you would both find a lot of usefulness and appreciation in the interpretation of the masculine and feminine forces as described through the Kabbalah Tree of Life. I’m not a practicing Kabbalist myself, but I have found it to be undeniably useful in the way the mind processes and identifies all the the forces and factors in our universe, at it’s most abstract levels, including the most vivid and constant archetypes. This link may be a good starting point, it’s the best thing I could find in doing a quick search relateable to this topic . If you’re not familiar with the Tree of Life glyph, please do yourself a favor and do some research on it! It’s extremely powerful and some believe it’s been around in some form or fashion since the creation of the universe, it is the heart of all mystery schools that have ever existed and I would say it’s a way of understanding the “blueprint” of the Divine Architect, whatever that means to you.

    Paul Stuart Jr.

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