The Revolution of Reunion w/ Charles Eisenstein | AMP #339

The Revolution of Reunion w/ Charles Eisenstein | AMP #339

We are in the midst of powerful and unprecedented times. In this epic sequel to my favorite podcast of all time, Charles and I map out how to embody the revolution of reunion that we are currently undergoing. A reunion of people with each other, their culture, their governments, and the Earth. But sometimes before things get better, the old structures must dissolve. One of the highlights of this episode was the discussion about the first moment that Americans lost trust in our government, and how the poison pill of this tragedy has metastasized in our collective psyche. And of course, how the courage of community can help to drive out the poison of institutionalized manipulation. This is an episode you do not want to miss.

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  • Wow, thank you for your conversation. “Courage is a function of community.” There are so many gems throughout your words and clear love and respect for one another. As someone who knows I’m in my best life when serving Sacred Life from my most joyful creative expression, your wisdom, insights, and generous heart supports me to know that we are most definitely not alone. Each of us is an expression of this Sacred Fire, and so many of us are recognizing this, or recognizing this anew. This is the heart of our nature as HumanKind. Está bien! Thank you.


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