The Return of Paul Chek | AMP #152

The Return of Paul Chek | AMP #152

A few months ago Paul Chek stopped by the AMP to blow our faces off. We discussed the self, the ego, the soul, and God and we only scratched the surface! This time philosopher, healer, and all around badass Paul Chek returns to dive even deeper into concepts of self-knowledge, resistance, being happy, and our collective consciousness.


  • Great podcast. It’s always a pleasure listening to you and Paul. Keep up the good work.

    Imran Sarfaraz
  • Wise af! Thankyou!

    David Bernier
  • Interesting talk. I really appreciated listening to Paul Check. Particularly because he didn’t swear. He knows how to use language effectively to express himself without using profanity. Somehow the modern man sadly seems to think it is necessary or cool to use swearing to be heard.

    Glenda Lamaro

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