The Purpose of Pain with Christine Hassler | AMP #156

The Purpose of Pain with Christine Hassler | AMP #156

Motivational speaker and powerhouse coach Christine Hassler returns to the AMP to open up about hitting her breaking point and what this challenging year has taught her. We also take a deeper dive on relationships, the balance between masculine and feminine, and the subconscious and conscious mind.


  • Thank you both for putting yourselves out there and opening up more possibilities for people to truly embody the fact that LOVE RULES, in every way, shape & form )’(

    Where can I read the two poems that you verbally sang in such brilliant harmony❓

    peace-IN, love-OUT & vice-VERSA, lanai

    beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL )’(
  • Hi Aubrey,
    Let’s publish your poetry this year for global distribution.
    Sharon Lampert
    Publisher World’s Only Full Service Publisher
  • Great podcast with great insights as always! Thanks Aubrey and Christine!

    David T.

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