The Perils and Promise of Medicine with Dr. Craig Koniver | AMP #146

The Perils and Promise of Medicine with Dr. Craig Koniver | AMP #146

Practicing MD and natural health expert Dr. Craig Koniver is one of the true thought leaders in human medicine. In one of my favorite AMP episodes of all time, we dismantle the prevalent model of medicine, talk about what really works, and explore the benefits of hormone replacement, the truth about cholesterol, and the conundrum of vaccines.


  • great podcast as usual man! got a question, hope you can clarify.
    i bought myself a bottle of nordic naturals, artic cod live oil and the I.U.s for vitamin A are 230-920.
    Dr. Koniver talked about 300,000 IU intake for 2 days then taper off to 150,000 and finally 75,000…
    something must be wrong, or i must be horrible at math because i dont think i could take 300 spoonfuls of the liquid. that would be 3 bottles for the initial 3 days! is that the case or did i catch it wrong as i heard it?
    thanks, andres

    andres camacho
  • If a cancer diagnosis is a wake up call, and the one thing that is helpful against all cancers is positivity, what would you do with a friend who got cancer and quickly got an all clear sign after a surgery, and went back to a SAD diet. If you say anything, you may stop the positive feelings, or nocebo effect. Would those benefits outweigh the benefits of diet/lifestyle changes. Power of mind or body?


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