The Love Story Of The Cosmos W/ Dr. Marc Gafni | AMP #353

By Aubrey Marcus March 16, 2022

The Love Story Of The Cosmos W/ Dr. Marc Gafni | AMP #353

When it was recommended that I do a podcast with Rabbi Dr. Marc Gafni, I knew nothing about him. I dove straight into his body of work and my life will never quite be the same. Without hyperbole, this is perhaps the most paradigm shifting podcast I have ever recorded. It tells the tale of the greatest love story of all–the story of the cosmo-erotic universe Herself. In this world-shifting masterclass, we learn how a force he calls Eros is the fundamental substrate of creation all the way down to the first principles of subatomic matter.


Gafni’s wisdom stretches back deep into the secrets of the Temple of Solomon and the mystic Kabbalist tradition. Our conversation touches a wide range of topics, including the nature of the Goddess, the democratization of enlightenment, and rewriting our sexual narratives.


I would be remiss if I did not mention that following the recording of this podcast, I became aware of claims against him that have populated the internet. In subsequent intimate conversations with him, and after checking out the sources that refute the claims here (including polygraphs and independent investigations) I can say that for what it is worth, I trust him. 


This note aside, this conversation is in every sense of the word, MIND BLOWING. For more from Gafni, check out his masterpiece of a book A Return To Eros.  



There is a cognitive bias that leads us to believe that in a situation like this ‘the truth is somewhere in the middle’, or ‘where there is smoke, there is fire’. And while this is sometimes the case, sometimes it is not. 

What I can say with certainty is that his wisdom is timeless and important for the healing of our world. No person should be “canceled” forever, especially without a fair forum to deploy evidence to refute claims that may be false or distorted. How we gather information and judge is the essence of our society. In light of this, we intend to discuss his personal story and associated meta-theory on a follow up podcast toward the end of the year. Until then, if you don’t wish to dive into the evidence yourself to make an informed judgment, perhaps afford yourself the gift of leaving an open question mark about the man, and receiving just his words without bias.