The Game of Life w/ Erick Godsey | AMP #169

The Game of Life w/ Erick Godsey | AMP #169

What was originally an idea for my first book, eventually became one of the longest and most potent AMP conversations ever. Erick Godsey and I take a journey through the quests of the ultimate video game: the Game of Life. We share tips, secret weapons, stories of our personal experiences, and keys to beating the bosses and leveling up in every arena on the way to personal fulfillment.

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  • Your marketing team is the freaking dopest. Nice work. You are seen.

    The amount of content that y’all are creating out of Mr. Marcus’ brain there is intense. He’s already a creative force to be reckoned with, but you are bringing it into form. Manifesting the ideas into tangible, bite sized bits. I love it. I also love high quality YA fiction (vulnerable?) and AM’s style has a bit of that hero and his dragon on mighty quests to free the numblings… And the podcast – I mean!!! Y’all are loving it all back into being. Hei!

  • Not sure how I ended up here but that was awesome. I’m not even a gamer but everything was relatable. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  • huge AMP fan and this has to be one of my favourites. So on point and motivating, went away with some new knowledge and awareness. Feeling fired up to continue along the path. Thank you Aubrey and Erick!

  • This podcast is basically a super hack code field guide to life that is absolutely necessary for ones tool kit. One of the best AMP Podcasts yet. Aubrey, you’re a magical being, thank you for sharing your gift!

    Georgia Easter
  • Not a gamer. Not even a little bit. But the symbolism and analogies were spot on. The chemistry between the two make an awesome listen and this one of my favourite podcasts yet.


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