The Democratization of Enlightenment w/ Biet Simkin | AMP #396

The Democratization of Enlightenment w/ Biet Simkin | AMP #396

What does it mean to be enlightened? There are innumerable ancient and modern schools of thought around enlightenment, and Biet Simkin has developed a unique, easily comprehensible model for how to attain and sustain the enlightened state. In addition to living a wildly interesting and challenging life, Biet is a world-renowned Spiritual Teacher with clients including Russell Brand, a Best-Selling author, and musician who teaches practical applications of ancient spiritual wisdom. Biet has distilled, adapted, and synthesized her own model of enlightenment with practices stemming from the highly complex 4th Way teachings of Gurdjieff as well as a lifetime of spiritual study across numerous traditions. This conversation was an absolute treasure for me,
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  • Just listening to Secrets of the Fourth Way for the second time. You two are such menschen!
    First time I listened from an off center place, distracted and curious. Shallow enough for my old paradigm judgments to colour things. But also curious, as I have wondered about Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way and more for at least 40 years.
    Then a friend twenty years younger sent me the link after I’d watched once, and realized that I would need to watch again and listen, it turns out, with more soul.
    As it happens, I am about 55% Jewish, through my father and a great great grandfather on my mother’s side. Let me tell you, it’s a strange thing.
    These days I do Zikr with a small online group who are mostly located where I used to live.
    I can’t help wondering what you offer that would make your work more accessible to me, possibly once this house building project in the mountains has me living in the house.
    I feel a sort of disconnect sometimes between what previous generations, my generation, your generation, and the ones after perceive as spirituality and awakening… and, though I never met the man, I have always loved the writings and teachings of Chogyam Trungpa, who was a scandalous alcoholic and womanizer. It is a curious edge, or wave form between what we point to as spirituality, and to the yearnings of all kinds of obsessions and addictions. And just to be clear, I have been told by several trustworthy friends and counselors, that my addiction appears to be speech.
    With respect, Josey


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