Stories of Life Fully Lived with Matthew McConaughey | AMP #287

Stories of Life Fully Lived with Matthew McConaughey | AMP #287

This is one of my all time favorite conversations. In person, on a podcast, anywhere, period. Rarely do I meet someone who similarly embodies the full throttle expression of our human birthright. Someone who has found spiritual resonance with a mountain lion during a peyote ceremony. Been arrested, naked, for playing his bongo drum at the tail end of a hedonistic bender. All the while being one of the most dedicated actors and inspirational speakers of our time.

Matthew McConaughey has been a guest on a lot of podcasts since his #1 bestselling book Green Lights, but having listened to all of them, I promise that this is a much different conversation than you will hear anywhere else.  McConaughey is a man that I admire, not just for his work, but for his character. And if you are a fan of his work, you’ll hear some stories about his preparation and performance for movies like Interstellar that will blow your mind. I can’t wait to share this epic podcast that touches mindset, spiritual growth, philosophy, and poetry. But more importantly, I’m just excited to let you in on a conversation amongst two men who share a cavalier smile and a lot of laughs. 


  • Listening to Matthew is definitely is motivational to me. He does have a way of pushing aside all the BS and getting to the heart of the matter. Weather you’re a dishwasher, actor or an occupational therapist on disability…….he is relatable.

    Sharon Devoti
  • Healing. Calming. Acceptance. Forgiveness.


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