Steven Kotler | The Most Addictive Performance Drug in The World: Flow | AMP #45

Steven Kotler | The Most Addictive Performance Drug in The World: Flow | AMP #45

Steven Kotler, bestselling author of The Rise of Superman, stops by to teach us how to get our fix of the most addictive drug in the world: Flow state. Being in the zone is estimated to improve performance by upwards of 500%. This podcast is full of hacks that include many of the triggers necessary to stimulate this much coveted brain state, and explains the risks and benefits of riding the cycle of flow.


  • I’ll never forget the time I caught my first wave. Seems to me this person had such a profound experience after having suffered so-o much, that it just kind of hit him like a lightning bolt; which is really cool, but I personally don’t like getting so technical about what puts a person into a natural state of “no mind” or flow where you’re just doing and not thinking. I personally have experienced this only after great lengths of practice or training. It takes a certain amount of dexterity to even get into a flow state while doing anything. Would he consider putting in 10,000 hours more/less a requisite to achieving a true flow state?

    Nik Fury
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    Søndagslæsning uge 6: - Bo S. Jacobsen
  • Hahhah, Kotler taking bong rips. about 18:10 and earlier too.

  • Fucking awesome to put it softly.. Thanks for this one Mr. Marcus. His new book “Bold” breaks down the 17 triggers, and it is super fucking awesome as well. Keep doing it big my friend.


    Mickey Johnston

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