After A Week In Darkness & Silence | AMP #243

After A Week In Darkness & Silence | AMP #243

I have experienced most of the plant medicines and transformative practices known to man and none have been as powerful and as pure as spending 6 days in absolute darkness and silence. In this podcast we flip the script and AMP Veteran Erick Godsey lead’s me through the story using the framework of the hero's journey. Adjectives fail to describe the gravity of what I encountered, from the incredible difficulty of grappling with my mind, to the unimaginable beauty of the emotions and visions. To synthesize my findings into a single mantra it would be: Love Yourself and Be Honest. Oh, and for anyone who thinks the brain doesn’t produce DMT endogenously in this state, since vivisection is not an option, I would challenge them to experience the darkness as an N=1 ;) If you’re interested in experiencing this medicine, this is the place that I went to:

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