SPECIAL Plant Medicine Solocast | AMP #34

SPECIAL Plant Medicine Solocast | AMP #34

In my first ever Solocast, I describe the intensely transformative medicine journeys of the last three months, including an errant foray into the world of Kambo, and the most challenging Ayahuasca journey of my life. This is the only place I intend to discuss these very personal experiences.


  • Very touching story. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Aubrey you are such an inspiration and it has been a true honour to be able to listen to your experiences these past years. I’m off to Peru on the 17th, hopefully then I will have my own story to tell.

  • Me too. See you both there!

  • The warrior’s heart beats as one heart.. thanks for going to the end and back for such deep wisdom, I was really in need of a strong dose. I look forward to hearing more from your whole tribe of heroes. Wishing you balance and strength my friend.

  • This shit blew my mind. Oddly enough, I almost felt a little worried about you over the last few weeks. To the point where it was good to hear your voice. I realize that probably sounds stalker, but it’s not — not yet, anyway. In any event, I do appreciate your work. And that you put it out there for everyone. It’s a well of inspiration. I draw upon it, for sure. What more could you ask of a person? He/she inspired.


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