Purpose & Accident on the Hero’s Path with David Rutherford | AMP #166

Purpose & Accident on the Hero’s Path with David Rutherford | AMP #166

Former Navy Seal and host of Team Never Quit podcast David Rutherford has a passion for life honed by the embrace of difficulty. On the heels of my own brush with death, we exchange personal tales and perspectives over the car accident, and our purpose in life.


  • Man my battles with owning the day are ongoing, but before I listened to you I didn’t even know what owning the day even was!!! Thank you

  • In the same week Mark Manson used A burrito as the object of explanation in universal truths and the difference between means and ends and took a centuries old philosophy and dumbed it down to the rest of society – Aubrey Marcus uses Super Mario Bros as a way to explain how to get stronger and find the positive after life throws you what most would perceive as a tragedy.

    Maybe the greatest week of podcasts in the history of this type of media. I absolutely love you two and you guys continually make my life better.

    How is brother supposed to run a blog about bettering your life when you two keep blasting shit out of the water?

    Keep the genius! Fantastic work!
    -chad peters

    Chad peters
  • Loved this podcast today! Thank you for sharing your experience with such genuine rawness. I don’t know too many people that would be looking at everything as “fun” after an accident like that. You are truly an extraordinary man with such an uplifting way of seeing life and the world. I’m so grateful to have found you and am so inspired by the important work you are doing! ❤️

    Dana Derrick

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