Purification and Presence with Jay Shetty | AMP #165

Purification and Presence with Jay Shetty | AMP #165

Media sensation Jay Shetty detoured from a career in business to pursue a path of service as a monk. After three years in robes, he made it his mission to share his discoveries on the largest scale possible. We discuss many of them in this episode, as we ping pong our revelations and practices for cultivating balance, emotional awareness, and healthier communication.


  • You cats clear illustrate the notion that learning and receiving knowledge can and should be fun! Thank you.😎

    Herb Thompson
  • I have three adult children. They are my God’s gift. My husband and I have devoted our life to them and I’ve tried to teach them responsibility, kindness and gratefulness. They are good and well educated kids; however, they are very entitled. My greatest fear is that they will have to experience tragedy to find gratefulness, kindness and eventually responsibility. What did I do wrong?

    Mary Zimmerman
  • Always great

    Peter Poggi
  • Hello Jay Shetty I want to know about how can we feel God inside us?

    Jasmeet Kaur
  • Why doesn’t this podcast have the regular listen/download link?


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