Psychedelic Music Technology with East Forest & Jon Hopkins | AMP #334

Psychedelic Music Technology with East Forest & Jon Hopkins | AMP #334

Jon Hopkins and East Forest are the uncrowned kings of a new music genre specifically intended for ceremonial guidance. Fresh off an epic ceremony concert in Austin, we discuss how music is a technology that is intrinsic to creating an optimal psychedelic ceremony. This goes back to the early days of the icaros and medicine songs of the elders, and has now been translated with mastery into the digital era. We get into the nitty gritty of what this music is offering to the collective in a time its most desperately needed, and we also look ahead to the potential advancements that can come to this art form. Jon shares his DMT experiences that influenced the making of his "Music For Psychedelic Therapy" and all of the seen and unseen help we have when we bring our creations into the world. The music they've created have been invaluable resources for my journeys. They are true masters at their craft and I highly encourage all of you to check out their work.

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