Peru Medicine Journey Recap with Tribe: Part 1 | AMP #167

Peru Medicine Journey Recap with Tribe: Part 1 | AMP #167

I drop in with my tribal family Kyle Kingsbury and Caitlyn Howe to talk about our epic Huachuma Mesada medicine journey with Don Howard Lawler in Peru. Huachuma is the original form of psychedelic tea brewed from the San Pedro cactus. It was a challenging trip, concluded by partaking in a DMT snuff that is referred to simply as 'the sacred'. Anyone interested in plant medicine or spiritual transformation, this podcast is a gem.

Click here for Part 2 of the Peru Recap


  • Just want to say, I appreciate all your posts, poems, and podcasts! I’m holding space for you in the ether, always – hope you are healing quickly, and all the pesky things that bother you are clearing themselves out of your flow, brother.

    Cole in South Austin
  • I hope ur getting better. You look better. Good luck bro! I’ll listen to the podcast tomorrow. That will be cool :)


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