The Self, God, Love and the Soul with Paul Chek | AMP #128

The Self, God, Love and the Soul with Paul Chek | AMP #128

If you’re going to listen to one podcast that could change the way you look at everything, this is the one. Philosopher, healer, and world-renowned kinesiologist Paul Chek shares a lifetime of mastery as we dive deep into the most confounding queries of existence: The Self, God, Love and the Soul. Open your mind and your ears and enjoy one of my favorite podcasts of all time.


  • Very inspiring, thank you.

  • That was huge! One of the best most fascinating episodes I’ve heard, I actually can’t wait to listen to it again! Well done Aubrey! Thanks for advertising this one Instagram and doing what you can to share such a valuable message.

    Tino Beth
  • Wow, thank you so much for this truly remarkable conversation. You unpacked so much in such a short amount of time that it’s really astounding. The part that really broke through for me was when you discuss the ego and the shadow parts of ourselves and how we tend to perceive God as only Light and Good. I had one experience with the medicine a few years ago and my shadow self sat across from me the entire time, just waiting for me to allow it in. I was not ready then to experience that part of my self but after a lot of deep work this past year, I’m inviting it in to be integrated fully within myself. Accepting those parts of myself have been my most challenging work and this conversation really ignited something for me. I am in the deepest appreciation to you and to Paul.

  • I love everything that you do Aubrey and Aubrey’s peeps! this last podcast with Paul Check blew my mind and also validated a lot of self realizations. Much appreciation for you and your efforts to open minds. Thank you very much! I am new fan, started on Alpha Brain and New Mood…pretty sure I have a new brain now :)
    Gratitude and respect to you! Laila

  • Let’s breathe together rather than just exist. One of my favorite episodes thus far. Thank you!


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