My Dad Died: The Blessings Of The Father Pt 1 w/ Dr. Marc Gafni

By Aubrey Marcus March 30, 2023

My Dad Died: The Blessings Of The Father Pt 1 w/ Dr. Marc Gafni

On Saturday March 25, I discovered that my dad had died.

As the intimate universe would have it, the tender and powerful @marcgafni (a Rabbi turned cosmo-erotic humanist mystic) was with me when my father was discovered.

After four days of us sitting “shiva house” in mourning and celebration of the passing of my dad, I am utterly in awe. These days have been some of the most magical, miraculous, painful, and beautiful days of my life. This podcast may be the most important and vulnerable thing I have ever offered. It’s what Michael Phillip Marcus would have wanted. 

Marc and I have been combining all of our human tenderness with elements of our respective mastery to co-create an evolutionary week of mourning, celebration, and ceremony. While many aspects of the Hebrew shiva tradition have been maintained, the practice has been evolved and adapted for this unique situation to include shamanic medicine ceremonies and the psychotech of the Shabbat table.

Ultimately the purpose of this is to evoke the blessing of the father, and to assist him in his journey into wholeness in the life beyond life. And then to open source this process to the community and the world.

This live stream conversation with the Fit For Service community is both intensely personal and universal, raw, and refined. It is the highest blessing to my father, that his passing is bringing the deepest revealing connections with everyone who knew and loved him, and that hopefully these stories and the wisdom they contain will touch some of you.

I love you all very much 🤍

Rest In Purpose MPM 👑