Mitch Schultz (DMT: The Spirit Molecule) | AMP #6

Mitch Schultz (DMT: The Spirit Molecule) | AMP #6

In this 6th installment of the Warrior Poet Project, I talk with Mitch Schultz, the man responsible for bringing us the outstanding documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule. We waste no time getting into the details of the DMT experience and its cultural and interpersonal significance, drawing from personal experience and the many pioneers that Mitch has collaborated with. A fast paced and focused discussion, at one point we even have a debate on Kurzweil's ideas of the singularity, which gives me an opportunity to explain what I believe will be the true singularity. One of the best podcasts I have ever done to date, I look forward to your feedback. Please follow Mitch on Twitter @dmttsm, or on Once again a big thank you to Cory Allen @quietdesign for helping me with the first draft of the WPP intro jam.


  • amazing!!!

  • I feel like the type to try aya..  gf gone been bored seeking adventure.. Feels like the type of person who needs insight into myself. thats really the drive for cosumption It’s really being a seeker thats pushng towards prosperity. Small story of first and only use up to date tried it rubbed on paper smoked it…tasted like shit …… lol was outside and everything was fine i was up walking no abdominal pain headache nothing and I had some intense visual changes I know it was working bc at once bam everythin looked completetly geometically enhanced like i was a baby looking at the building blocks. really beautiful to me which is a humbleing experience.. Im inexperienced tho so idk if  or if aya or smoke is better.. i know there natural and organic to us thats my main concern get back @ me

  • Aubrey, How much do you know about Islam? Also why is it Islam has the most converts from every single country, Christians, Jews, Buddhists?

  • Thats awesome to hear. Did you see Orlando? He spoke very highly of the people coming to visit him. I’ll keep pushing, I’ll never stop. It’s what I’m here for ;)

  • Not sure if you saw but we got it up on soundcloud and are working on approvals from stitcher


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