Mitch Schultz | Huachuma/Diffusion of Psychedelic Medicine In Culture | AMP #38


  • Thanks so much for producing this documentary on Huachuma. I enjoyed sharing it with my family after having come back from the Mesada this past August. There is little to no information on Huachuma online, compared to the plethora of books and videos you can find about Ayahuasca. Having visited Spirit Quest and going through the ceremonies and sitting and talking to Don Howard, I can say you guys did an excellent job of capturing the vibe at Spirit Quest.

    Nik Fury
  • I really enjoyed the documentary. The videography was amazing. The music was perfect and the special effects in the beginning and at the end were so reminiscent of what you see in expanded awareness. The web of life.

    I watched it with one of my 8 year old daughters on my lap. At first she thought is was all about the medicine but I explained it is the power of intent that was the driver and the medicine is the gas in the engine. The intention came through very nicely, which is difficult because you can’t get a video camera in someones head.

    I liked how the documentary hinted at the angst, showed the joy and portrayed the gravity of the experience. Don Howard is very well spoken. I could listen to him for hours. How he came to his path would be another good documentary.

    I would have liked to hear a minute or two on the history of the Chavin people, like you did in the interview with Mitch. I also would enjoy hearing a little more of the visions of those journeying.

    All in all a great work I will be passing on to like minds. Well done to Aubrey, Mitch & team.

    Ben Peterson
  • .. yes!

    Anthony Vincent

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