Mikal Vega: A Navy Seal Takes On Post Traumatic Stress | AMP #46

Mikal Vega: A Navy Seal Takes On Post Traumatic Stress | AMP #46

Military veterans are committing suicide at a rate of over 22 soldiers every day. Mikal Vega is a retired Navy Seal veteran who treated his own post traumatic stress with a combination of yoga, breath work, floatation, and TBI recovery modalities. He now works with veterans across the nation with his organization VitalWarrior.org. We all have stress and trauma in our lives, and this podcast provides actionable advice on how to move past that and reach our creative potential.


  • Awesome podcast! Thanks Aubrey and Mikal! I’m definitely going to look into Kundalini yoga.

  • The body is the mind

  • Aubrey, great podcast! I’ve recently left my job working as the VA as a therapist and it’s great to see new models of treatment becoming more prevalent. The old methods of suppressing the symptom do not work! Not fully integrating the whole self in recovery does not work! As the case with Vital Warrior, most of these “alternative” treatments start out on the left coast and then spread east. I love your stuff, man. Keep it up.

    John Harrison
  • Fantastic podcast, thankyou Mikal and Aubrey for bringing this knowledge into my life. It is appreciated.

    Mike Cow

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