Psychedelic Medicine featuring MAPS founder Rick Doblin | AMP #20

Psychedelic Medicine featuring MAPS founder Rick Doblin | AMP #20

In this special 2 hour podcast I meet with MAPS founder and psychedelic science pioneer Rick Doblin along with one of the chief researchers Dr. Charles Grob. Our discussion ranges from their own personal history and how they came to be leaders in the field, to the wider applications and futures of psychedelic medicine.


  • paraphrasing…
    ‘the main determinant of someones opinion towards medical marijuana is whether that person knows a medical marijuana patient’.
    Can anybody help me find a source for this? It would be a great help to my research. :)

    Calvin P. LeSueur
  • Awesome stuff here. In regards to the tests they did on Serotonin depletion caused by MDMA… I love how the retarded government doesn’t show you how all of the SSRI’s or Benzodiazepines deplete your natural Serotonin and GABA production when taken long term. Where are those tests!? Big pharma is hiding everything. Talk to someone who tries to come off of these meds after years of use, they can’t function. The big pharma is creating prescription drug addicts yet they want to deprive us of medicines, drugs, and herbs that actually have healing power!


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