Maestro Hamilton Souther | Part 2 | AMP #48

Maestro Hamilton Souther | Part 2 | AMP #48

Having spent the evening in ceremony and conversation with Hamilton we are back with part 2. In this segment we go into his own journey to Truth, that lead him into the heart of the mystery itself. We close with a deeply moving meditation that sets the groundwork for the connection between the quantum and the self.


  • Haven’t had the pleasure of going to Peru, but if I do I will be going to Blue Morpho. I got so many insights from this second part during and after. Thank you!

    Jon B
  • […] Blue Morpho:  Named after the incredibly beautiful blue butterfly found in Peru, this is the center I will go to for the remainder of my ayahuasca journeys.  The reason for this has nothing to do with a butterfly, but everything to do with the man and the system that he has created.  Hamilton Souther, founder and Maestro, has innovated a way of creating a space that transcends the light and dark duality of traditional ayahuasca journeys.  It often times turns very hard work into play, while keeping all the transformative power.  Check out my recent podcasts with him for more:  WPP #47  and WPP #48. […]

    Consciousness Technology & Plant Medicine Journey FAQ | Aubrey Marcus
  • Great chat Aubery. Thanks for posting this.

    Hamilton’s a friend and I was with him on that maiden voyage night in LA where he shamanized cannibas for the first time. I talk about the life changing effect it had on me in a episode of the Psychedelic Salon here –

    Niles Heckman
  • My heart is beating insanely strong… My spirit makes me wanna “teletransport” my self to the jungle, or where Sacred teachings lets me be to learn…even though I know big part of this path is patience… Im there too.. Crystals teach me and a past life of mine is awaken in THIS era, mother earth is shouting for support and help in all the ways and forms… I thank you Aubrey so much for your work.
    I have a call that burns me from inside… I am in this path, and burn for this… I would love to have contact with Don Hamilton and maybe once connect in any way… in 2 weeks im in latinoamerica (with no time to return) doing what my spirits guts are telling me to do….but would LOVE some recommendations of people to visit. Because i need the right people… Light and Love… heart to heart, Yasmin

    Yasmin Avalo

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