Maestro Hamilton Souther | Part 1 | AMP #47

Maestro Hamilton Souther | Part 1 | AMP #47

Every once in a while an individual comes along and changes the game. Whether it is a sport, profession, cause--things are irrevocably altered after they make their appearance. Hamilton Souther, an ayahuasca shaman in his prime, is doing just that for the realm of the spirit. In part 1 we get to know each other a bit, letting the cosmic dance unfold as we explore the most important topics for humanity.


  • Thank you I really enjoyed these conversations between Aubrey and Hamiton. Insight comes through experience I hope my time with aya will come soon. Light sound vibration

  • Thx Aubrey for sharing Maestro Hamilton Souther’s story and background on his path to this point. I’m currently on a short list for a Netflix documentary for ptsd vets to travel to Peru this year to experience ayahuasca. My wife of 20yrs has no understanding of this plant medicine and how it can possibly heal and/or offer acceptance of my trauma. She wants me to back out and is proving to be a source of conflict anytime the subject is brought up. She want watch any documentaries and hasn’t listened to any podcasts to date. I’m sending this one for her to listen, so again thank you for making this available! Wish me luck, the vine is constantly calling me…I need to experience this…

  • I never understood how some people do psychedelics hundreds and hundreds of times. After several experiences you’d have to think one to be neurotic to not just be able to live now, happy, in the present without always needing drugs…The fact that people do psychedelics hundreds of times is testament to how the experience is personal and entirely psychological.

    Clever Fella
  • Wow! That was an interesting conversation. Thank you so much for making this available for everyone.

    Andreas Larsson
  • I knew Hamilton. He’s about as far away from neurotic as one can get.

    Hamilton’s apprentice helped me out a lot. I’ve noticed the positive change in the apprentice over time. In the words of the apprentice, he was doing it to cure his insanity.


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