Kevin Johnson of Zero Gravity Institute | AMP #22

Kevin Johnson of Zero Gravity Institute | AMP #22

In this first podcast back from a long hiatus, I talk with float master Kevin Johnson, owner and creator of the Zero Gravity Institute in Austin, which very well might be the best sensory deprivation experience in existence. We discuss everything from the logistics, to the practical and ultimately spiritual potential of this most unique medicine.


  • i cant wait to try this! thanks for sharing; even if i cant float now i know i can and will someday

    Chris Smith
  • About time! I’d been checking this site every other day….hoping a new one would be up.
    You ought to do more podcasts. You’re the perfect mix of Duncan’s metaphysical-ness…and Rogan’s “warrior man” aesthetic.
    Oh….you ought to have Cory Allen on next time. You two jive well together.

  • Alpa Brain or New Mood? Will these Onnit products be of any worth before entering the tank?

    Tayler Armstrong
  • Is this a west coast venture right now? I live just south of boston,definitely looking for one of these

  • no you can find them all over the east coast


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