Integrating Nature and The Human with Robert Greene | AMP #174

Integrating Nature and The Human with Robert Greene | AMP #174

One of my favorite teachers, Best-selling author of 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene, returns to the show to walk us through his latest masterpiece. The Laws of Human Nature is a compassionate and practical reckoning with all aspects of humanity, light and dark. Greene shows undeniable evidence that we are complex beings, containing the capacity for a vast range of expression. We discuss the intricacies of humanity, harnessing primal energy such as anger and aggression, and the importance of shining light on the shadow to become the fully integrated human.

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  • Ace podcast …

    … thank you for sharing your own story and vulnerabilities along the way – it is an example to all of us, to walk a better path – if we are vulnerable and are open to self-enquiry.

    The most poignant part of today’s cast for me… was when you waxed lyrical on ‘death’ and made Rob Greene forget what he was going to say next – other than, refer to chapter 18! I had a chuckle – if he were listening to learn (rather than listening to respond) – he wouldnt have needed to add anything to your words. Other than – Amen.

    We are all human :) Forgive and be fallible 🙏

    Cheers brother!


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