Identity & Intuition with Amber Rae | AMP #188

Identity & Intuition with Amber Rae | AMP #188

Modern day “wonder woman” Amber Rae has been defying odds since birth. She continues to inspire as a renowned motivational speaker I’ve been honored to share a stage with at Entrepreneur Live. She is the breakout author of Choose Wonder Over Worry helping guide people to embrace the entire self through emotional wellness.

On this AMP, we dive into our personal experiences and practices for navigating the complexities of identity, anchoring to the divine feminine, drawing on intuition and creating boundaries to truly create harmony within the self.


  • Thank you. I loved this one. I am an artist in Scotland listening to your podcasts as I paint spiritual paintings inspired by nature. I am also an empath, so the last comments you made about filling your cup and letting it spill into the saucer for others to take from resonated with me :) I am learning to ensure that I am full before giving to others. Thank you Aubrey and Amber Rae.

    Lisa McDonald
  • …And I love the discussion on “parts” of Self. You would love Dr. Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, stemming from Multiplicity of Mind" theory.

    Chris Hancock
  • Great podcast. That question you asked about why we feel repeat— in psychology that’s the “repetition compulsion” and the idea being that unconsciously re-create something undesired, even traumatic, as an (unconscious) attempt to gain “mastery” over it; to effect a new ending/outcome, on OUR terms. A way of loving from victim to victor. Pax et lux, Chris

    Chris Hancock

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