Free From Your Self with Peter Crone | AMP #267

Free From Your Self with Peter Crone | AMP #267

This podcast will change your life! It changed mine. In one of my best podcasts of 2020 I drop in for a second episode with the mind architect, Peter Crone. I have never known a master of performance psychology more impactful than Peter. We discuss the many ways we abusively to ourself, and all of the tools and techniques to liberate ourselves from this inner oppressor.  

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  • Hey Aubrey, hope your doing good and safe. I just heard your podcast with Peter Crone. It was very inspiring and motivating conversation. It was very insightful and I will surely make note of the importance of being aware and then practicing those little things we must do to live happy, loving caring, our well being of ourselve and the environment, the mother earth. Thanks for the eye opening podcast.

    Valli Shankaran

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