Finite Energy And The Great Simplification W/ Nate Hagens | AMP #381

By Aubrey Marcus September 28, 2022

Finite Energy And The Great Simplification W/ Nate Hagens | AMP #381
.Every once in a while there is a podcast that fundamentally changes the way that I look at the world. This is one of those podcasts. I realized that I was blind to the very currency of life, technology and progress: Energy. And the cold carbon truth is that we are running out of it. What does that mean for us as a global society? Nate Hagens has dedicated his life to studying this dilemma, and he has determined that the most likely outcome is what he calls The Great Simplification. This is no doomsday prophecy. Our advances in technology (and energy consumption) have not made us any happier according to mental health metrics. Why would we think that EVEN MORE technology is going to work? Perhaps a return to simpler practices and local processes will be an unforeseen emotional boon. But there are immense structural challenges that need to be addressed in a timely manner to prevent famine, drought, and poverty.
Nate Hagens is the Director of The Institute for the Study of Energy & Our Future, professor, and host of The Great Simplification Podcast. He has spent decades grappling with the great issues of our time, and in this podcast we cover the gamut. Nate synthesizes human behavior, monetary/economic systems, energy, ecology, geopolitics and the environment into a coherent story of humanity’s current predicament. This is a challenging reality to face, but face it we must if we’re going to continue to live on this planet. This podcast is for the bold, those of us with the courage in our hearts necessary to grapple with the meta-crisis and act in a way to shepherd humanity onto the correct course.
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