Empire Vs. The Truth w/ Dr. Robert Malone | AMP #402

Empire Vs. The Truth w/ Dr. Robert Malone | AMP #402

At the start of the pandemic, Dr. Robert Malone had faith in the medical system he had worked within for decades.
When vaccines were approved, he got double jabbed. To this day he is still trying to heal from the injuries he received as a consequence of that decision. Dr. Robert Malone has been courageously outspoken during these trying times, and as a result has been mercilessly attacked, slandered, and censored. This despite the fact that he is an internationally recognized scientist/physician and the original inventor of mRNA vaccination as a technology, DNA vaccination, and multiple non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA platform delivery technologies with about 100 scientific publications and whose work has been cited over 12,000 times.
On this podcast we discuss the latest data and talk about a wide range of topics, including; the mechanisms of toxicity, 5th generation warfare, and what it means to be a warrior in our time.

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Wikipedia | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_W._Malone

Check out his latest book:   Lies My Government Told Me: And the Better Future Coming (Children's Health Defense)

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  • Thank you for this – so clear and deep. It was enlightening to hear why Roberr took the jab something I had puzzled over. I am a family physician in the UK and have a long track record of skepticism with the pharmaceutical machine (I refused to let our list have Viox many years ago and no doubt saved a life or two by my stance in opposition to my colleagues.) Robert makes the point in the trust in the process and where most medics have failed is by simply accepting “science” in an unqualified way. In May 2020 a colleague I was working with had previously worked with a very senior doctor in the British Medical Association- he was concerned about the rushed process so asked him his view. “I’m not a scientist but a trust the science” was the reply. Most people trust their doctors and will have presumed their doctor has done sue diligence not simply acted in faith- therein lies a major problem. I did my best to dissuade people, refused to give the jab and partly managed to protect my family. For me, and those few like me, now there is another layer grief- looking at colleagues (mmay of whom are friends)who we respect, have worked with and know to be kind people but questioning how they contributed to this evil.

    David Morris

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