Doctor, Healer, Sage w/ Dr. Dan Engle MD | AMP #376

Doctor, Healer, Sage w/ Dr. Dan Engle MD | AMP #376

How many people are stuck in the throes of their trauma, or quagmired in some Western medical drama? Too many for any compassionate soul to bear. Dr. Dan Engle MD is one of those compassionate souls who has dedicated his life to the art of healing through full spectrum, soul centered medicine. While his background is as a clinical psychiatrist, he has found himself walking the deep shamanic wisdom traditions and now carries a medicine bag more robust than any person I have ever encountered. Over the last dozen years we have supported each other in traversing the most interesting territories of the heart and soul, and unequivocally this conversation was our finest. In giving us a glimpse of the inspiring future of medicine, Dan shares exactly how trauma is being healed with MDMA assisted psychotherapy. He also offers his powerful perspective on taking radical responsibility for our lives, and illuminates some blind spots in both psychiatry and spiritual communities. If you want to dive deeper, check out his new book, A Dose Of Hope.
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  • Wow wow wow did this one land for me! I’ve struggled for years trying to fix my darker parts, which comes after years of trying to deny, repress, ignore (and still there’s attempts at this). I found myself saying (about someone else’s behavior) yesterday “I would never do/say that!” but I had to catch myself because, yeah, I DO have those thoughts. Hearing Aubrey talk about The Fifth Sacred Thing and how rather than fight the evil, they stepped up to welcome it to the table, and his own journey with embracing the darkness. Time to step up with myself and embrace my own darkness. Thank you!!

  • Hi, you two amazing brothers! I thank you from the core of my being for this delightfully eloquent and deeply engaged dialogue as you both have ventured into your own personal shadow zones so the truth of your explorations is tangible! Thanks again and bring on more, I am your fan now!
    Do cigars have healing properties???
    I’m also jubilant that the ‘real man’ is coming onto the world stage as this is vital key to humanities healing!!! Keep it up, my heart is with you!!! Thank you 🙏 from Irena in little old Germany

    Irena Isis Steininger

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