Decoding Hermetic Wisdom W/ Robert Edward Grant | AMP #379

Decoding Hermetic Wisdom W/ Robert Edward Grant | AMP #379

Who was Hermes Trismegistus and what are his teachings? What can we learn today from this esoteric wisdom that withstood the passage of time, kept alive for thousands of years? Polymath Robert Edward Grant is a wealth of wisdom in a great many fields, and today he came on the podcast to explore these very questions. We dive into the seven hermetic principles as described by the Kybalion, one of the great foundational esoteric teachings from whence we source quotes such as ‘As above; So below.’ As well as this deep dive into the Kybalion, Robert decodes other profound esoteric teachings rooted in other ancient sources, such as The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Book Of Enoch, The Emerald Tablets, The Epic Of Gilgamesh, and many other related works.


  • This is direct question, more than a comment. I really enjoyed this podcast, have listened twice already. some great resonance. Thank you for bringing Robert onto the show. I’m looking for some nomenclature clarification. Aubrey, you mention the term “Nogwa” (spelling is incorrect), as in ‘the artist, the one who paints his own masterpiece of life…. With the key difference being they are able to apply intent’. I’m wondering, what is the correct spelling and origin of “Nogwa” so I can dive deeper into this connection. Thanks

    Nicolas Teichrob
  • Recommendation on what Paul Selig book to start with? Thanks!!!

    Jerry Hill
  • Best podcast yet only because it especially resonates with where I am or collectively we are .I do enjoy your podcast but up until the last couple have felt you where leaning towards the feminine not quite balanced just as I was at a early stage .not long ago 💛
    I have also been reading/ connecting with similar teaching and have had many teachers including ayahuasca.
    Anyway love and light brother or perhaps feminine and masculine 😊
    Keep that information flowing .
    Ps I am I. This collective mediation on the 21st this is going to be interesting.
    Looking forward to more of your exspression 🙏

  • I love your podcasts brotherji, and I thoroughly enjoyed this journey thru the Hermetic Principals which as an ancient Egyptian I am very familiar with and Thoth the Atlantean as my teacher throughout many life times…. Oh what an exciting time we are here to enrich! Next I’ll check out your chat with Matias de Stefano! Keep it up – I love you ❤️. Irena Isis Tazeery

    Irena Isis Steininger

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