Cory Allen and Aubrey Marcus | AMP #2

Cory Allen and Aubrey Marcus | AMP #2

A sound check from an audio technician I met only minutes before recording, turns into one of the coolest podcasts I have been a part of. We And yes, the sound quality is much improved! We cover multiple aspects of consciousness, meditation, and psychedelic exploration. A must hear for those who enjoy the Warrior Poet philosophy. Thanks to @quietdesign 's Cory Allen for helping out and being such a cool guest. Check out his music at and if you need some sound mastering hit him up at


  • Cool as fuck man. Plenty of gems of wisdom in there. It is good to know the path is not empty

  • Aubrey you fucking stud, you rock man, Loved it. 

  • Appreciate that brother

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  • ;)


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