Cory Allen | AMP #17


  • “The lion doesn’t need to roar” is my favorite Zulu proverb which I think summarizes what Cory said about egotistically loudmouth artists

    Jonathan Roseland
  • Cory Allen Gold – I have Believies LOL dont get attached to your Believies.. enjoying the podcasts helpful insightful hilarious and stuff that just falls away.

  • First time listener, I just started here to get a background on your podcast. Overall, I really liked it until you made the statement that you know as a fact, that you have, attached to your persona, an eternal spirit. Moreover, you state that you know it is true and not subjective because you experienced it. I agree more with Cory about this, it is only through the lens of your physical meat-form that you interpret your conversation with your “eternal spirit.” I cannot see how one can argue that something is a non-subjective ‘Truth’ while at the same time saying it could never be proved. I can believe fairies in the bottom of my garden, individually pushing up my carrot plants all day long with the same amount of fervor, but that doesn’t make it a reality…

    Enlighten me.

    Rodney Dyer

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